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Quantum 110- Mad World – Update, World News and Chadwick Boseman

This weeks Quantum is an update on the previous weeks subjects plus Chad Boseman and some contemporary Gaelic psalm singing! Click on the link below to access – Quantum 110 

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China – Australian journalist Cheng Lei is arrested.   China calls Australians ‘White Trash”

Racism – Rule Brittania.




CovidCovid in Africa

Nuclear – The Green movement.

LeBron James makes a stand for African American lives but warns against making a stand for Chinese lives.  Why?  Could it be anything to do with his Nike sponsorship and other commerical deals that depend on China?

We also remember Chad Boseman…and his views about God.

And finally we finish with some contemporary Gaelic psalm singing and this fascinating article in The Guardian. 


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  1. Oh for goodness sake – Boris “trying to provoke a culture war”?

    Please, for heavens sake can we listen to what Boris is intending and stop being embarrassed. I’m not hias biggest fan however, yes our country history is flawed but so is every other countries history and there have been some great things about our country. Yes we have had slaves like every other country in thew world but we also had banned slave trade and our navy “ruling the world” patrolled the Atlantic to that end.

    Having reflected on this, I’m not sure to what extent the BBC were deciding at one point not to have singing in Rule Britannia or Land of Hope and Glory was political or because of Covid-19 – just as not having the sound on TVs in pubs when sport is being shown. But whatever the reason everyone just needs to calm down.

    Self – evidently the UK is a land of hope – if that were not the case then there would not be so many refugees and migrants risking life and limb to live here.

    But that good news is not what gets air time is it?

    Love the Green Day song. What comes to my mind is Rage Against the Machine and “Killing in the name” with the lyric “I won’t do what you tell me.”

    There’s a time for getting into “good” trouble with authorities. Our battle is not against the flesh but against rulers and authorities in this dark world. The Jesus narrative has everything of a Greek tragedy and Greek comedy in it. The tragedy being the worst thing happening to the best person with his crucifixion. The comedy being with the happy ending – his resurrection and overcoming death – “death where is thy sting?” And so we are able to join in with the apostle Paul and regard such things we talk about as “light and momentary troubles” in comparison to a share of glory with Jesus.

  2. Rule Britannia. I believe I heard you say “written in 1902”, and you referenced Edward Elgar. Sorry but wrong. The words of Rule Brittania were written in 1740 by Scottish poet James Thomson (1700-1748) and set to music by Sir Thomas Arne (1710-1778). Elgar wrote the music used for Land of hope etc. In 1901 and A C Benson added the words in 1902.

  3. David — I think you got “Rule Britannia” (1740) confused with “Land of Hope and Glory” (1902).

    My understanding of “Britons never will be slaves.” is that for centuries, pirates had been raiding coastal towns and taking slaves of the (white) Britons who lived there. As the Royal Navy became strong enough to “Rule the Waves”, the pirates were encouraged to shop elsewhere.

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