About ‘The Wee Flea’

My name is David Robertson and I am the minister of St Peters Free Church in Dundee Scotland. http://www.stpeters-dundee.org.uk   (the church is famous for being the original church of Robert Murray McCheyne)…I am also the associate director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity

I am married to Annabel and we have three children – Andrew who is currently working at Chalmers Church in Edinburgh before coming to do a church plant in Dundee , Becky who is married to Pete in Australia (and our beautiful granddaughter Isla), and Emma Jane who studying nursing at Edinburgh University.

I do a lot of writing – in newspapers, magazines, on the net and also books.  I am the author of Awakening (the life of Robert Murray McCheyne); The Dawkins Letters, Quench (cafe evangelism) and Magnificent Obsession.  My latest book is called Engaging With Atheists.

I am interested in history, politics, theology, music, sport, art etc.  I am a ‘big picture’ person who likes to look at things in a wide context – especially the growth, decline and renewal of the church in the West….my blogs will reflect these interests – some will be published articles, or articles that are on other websites (such as Solas, St Peters and the Free Church). I will also put online all newspaper letters that I have published.  When I travel I like to write a travel blog as well.  I have a great burden for the church in Scotland, the UK and Europe and this is reflected in what I write.  For me writing is a form of thinking out loud and trying to work out things.  I often get things wrong and appreciate correction. I don’t claim any particular wisdom or expertise and value immensely the insights of others.   One piece of advice in reading these – please don’t read between the lines.  I write what I think (at least what is appropriate for the public arena!) and I try not to speak in code!  There is no ‘in between’.  Please don’t read into what I say what is not there!

Contrary to rumour I am not a communist, nor a liberal, nor a fascist, nor a Jesuit….I’m not sure what label fits! My supreme passion and interest is Jesus Christ.  To him I owe everything.  I live for him and I serve him.  My only hope in all this writing is that you will share, or come to share that passion.  In Christ alone my hope is found….

The ‘wee flea’ name comes from a series of interactions I had on the Dawkins website.  He banned me from his site under my own name and called myself, Alaister McGarth and John Lennox ‘fleas living of a dogs back’.  I promptly started reposting under the name ‘the wee flea’, and Dawkins, not being aware of Scottish church history or the nickname of my denomination (the wee frees), let it go by for a few weeks…until I was outed…and banned again! Anyway I kind of liked the name…enjoy the blog…

This personal testimony will help you understand where I am coming from:


You can also hear this profile interview on Premier Christian Radio which is really a personal testimony – https://theweeflea.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/personal-profile-interview-with-premier-christian-radio/

If you so desire you can follow me on Twitter – @theweeflea  or Solas @solascpc

And if you are into Facebook then just look up David Andrew Robertson

For some reason a lot of people read this blog and many want to comment.  I welcome comments, including critical ones, but please note I normally don’t publish anonymous ones and I can’t publish all that I get….


39 thoughts on “About ‘The Wee Flea’

    1. Sir, I love hearing your frequent discussions on Janet Parshall here in the states. A while back (several months) you commented on a significant scientific body (formerly chaired I think by newton) meeting to discuss evidence against Darwin’s evolution. The jist of what I got from you is that despite their atheist foundation, they had concluded that ‘macro evolution’ has been largely debunked, at least in the way Darwin described it because of preponderouos of evidence primarily in the last 60 years. Can you link an article or data or tell us about that in more detail. I missed your blog if it had it described and can’t fins it
      Thanks and God Bless your Brother! I love your stance and clarity of thought!


    1. Curtis…good to hear from you….of course I am a Lordship salvationist….is there any other salvation than that provided by the Lord? How can anyone be saved if they don’t acknowledge Jesus as the Lord? And I love John Piper – a great bible teacher!


  1. Hey there brother,
    Are you aware that if anyone searches “EPCEW” in google, the second thing that comes up is:

    “EPCEW | The Wee Flea
    22 Aug 2013 – The EPCEW has not been a success. In 25 years, with the assistance of millions of dollars, only a handful of viable churches have been …”

    Many who know little of the organisation could be well put off by that. Knowing a few EPCEW congregations, I would like to point out that it is full of godly people, good churches and good Pastors- and you are harming their reputation. I understand you didn’t like a book they wrote, but Is it worth harming their “google reputation” just for that?

    Please do something about this as you are only harming the kingdom. Many thanks,
    A fellow follower of Christ


    1. Hi robdavid – Thanks for your comment. I hope people would not be put off by my comment. It is the truth and it would be wrong to read into that a criticism that impugns or harms the ‘godly people, good churches and good Pastors’ in the EPCEW. I agree that there are such – but it is also true that the EPCEW has not been a success – it was intended to be a revival of Presbyterianism in England but that has just not happened. What else would you expect me to say? I can’t lie and given that I was commenting on the state of Presbyterianism in the UK, how could I ignore it? Surely that would have been dishonest? I don’t accept that truth harms the kingdom. In my view ignoring truth is much more harmful…


  2. Hey weeflea, thanks for your gentle response.
    In short, brother, I would simply ask you not to set yourself up as judge of such things. It is, in your opinion, a failure of revival. In another’s opinion, should one young woman be saved or one man find comfort before death, then it is a success. Surely you must see that God alone can call “Failure” or “Success” upon His own servants? By all means preach this in the privacy of your congregation, or your own house, but why put this opinion up for the whole world to see? Is it really a key point in your article?
    I genuinely do not say this in a harsh way brother, but “The Truth” is not yours to own!!! If you say “The truth” is “Scriptural Truth” then fine. But setting your opinion as “Truth” when it is a clear subjective opinion that I, and for all you know, the Good Lord Himself, might disagree with is a little inappropriate.
    The Lord has his plans for the EPCEW. They are His servants, who answer to Him. They, none of them, answer to a fellow servant. They are not answerable to me or to you, brother
    Imagine if you started preaching, and after twenty two years you saw just three folk saved. How would you respond to me, a young lad of 25, if i came up to you and said “Bro, your ministry has been a failure!” Would you not say “But see the saved, three who were lost!” Would you not say “The Word goes out both to save and condemn!” It is for the Lord to work in the hearts, all we can do is preach!
    How then can you set yourself up as judge of such things? Brother, i gently ask you again: Do not set up your opinion on so high a pedestal of “Truth” that you show no respect for the effect it might have. Your view is not Truth, it is just that: your view. I respectfully request for you to remove the point from your blog, to put God’s Kingdom before your opinion. Is it really worth “Commenting on the state of presbyterian” so very publicly, if you may harm the Kingdom? For the sake of subjective truth?
    Thanks brother,
    Rob David


    1. Rob David, Thanks…you ask me not to set myself up as a judge of such things and yet you are doing the very thing you ask me not to do.

      And I wish you would stop arguing against what I am not saying. It is NOT in my opinion a failure of revival.

      Why should I preach something in private but not in public? What kind of cowardice is that? You are in effect endorsing gossip. I prefer to be open.

      I know that the truth is not my own. But neither is what I say just subjective. The objective truth is that EPCEW was set up to provide a Presbyterian church for the whole of England and Wales. It was set up after a conference in Cole Abbey Presbyterian Church in London. After 25 years it has a handful of churches including two in Wales and one in Sweden. It has not worked in its original mission. Which is not to say that the congregations in Chelmsford, Solihull, Hull, etc are all failures, nor that good work has not been done. It is to say that the original idea has not come to fruition.

      I don’t count failure or success in terms of people saved – because obviously I don’t know. But if you as a 25 year old came up to me and said that my aim of planting ten new churches in the Tayside area had failed, I would look and say – yes you are right. I got that one wrong. I would not fob them off with some super spiritual pietistic waffle and try and make them feel guilty about their unspiritual judgementalism!

      I don’t set myself up as a judge of such things. I do feel that I have the right to observe and comment on the basis of the aims and comments of the churches themselves. However you seem to have no difficulty in setting yourself up as a judge. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me and setting me correct. But I find it hypocritical for you to judge me for judging!

      I do put Gods kingdom before my opinion – which is why I am quite happy to point out the elephant in the room, speak the truth in love, even if it means you accuse me of judgementalism and subjective truth. I will not be removing the point concerned unless you can demonstrate to me that it is not true.


      1. ‘The objective truth is that EPCEW was set up to provide a Presbyterian church for the whole of England and Wales.’

        I don’t think the attendees were so megalomanic as to expect a Presbyterian church alongside every Anglican church in England!

        Surely the aim was rather more modest (though still ambitious given the history of presbyterianism in England). In other words it was to provide a Presbyterian church in England and Wales. It has succeeded in this aim seeing the formation of a presbytery and a significant growth in the number of churches. Yes, it’s small. But it’s there.

        No doubt you will be encouraging the Free Church to provide material and spiritual assistance to further EPCEW church plants in the years ahead.

        And congratulations on the church plant in Montrose, by the way.


  3. I heard you on Radio Scotland this morning. Thank you for speaking out truthfully about this subject. I will be praying for you


  4. Hi David, I have a question relating to existence of God (yep, I’m going deep with this one!). I remember you came to Contagious camp at Strathallan School in 2014 and did a talk on God and Science so thought this would be a good place to come to. So as a Christian I know a common argument for God’s existence is that the universe is so complex it cannot be the result of randomness. But God himself seems so complex and we agree he just exists and always did, so how would you respond to this? Hope it makes sense, any help would be great!


    1. Hi Jake, great question…..how about a simple answer for a complex question? The argument is not that the universe is so complex, the argument is that it is finely tuned and designed. The bottom line is that the universe had a beginning – it is created. God has no beginning and is uncreated and eternal. Also you will find that philosophers like Richard Swinburne and others will argue that God is in essence ‘simple’…not complex. But simple is used there in a very technical sense. Hope that helps. Have a look at this – http://users.ox.ac.uk/~orie0087/framesetpdfs.shtml


  5. Dear brother David,
    Do you mind picking up the developing story in Rwanda and sponsors Rick Warren [and of course Tony Blair]?
    Kagame is going for a third 7-year term having tweaked the constitution. He has been in power since 1994. Rick Warren wants him on as 2015 is the “year Rwanda goes Purpose-Driven” to PEACE. Kagame has kept the nation divided. That was the only way he could have stayed in power. He shall remain in power as long as he wants, constitution or not. He has bought the services of Tony Blair in the UK and of Rick Warren and their business associates. Kagame effectively sidelined any competitors [by jailing, killing, retiring them] and filled the Parliament by direct appointments [of course presented as ‘elections’]; currently over 3 million voices want him to continue [or else there is going to follow descent into anarchy]! Let us also remember Kagame has managed to cover-up his role in the genocide of 1994. I am worried about Rick Warren’s role [and the fact that Kagame has bewitched the West by using effectively the almost always oblivious and after numbers US evangelicals].


  6. Hello David

    Not relating to any post but have been looking to find a way to advise of a change of email address for your posts. Can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

    Anyway, my old email address was: jmtoovey@yahoo.co.uk and my new one which I have resubcribed with is: jmtoovey@gmx.co.uk.

    From a Glaswegian in Spain.
    Jacqueline Toovey


  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and the responses greatly. It covers so much ground, so well but I’d like to pick up one point. You generously score a win for the EU on Peace in your introduction. You say that the EU must be a significant factor in creating 70 years of peace in Europe, but we had 99 years of peace after the defeat of Napoleon. OK there was the Franco-Prussian war in 1870 but our era has seen war in parts of Europe too, though not between EU members so far. The Union was conceived in large part to keep France and Germany from fighting each other again, they haven’t but that doesn’t prove the EU caused the peace, it’s only a correlation. France and England fought each other more often for over 500 years but not in the last 200, in fact we’ve been allies since the 1850s. Sometimes circumstances change and we simply move on.
    By your score sheet therefore I think the result should be 5-0, not 4-1. However it’s unfair to deny any benefits of the EU, it’s just that these could have been attained via a simpler structure without so many disbenefits. These are the ones listed in my own blog (see eurout.net):
    made invasion of one EU country by another almost impossible,
    made the rise of dictatorship in any European country unlikely,
    introduced a common currency that is widely trusted,
    strengthened distrust of incompetent and corrupt national rulers and weakened their power,
    challenged and moderated the power of some mega-corporations,
    made it easier for many European citizens to work anywhere across the Continent where there are jobs.
    Thanks for all this work David


  8. Dear David,
    I just finished listening to you on Janet Parshall’s “In the Market”. I love your Scottish sense of humor, political knowledge, and your love for the Lord. In my opinion our God has a sense of humor, and He often deals with me in a “tongue in cheek” manner. My daughter, who is 50% Scottish, will certainly enjoy your faith and humor. I sent her a text about the “haggis paninis” and her response was “ee-uuuww”. May the Lord bless your ministry. Definitely this is a time to be fully alive for Jesus. Our God wants our full attention and commitment and I am encountering more and more Christians, who are desiring to give all in order for God to use them in the way He planned for them from the beginning. How exciting it is to have fellowship with Him through the Holy Spirit, which increases as I give up more and more of this delusional world of man with all of it’s temptations and lies. We really have no excuse, because He is present in all creation. I have started a movement called, “Losers for the Lord”. We are Christians, who both Christians and non-believers believe are fools because we have chosen to follow the will of our Father as opposed to making our will become God’s purpose. God broke the mold when He made each one of us and our part in the body of Christ will be both unique and necessary. I have always considered myself one of the ignoble but necessary parts. My Creator made the aroma of a horse, which gets my vote any day. Finding the Joy of the Lord in this harsh world is a life-line to be grasped and hung onto with all of the body, soul and spirit. It’s time for believers to get out of our comfy zones, get in shape, put on the armor and with Truth, Justice and Love march out to battle our spiritual enemies and to bring the Redemption of our Lord Jesus to the lost and deluded.
    I will pray for you and your ministry.
    Your Faithful Horse-Sniffing Sister in the Lord,
    Trudy Parini


  9. Just found your site from one of the trolls you’ve apparently banned. I make it a point to visit every site the atheists complain about.
    I’m following your blog now. I’ll try not to hold you personally responsible for the fact that your banned trolls are now inhabiting my blog space.

    I didn’t realize you were the author of The Dawkins Letters. I read that book last year!
    Read it twice as a matter of fact.

    Keep the faith!


  10. Good evening Mr Flea!

    I just wanted you to know that I found my way here via Anglican Mainstream re-posting your article on the LGBT ‘debate’ in th HoC,
    – from another AM article about Theresa May refusing a visa to the Archbishop of Mosul,
    – from a DuckDuckGo search for this story,
    – following a reference to it in Going Postal!

    I guess this is some kind of trek from the un-Godly to the Godly.. I am looking forward to reading your work – but then I also enjoy participating in GP!

    I suppose I have one foot in the flames and the other in the living water. Modern life, eh?


  11. Hi David, I heard you on Janet’s show, One of the biggest rebels of rock and roll has to be Cliff Richard, although his stance seems to have waned in the last few years. Any thoughts? Thanks for all you do, Where is Al? Regards, Ian.


  12. Hi David, the Church of Scotland says it is impartial on the question of Scottish independence.You are a minister of the Church of Scotland.
    When you present a view relating to Scottish independence do you make it clear that it is your personal view and not a view that the Church of Scotland holds.
    When you make a comment on Scottish independence do you sometimes mention that you are a minister with the Church of Scotland.


    1. Thanks Terence….did you actually read the blog? Because if you did you will see that I state twice that this is my personal view – not the view of the church. And I never mention that I am a minister in the Church of Scotland because I am not. I am not even a member of the Church of Scotland. When I write about politics I do so as an individual not as the representative of the church to which I do belong (the Free Church). Perhaps it would help you when commenting if you actually read the piece you were commenting about before you did so?


  13. Hello, David. My name is Dan Jones and I write a blog for Kinship Christian Radio in southern Minnesota/northern Iowa. It’s not nearly so good as yours. I think at my very best I may have about 80 readers. But it’s not about my glory anyway, now is it? Anyway, I’m mentioning you in regard to your appearance on Janet Parshall’s show about the Reformation and I became intrigued about the name of your blog. You being a Scotsman and all, I had an inkling that perhaps it had something to do with an old poem by Robert Burns, but alas my poor memory was incorrect after all as the poem is about a louse, not a flea. Whatever the case, I thought you might enjoy it. (Come to think of it, you probably already know of it but perhaps others might enjoy it. so here’s the link: http://www.robertburns.org/works/97.shtml
    Thank you, good sir and may the LORD make His face shine upon you.


  14. I enjoyed your post about your near-death experience. I think there may be some missing words in the sentence that currently reads “As we waited for him to collect the phone, out of the car and collapsed in a pool of blood just outside the doctors surgery”.


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