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Magnificent Obsession

Why I am not an atheist

Quench: Cafe Culture Evangelism

9 thoughts on “Books

  1. I am interested in obtaining a copy of the book Quench by David Robertson. Would you please advise me of the cost and how to proceed?

    Thank you in anticipation

    Jim McNair


  2. Just heard you on ‘In the Market with Janet’ and wanted to thank you for your valuable insight in what we’re currently experiencing in regards to the attack on the Christian faith. I’m excited about subscribing to your magazine and praise God for what God is doing in your life and consequently, all those who are being touched by the gospel message and the defense of it. Thanks again and may God bless you!


  3. Hi David, November 27th, 2018

    I heard you on “In the Market” today, and I’ve heard you before on Janet’s program. I really really appreciate what you said and also agreed with you, because I found your stands to be Biblically sound. I told my husband about it, and over dinner we looked at your blog, and my husband prayed for you after our meal, which we always end with reading the Sciptures and prayer (a Dutch tradition…and a good one!).
    May God continue to give you boldness as you stay faithful to Him and we pray the same for ourselves. We are members of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho with Doug Wilson. I think perhaps you may know him as well.
    The Lord bless you and your wife and family, and make His face to shine upon you.

    Sincerely, in our Victorious Christ,
    Patricia Nieuwsma
    Ps. My husband’s name is David also.


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