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Quantum 107 – Covid 19 Special

This weeks Quantum is a Covid special.  I hope you will find it helpful.

This episode takes an overview of the Covid situation – providing a broad overview and hopefully some clarity in the midst of a confused mess.  What is Covid 19?  How have different countries dealt with it?  Taiwan?  New Zealand?  Sweden?  the UK?  Brazil?  What about masks?  What are Covid deaths? What about a vaccine?  How has the church reacted?

Is John Macarthur right to defy the State?


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  1. Hi David, you think if the Government tells a church to close it should close indefinitely? That’s what MacArthur’s church was told if I understood right. They were told they should remain closed until there’s was a vaccine.

    I don’t see anything “trite” about what MacArthur is doing. I think it is sad to see so many churches allowing themselves to be closed indefinitely even when there are only 1 or 2 deaths per day in many places now such as London.

    If the government tells your church to close indefinitely, do you think that is what God would have you do? Is not meeting together as the gathered church a command that supersedes government dictates? Shouldn’t a threat be substantial for us to submit to such a dictate and a few covid deaths per day out of populations of millions (which is what we are seeing in many places now) hardly seems a threat being enough for the church to acquiesce on such a matter don’t you think?

    God bless, Rowina

    1. Can you let me know me where they were told that they should remain closed until there is a vaccine (which may be never)? That would be extraordinary. If the government were telling my church to close permanently then I would be forced to go underground….but I doubt that Macarthur was told that!

      1. Hi, sorry I wrongly read the article about the vaccine. It was saying restrictions on churches would remain until there is a vaccine. So until a vaccine they can be closed at any time (indefinitely) and be mandated to socially distance, wear masks and not worship.

        I listened to a very interesting podcast by James White at Alpha and Omega responding to criticism of MacAurthur’s stance.

        He was saying, there is a time to go underground such as in places like China but while a country is still a democracy (run by the people), it’s not time to acquiesce to government overreach. By MacAurthur taking the stance he has, his church will now be allowed to stay open:

        In Sweden, where the pandemic seems to be basically over now we can calculate the population fatality ratio that occurred without lockdowns: 6000 dead out of around 10 million = 0.06% population fatality rate (99.94% people survived without lockdown). Most people who died were expected to die this year anyway, so most people only lost a few months of life.

        The emergency laws were based on a pandemic that could be a serious as Spanish flu. We now know with certainty that is not the case. The authoritarian emergency laws would never have been granted for a disease with a 0.06% population fatality ratio. They should be repealed immediately but instead they are being kept indefinitely (until a vaccine, is the normal line) with repeated lockdowns occurring with their horrific worldwide accompanying death tolls and societal breakdown. However, there is even talk of continuing with the new normal with a vaccine:

        Thus the way I see it, we could easily be in a situation in 4-5 years where we are still wearing masks, still socially distancing, still not able to worship and still having our churches repeatedly closed and our government keeping emergency laws indefinitely based on a disease with a 0.06% population fatality ratio. Long term authoritarianism will undoubtedly also lead to persecution.

        If we don’t stand up now, it may be too late.

        I would be interested from a theological perspective what of MacAurthur’s statement you disagree with:


  2. David. A pretty balanced Quantum on Covid-19 I thought though perhaps a bit unfair to John MacArthur whose church initially complied with the state directives and only decided to protest when the closure of places of worship was made ‘indefinite’ whilst other places of public assembly were allowed to remain open.

    Would have been interested to hear more about Melbourne and Victoria which seems to have turned into a ‘police state’ according to this piece from Quadrant.

    1. My objection to Macarthur was primarily turning a service of worship into a political ‘peaceful protest’. Indefinite can mean different things. I suspect that in this case it does not mean forever – but rather we cannot give you a date when it will end. Yes – Melbourne is disturbing.

    2. ISTM that in this Quadrant piece there is just enough that is not quite true, just enough that needs nuance, just enough that may be accurate but irrelevant, just enough exaggeration of negativity, all mixed with enough anti-Labor spin that it ends up being a very long piece with precious little that is helpful in getting through this time. Rather like that sentence!

  3. Hello David & Co…

    I had a long long discussion today with a procurator fiscal, think it is called crown prosecution service in the rest o f UK….

    We had a very long and productive chat ( I have previously interviewed my friend at the squash club, whom is a judge and has to follow the ‘so called’ law…, which with respect is a bit like Pareto Law, analysis, or rules, which you will understand as the 80 :20 rule… (Stuff like you get 80% of sales from 20% of effort …etc etc etc…and I could go on …)

    Basically the ‘so called Law’ in broken Britain, and also so called sodden Scotland, as mostly rains…haha

    I do not have yet no idea on the procurator fiscal’s politics etc…, however he said some legal stuff that really chilled me to the bones….

    Apparently, if I take the Biblical view on homosexuality, and just kind of oppose it….then I am a criminal, as is the person whom heard my viewpoint….Is that not kinda outrageous..? If I swore then there would be many F-words used….btw do you know where the f – word actually originated, and the reasoning behind it all..? Love to hear your comments,,,,

    Could share lots and more of these ‘Nuts Laws’ which are devoid of any common sense, unless you are in an extreme minority….

    Which as an Highly Educated, Highly Intelligent (Mensa 150 +) Professionally qualified accountant, way above and beyond most so called finance professional bods.., with respect, understands that the so called ‘Law ‘ is total tosh and nonsense in at least 80% of the stuff the legal profession are told to purvey us….

    Truth … just not exist any more, in Broken Britain…figure opinion, or even emotion ….fact .., doesn’t count any more, sadly… hopefully and prayerfully, MI5 and MI6 are ahead of the rest of the game, aside from cyber hacking….

  4. David, on COVID-19 and ‘dictatorship’ you retweeted tweets by Guido Fawkes and Suzanne Evans on NZ’s one month election delay. These are examples of what I meant about ‘not quite true’ claims.

    1. Firstly it should be obvious that retweets are not de facto endorsements. Critique the authors if you wish – don’t accuse me of lying. Secondly it is the case that if Trump had postponed elections you would all have been crying ‘fascism’! When St Jacinda does it – then you congratulate her for being a wise ruler!

      1. David, firstly, where did I accuse you of lying in my previous comment? My critique was of the authors. Secondly, on your second comment, two things.
        (1) Trump could be accused of ‘dictatorship’ if he postponed elections because THAT would be unconstitutional. (2) Jacinda Ardern postponed the New Zealand election as requested by the National Party leader and the Deputy Prime Minister. IF you are going to comment on the NZ situation please check what actually happened.

      2. You posted this as an example of being economical with the truth. Given that you were writing on my blog – about something you have accused me of before and did not mention that you were actually accusing them, rather than me…so thanks for the clarification. And I did check what happened – and had people in NZ confirm it. Its not difficult – Ardern cancelled the election – not parliament. Yes it was ‘constitutional’ in that the NZ constitution allows it…Trump of course did not cancel the US election because he can’t – but I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of those who condemned him just for thinking about cancelling an election (fascist – how dare he!) and Ardern actually cancelling an election (wonderful….what a good thing to do!). I very much doubt that most of those commenting were experts in constitutional law of the two countries. Its just prejudice, perception and politics.

      3. St. Jacinda saved many lives by her prompt and reasonable actions as well as the economy. The bluff, bluster, hypocrisy and callousness of Johnson has given us the worst death rate in europe and the worst perfoming economy. Do I detect sour grapes? How can any christian support the lying, sleazy hypocritical Trump?

      4. She certainly did not save the economy which is in deep trouble. As for saving lives – yes I suspect that the actions taken did save lives – but we need to look at the longer term and see what the difference is – there is also little doubt that her actions will have cost lives – its just a balance of responsibilities. I’m not sure what Trump and Johnson have to do with this – unless you are just projecting your prejudices and simplistic world view on to others?

      5. David, in my reply I said ‘These are examples of what I meant about ‘not quite true’ claims.’ ‘These’ not ‘this’.
        You say, ‘Its not difficult – Ardern cancelled the election – not parliament.’ But in NZ, parliament does not call elections, the PM does. And it wasn’t ‘cancelled’ it was ‘postponed’. And it was at the request of the Opposition and Deputy Prime Minister. Please stop spreading misinformation.

      6. When someone starts playing with words ‘cancelled’ and ‘postponed’ then I’m done. The contrast I made was between the reaction to Trump suggesting the election be postponed (cancelled for now – he was not suggesting never having another election!) and Jacinda actually doing it. Trump suggesting makes him a Fascist – her doing it makes her a liberal heroine!

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