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Quantum 111 – Equality and Diversity

This weeks Quantum takes a deeper look at the vital subject of Equality and Diversity…

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Quantum 111  – Equality , Diversity and Identity. Belarus –

In a mad world in Queensland wedding dances banned but sex parties allowed.

Security guards in Melbourne received training in ‘equality and diversity’ but not in quarantine infection!

The BBC is going to spend £100 million on diversity…but is it diverse?  

We look at the whole question of diversity in accents – including Doric!


And then there is the obsession with race.  English needs to be ‘decolonised’ because standard English is racist.  

The British Museum has caught the bug and also wants to rewrite history.

Then the black studies professor from ‘da hood’ who turns out to be a white Jewish lady from Kansas.

Doug Murray and Rod Liddle are fascinating guides here –

We also look at the Declaration of Independence.

 And we  finish with this –


Without Christianity we will lose Equality and Tolerance &#8211; Article in the Scotsman &#8211; 4th September 2015

Quantum 110- Mad World – Update, World News and Chadwick Boseman





  1. You mention something about Western music being racist. My son, a music teacher, has told me of a video where they state that Music Theory is racist, because all of their “theory” is based on 18th century music. I told him to write a new book based on a variety of other schools of music, blending that into the current curriculum. My son said that he could never get it published, since the intellectual elite insist that music was redefined by 18th century western Europe and all other sources are meaningless. Thus, it is the intellectual elite who are practicing intellectual snobbery, nothing to do about “race” at all.

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