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Quantum 108 – Education

This weeks Quantum looks at some world news – Mali, Michelle Obama, China blocking Australian wine, COvid in New Zealand and  the UAE?/Israel deal and then mainly at education – Enjoy.

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We remember Ben Cross…


Before we move on to the main theme of education


We look at the teacher who was suspended for misgendering and then calling Muhammed a false prophet. 

And then the horrific story of the lecturer suspended for praising Jewish scientists. 

Kings College London  introduces apartheid education.

Douglas Murray argues that Britains Universities have become indoctrination camps. 

This is a fascinating insight into Finnish education.

As is this….



Finally we look at the question of Christian schools…

A Place for Christian Schools? – The Record

And of course we end with –


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Feel free to suggest other themes (I have lots!)..

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  1. As someone dyslexic and was treated as lacking in effort, careless and complacent at school that was a significant contribution to depression as an adult your posting of Pink Floyd is music to my ears – literally. Of course in the film The Wall Bob Geldof played the character Pink who was driven to mental illness partly due to his life experiences and partly due to his narcissism which manifested as this dream like pseudo Hitler character with feelings being treated as a crime having been badly treated for his poetry at school – bullied a nasty teacher getting his peers to laugh at him while the teacher was bullied by his “psychopathic” wife.

    So – it seems does it not that there are particular challenges to every generation?

    Of course the same principle can be applied to church with leaders being motivated by power over a congregation, and wanting to be popular and have status while at the time practising false teaching, false prophecy and being the hired hand that don’t care for the sheep so that when wolves come along they do nothing about it – metaphorically speaking.

    Rather, by way of status Jesus says, “you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers.”

    I don’t wish to be cruel to the teachers I had – mostly my guess is that when inappropriate things were said it was with good intention and our of ignorance. In the midst of it I had a wonderful music teacher and I do I have private pilots liscence. So the Pink Floyd song “Mother” with the lyric “she won’t let you fly but she might let you sing” resonates. Mt mother hates me flying or riding a motorcycle but I think I have her trained now to accept it, I have sung in choirs and I love what I do whit presenting radio and studying radio at college.

    So there is healing with the principle of all things work for good for those who love God and are called for his purposes.

    What the devil meant for evil God uses for good?

  2. Sad to say , an excellent Quantum’s reflection on UK education today ! Toe the line , think what I think , cos, “Money, Money, Money” , those who pay the pipers call the tunes.

    Just recently watched a supposed TV documentary on Scottish Clans in the 17th Century . The University educated presenter totally ignored the historical truth of Scottish events , rubbished and maligned the central character and dismissed The Solemn League and Covenant , favouring his own prejudice and inaccurate account of the times . What chance do our children have ?

  3. The Pink Floyd video was a prime example of suburban , privately educated boys who , through an illusory , Marxist – promoted , sense of guilt for the state of society being due to their middle class origins , informed a somewhat proletarian fan base that they should be impervious to Education and should actively resist its dubious blandishments.

    This was an eminently successful video as societal decline will attest.

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