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Quantum 109 – The Answer to Racism

This week’s Quantum takes an in-depth look at an issue which is dominating society at the moment – racism.

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If the embedded player does not work (there are problems with the new Word Press – then just click this link –

Here are some of the links that we refer to in the podcast.


This is a superb critique of the proposal to set up an apartheid black university in the UK.

There are numerous examples of woke anti-racism –

The art museum curator who was forced to resign because he said he would continue to exhibit white as well as black artists.   Did you know that falling asleep is racist?   Or that criticising worms is racist?

And of course these two songs are being removed from the Woke BBC –

Did you know that Children in Need are giving £10 million to BLM.

We also look at some of the problems here in Australia faced by the aboriginal people 

The mob rule of the BLM is shown here –

Some black people refuse to bow the knee…


Sadly the Christian Church has also fallen for this..the Free Church had a BLM fist on its front cover and an editorial which whilst it rightly spoke out about both current and historic racism, presented a somewhat simplistic narrative.   But that was nothing to Tear Fund which swallowed the ‘White Fragility’ pill hook, line and sinker.

Tear Fund – “In addition to creating the , we have spent the last few months undertaking an organisation-wide programme of education about racial injustice. The aim has been to help take our workforce on a journey of growth in understanding both the damaging effects of racism and how it has systematically oppressed people over centuries. The work has been led by our D&I Manager, a Black woman who consults with a race and ethnicity working group.”  “We have an unconscious bias training in autumn 2020 which will be compulsory for all staff on an annual basis.”

There is a better Christian response – like this from Tim Keller and Bryan Stevenson.

Ten Christian Responses to Racism –

And this wonderful response from Jacob Blakes mother.

We finish with this wonderful song from Ruth Naomi Floyd –

Quantum 108 – Education

Is it Heresy for a Christian to Question Black Lives Matter?

You can support Quantum here – 



  1. Thanks for posting this David. Is it just me now that has listened to this indoctrination that we are continually bombarded with to the point of needing to walk away for the sake of my own health?

    For goodness sake, the Proms in int the Proms without Rule Britannia. Anyone with a brain can see now no-one seriously advocating British hegemony. In fact it is an indication of British sense of humour of satire at ourselves. And as you rightly say there was slavery that the UK was involved with (as there has been with every nation) but the ruling of the waves as it was then was also used to eradicate slave trade at great cost. For the love of God (literally) should there not be recognition of this and this be honoured and used as a model along with Martin Luther King of how we all working together can address this?

    Yes – great point about the professor who challenged students to show where they have stood up to the elite in society at risk to themselves. I wonder how many potential Wilberforces there were in his class and how many with a herding instinct that would do what is comfortable and in keeping with the zeitgeist. The path to life is narrow with few travelling on it.

    I was watching Channel 4 reporting about Jacob Blake last night and needed to change the channel. I physically recoiled at the propaganda with the violence that it was doing to my soul to watch the reporting. Likewise David (and I know we disagree on this) I have in the last few weeks decided to at least take a sabbatical if not walk away from institutionalised church for not dissimilar reasons. I have heard the “of course” with supporting protesters said in church. Of course you know me David and know I am not one to be silent about such things and have my say. And there yet again have been people take offence to that leading to what the leader of a church has described as me being “bruised” when I shared of the effect and this not being what is “intended” in a Christian gathering. Well, there is the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and sayings sometimes get to be sayings because there is wisdom in them. So is this where the church to a not insignificant amount is heading? The road to destruction is wide and many people travel on it.

    So what are the options here David? Do you remain part of an institution hoping to change it from with in and find yourself failing because “bad company corrupts good character”, do you say OK that’s it, I’m done with church and faith as some do and give up on following Jesus? Or do you take a path of finding church where 2 or 3 are gathered and not see it primarily in the form of organised religion? I know you disagree with Steve Aisthorpe about the invisible church but I would again offer that there is prophecy in his words.

    I have found it therapeutic to walk away also to the point of mentioning within my local community that I have become less disagreeable and more able to ironically connect with others due to not being burdened by what has gone on in church. I find now myself relating better with others in community because of this decision. So, Spurgeons metaphor of a piece of coal being taken from a fire not glowing as brightly to refer to someone taking themselves away from church not shining their light as well is not applicable in this instance. And it seems to be not unique with Aisthorpe in his research positing that pragmatically it’s not unknown for people to need to leave organised religion in order to shine for Christ. One wonders to what degree those preaching from the pulpit are using this metaphor in order to feel powerful and popular, and perpetuate a human tradition and be unwilling to leave the 99 sheep to go after the 1 that has departed from the flock.

    Thankfully Jesus considers every life precious.

    And so to Jacob Blake’s mother’s amazing, courageous and beautiful prayer for the healing of USA. “How dare we hate what we are… I am talking to everyone… do you understand what is going to happen when we fall?” And there is something prophetic in that. If America does not bless God, if it is American freedom that is followed and hegemony then it will lead to a fall for the country and there are those looking onward at the moment that would like to see that happen who are rubbing their hands with glee at the “useful idiots” causing disruption to that end in all parts of the political spectrum.

    I would comment Noam Chomsky’s book “Hegemony or Survival” for thought provoking ideas about what could be the consequences for American freedom as it stands currently.

  2. Thank you David. The link to the Redeemer meeting in NYC was truly inspiring. There is too much panic in the Church to run after the world and follow their agenda-we should have been leading the way but we are now forced to play catch up. But we must redeem the narrative away from BLM and also in this country (UK)-Extinction Rebellion. They are Marxist materialists who -to quote U2 (possibly a bad idea 😁) they say they want the Kingdom but they don’t want God in it. My real concerns with BLM are that they are following the Malcolm X solution rather than MLK. But I also think that we have taken our brothers and sisters of colour for granted and failed to listen-hence they have become frustrated and turned away from us. I’m not justifying violence and hatred but we really need to be calling out to God for healing and wisdom otherwise the violent rhetoric will win.

  3. Thank you for a very interesting podcast David. I hope you won’t mind me pointing out that ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, was not sung at a time when Britain was engaging in the slave trade. The words were written in 1902, some 95 years after the passing of The Slave Trade Act in 1807.

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