The Lost Message of Chalke

Sometimes in life I have to do depressing things – reading Steve Chalke’s latest book was one of them.  The Lost Message of Paul is a depressing book for any biblical Christian with any degree of intelligence to read.  It’s shallow, superficial, dishonest and disingenuous.   But it is important that Christians know about this.  Chalke is now a wolf amongst the sheep….I wrote this review for my … Continue reading The Lost Message of Chalke

Justice for Sale

This weeks column in Christian Today – As Boris Johnson is Summoned to Court, we should all be worried. I had originally entitled it Justice for Sale….and prefer that title!  Pixabay/pedroivo   There are some things you don’t miss until you have lost them. Good health is most noticed when you don’t have it. Likewise growing up in a Western liberal democracy I suspect that … Continue reading Justice for Sale

I Hate ‘Hate Speech’

This is a slightly amended version of my latest post in Christian Today – you can read the original here..   This is an important subject for us all to grasp…please do feel free to spread this article around…(if you agree!)   (Photo: Unsplash/Matt Botsford) After the Second World War, Soviet Russia was determined to have the concept of ‘hate speech’ enshrined in international legislation. They … Continue reading I Hate ‘Hate Speech’

The End is Nigh! Extinction and Evangelism

This weeks article in Christian Today – you can read the original here –  (Photo: Unsplash/Tim Schramm) The End is Nigh Did you hear the news? In 12 years time the world could come to an end. Rising sea levels, coastal flooding, crop failures, carbon in the atmosphere will cause the earths temperature to rise by up to 7 degrees with all the problems arising … Continue reading The End is Nigh! Extinction and Evangelism

If Only God Would Show Himself

It is one of the most basic statements, and assumptions – “I would believe in God if he showed himself”.  I wrote this article in a for those of my non-believing friends who ask this question.  Let me know what you think! If only God would show himself. It is widely assumed by many people today that they would of course believe in God if … Continue reading If Only God Would Show Himself

Censoring the internet – A plea from John Milton

The new editor at Christian Today has invited me back to do a weekly column for them…here is the first – on lessons from John Milton about Internet censorship.  Did you know that President Lincoln stated, “Most of what you read on the Internet is false”? I’m afraid if you cannot spot the obvious flaw in that statement then you are not worthy of reading … Continue reading Censoring the internet – A plea from John Milton

Jordan Peterson, Caroline Farrow, Jayne Ozanne and the death of free speech

Rather than the Saturday review I am putting up this article which has just been published on Premier Christianity.  I am doing this because it is of direct relevance to yesterdays Quantum where all three cases are mentioned and because for me this is an even more important issue than Brexit.   Also by the time you read this I will be in hospital, hopefully recovering … Continue reading Jordan Peterson, Caroline Farrow, Jayne Ozanne and the death of free speech

Mary Queen of Scots – Woke Movie of the Year

This article was published on the Australian Spectator website this weekend…its my review of Mary Queen of Scots – you can get the original here  And the Oscar for most Woke Period Drama goes to… Mary Queen of Scots (although The Favourite ran it a close second). The woke checklist Women as the heroines (but still victims oppressed by the patriarchal society) – check. Men … Continue reading Mary Queen of Scots – Woke Movie of the Year

A Wide Ranging Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Ruth Clemence, Premier’s ‘Young Blogger of the Year” – an honour she well deserved!  You can read the whole interview here – Her ‘tags’ indicate the breadth of the interview! America, apologetics, apologist, atheism, atheist, author, bible, blogging, christianity, civic society, civil society, communication, contemporary culture, controversial issues, culture, david robertson, debate, donald trump, dundee, engaging with atheists, Europe, evangelism, evangelist, free church, Gospel, Jesus Christ, lgbt, magnificent obsession, politics, president trump, richard dawkins, robert murray mccheyne, same sex marriage, same sex relationships, Scotland, scottish secular society, sexuality, solas centre of public christianity, st peters church dundee, the … Continue reading A Wide Ranging Interview

Dear Twitter – Why Have You Banned Me?

Dear Twitter, Thanks for your note telling me that I was banned.   I must admit it was a bit of a shock. This is what you told me: We’re writing to let you know that your account features will remain locked or limited for the allotted time due to violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our hateful conduct policy. We do not allow people to … Continue reading Dear Twitter – Why Have You Banned Me?