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The Kitchen Table 15 – The Ethics of a Vaccine

This weeks Kitchen Table looks at the ethics of how we get a vaccine.

Steve also had a great article on the subject –

The Kitchen Table 14 – Education – A System in Crisis?




  1. My local branch of Marks and Spencer for a long time had a notice in their window stating that their flowers were ‘ethically souerced’, whatever that meant. It is perhaps a sign of our mixed-up world that the flowers we buy must be ethically-sourced but many do not care in the least how our vaccines are ‘sourced’. For so much nowadays, the end does not justify the means but this often refers to things of lesser importance whereas the idea is completely thrown overboard on an important issue such as the one discussed in this video.
    Perhaps another way of looking at the issue is to ask whether or not we could use the results of Nazi research on concentration camp inmates in order to save lives. Suppose the research led to some new vaccine that would save millions of lives. How many people would be comfortable using it, knowing its source? (And the first person to refer to Godwin’s law has already lost the argument.)
    And, just in passing, can I congratulate the Australian cricketeers in deciding not to bend the knee in favour of an anti-capitalist, anti-family organisation.

    1. It depends – if the vaccine is safe and thoroughly tested and if it has been produced on ethical grounds then probably yes – but I suspect it will be a balance of different factors. Life isn’t always as black and white as it is in the atheist fundamentalist world!

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