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Quantum 105 – China

Quantum is evolving – each week we are going to have a main subject to examine in some more depth.  We begin with China.  I hope you will find this as fascinating and informative as I did in researching it.

We being however with the death of Olivia De Haviland –


The Director of the FBI spells out the danger from the CCP…


China and Covid 19 – 

China and the Church –

Australia declares Chinese claims to South China sea illegal


Taiwan –

Three Gorges Dam – 


  • Hong Kong – the India/China border  and the extraordinary story of the Chinese seeds.

Listen to this extraordinary song from Pink Floyd  – The Post War Dream.. “Was this the reason Jesus died?  All their kids committing suicide…What have we done?”


OUr Poem of the week is of course Chinese – from Li Bai

Thoughts In The Silent Night — Li Bai






Thoughts in the Silent Night

Beside my bed a pool of light—

Is it hoarfrost on the ground?

I lift my eyes and see the moon,

I bend my head and think of home.

And we leave you with the death of Peter Green

Quantum 104 – Covid, Bezos, Tik Tok, Packer and Those Russians!

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  1. China , while retaining the obsolete title of Communist , probably has fewer genuine Marxists than perniciously pervade Western Universities.

    When Russia was a Marxist dictatorship , a brilliant Soviet scientist might be told , ” Invent something important and we’ll give you a medal.”

    When China wishes to incentivise its inventors , it says ” Create something important , do an IPO and become a billionaire.”

  2. Thinking about what you have shared David.

    Threat by espionage from the communist party in China theft people are at risk for health, livelihood and security. 1.44 billion people incredible innovation and development and second most effective military. You will be surprised if in your lifetime we do not see a war with China. Hmmm – maybe it has been my concern ans an ex-servicemen that the UKs defences may be getting weaker in the light of Covid-19 and the inevitable recession that will follow. China with a trade surplus and a growing military in the light of this and internal conflict in the west with protests can only becoming stronger I think on the world stage. We have seen what the Chinese communist party has done in Honk Kong and the UK government deferring to China with extradition of Hong Kong nationals with the claim from the Chinese government of interference. I perceive storm clouds forming.

    With the persecution of Christians in spite of article 37 against religious discrimination. Who defines what is normal and what is disruptive is a good question. Is this a route that our western societies are going to go? Well, we do have the Equality Act 2010 which in theory provides lawful protection against religious discrimination (including atheism). But would you trust that to work in practice? Church gatherings being unlawful assemblies and too many believers in the country being as “a way of making people Chinese” – well nationalism, doesn’t that have the hallmarks of a religion with the apostate being cancelled? And whether it is British nationalism with Brexit or Scottish nationalism with independence and a socialist or “progressive liberal” agenda, should we not have concerns lest is become similar to the national socialism we know of that happened in the 20th century on the right or the Marxist – Leninsm on the left? Of course if we are divided we are weakened. And with the potential break up of Europe and divisions that are self evident in the US there are no doubt some in China delighting with the political advantage they will gain from that. Which then leads me to the political and military claims to the South China sea being regarded as illegal with military activity around Taiwan and a “peaceful reunification” with China following Hong Kong. Hasn’t that kind of thing been called annexing in the past? With a potential war starting with America. Here is where I will argue for Trump. He was not afraid to stand up to N. Korea with their weapons testing with some fearing that Trump might start a war in dong so. I would beg to differ. I think that kind of move is likely to prevent a war!

    Finally, did you know with Peter Green, the song “Oh Well” is based on “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23?

    1. China will continue its rise unless there is a nuclear war that would also destroy the US and its allies.

      Pre – Covid19 , Trump’s considerable economic achievements were, often reluctantly, lauded thus :

      “US economic growth is an impressive 3% while China’s growth has declined to 6.8%”.

      Given that the most relevant growth figure is per capita GDP, we are faced with a declining Chinese population performing impressively , versus an America with an increasing ( immigration derived and often welfare dependent) population from the economically unproductive Third World.

      China will win.

  3. Your tasteful Pink Floyd reference deserves a guitar quid pro quo : Here’s a neat piece recorded at Montgreenan House , Kilwinning , hometown of Scottish Freemasonry :

  4. Here’s a couple of virtuoso string players doing their bit to help save an old Church in Brooklyn, NYC.

  5. GF Handel took a break from Messiah et al and when walking past the workshop of an English farrier, caught the rhythm for this offering , mutatis mutandis , played by John Williams. :

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