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The ASK Podcast 9 – Angels – with Greg Sheridan

On this weeks ASK podcast we discuss with Greg Sheridan the wonderful topic of angels – we discuss the theology, practicality, Billy Graham, Tolkien, Viktor Frankl, child abuse and Greg’s own personal angelic experience!

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  1. Thanks! V interesting+amusing, too…divine messengers do exist!

    Rural people often have a sense of divine messages or premonitions. An older lady dreamt this month, just before she woke up, about seeing her cousin overseas at a funeral. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was her cousin to say his wife had died. Both were Christians, separated by an ocean, yet also united in a mysterious way. Do city and urban people, even church attenders, get too engrossed with activities and programmes at times, so that the divine voice is smothered out with background noise? An illness, or an unemployment, can be a time when people take stock of life….

    1. The American theologian Tozer has a great quote: “Maybe one day we will turn off the flashing lights and again see an angel”.

  2. 1. Why is Greg broadcasting from a prison cell?

    2. You may wish to edit for the repeat response where you first indicated that you had lost Greg. You may have lost him yet your audience has a Groundhog Day moment as Greg plays on repeat.

    2. I’m not aware of why Billy Graham wrote: “Angels: God’s Secret Agents”, however, one prominent feature of that book that was not examined here is that Graham uses the book to clarify the uniqueness of angels from human beings. Where does Greg stand on the sometime heard Catholic belief of angels being the converted souls of humans?

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