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The ASK Podcast 10 – Greg Sheridan on Paul – Christianity’s Lenin

This weeks ASK Podcast is here

Greg and I met in person and recorded this just outside Sydney Anglican Cathedral. The sound of Greg’s voice may be a bit quiet, but just turn the volume up! I thought it was a fascinating discussion – be interested to hear your thoughts!  We cover everything from Sydney, Christopher Hill, Luther, Christian Revolutionaries, reading Paul as a journalist, Judaism, the Law,  Pascal,  Larry Siedentop (the best non fiction book I have ever read!), slavery;  and the influence of Paul on modern Western society.

Also on YouTube

The ASK Podcast 9 – Angels – with Greg Sheridan



  1. This interview is worth hearing again, and again. It is so refreshing in a world gone mad with extremes, to hear two defenders of the faith speak in tones of all that is intellectually credible! And for being brave enough to say that some things are ‘simply wrong’! Truth in the ‘public square’ – and what an appropriate backdrop! Thank you.

  2. David, if you’re interested, I’ve tried to edit the video to equalise the audio volumes. Obviously Greg’s microphone wasn’t working so there’s a lot of background noise but hopefully Greg can be heard more clearly. If you think there’s a benefit in uploading a new copy of the video please get in touch somehow. And obviously there’s no need to publish this comment. Thanks. C.D.

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