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Coffee with Job 8 – There is a Mine, Opals and Guadete

Job 28:1-11 – Job marvels at the ingenuity and creativity of human beings – and yet what use is it without wisdom? We look at the Opal mining here in Australia (a great idea for Christmas go to this website – its a company run by a Christian friend of mine and someone who has been very helpful in our media work – – and a wonderful medieval carol from Steeleye Span – Gaudete.

Also on YouTube

Coffee with Job 82 – The Plague and Who is He in Yonder Stall?

Here are some more of the opals from Australian Opal Cutters –


  1. In the Catholic Church (and other Churches for all I know) the 3rd Sunday in Advent is called Gaudete Sunday. This is because the first word in the Introit is (in Latin) Gaudete.

    GAUDÉTE in Dómino semper: íterum dico, gaudéte. Modéstia vestra nota sit ómnibus homínibus: Dóminus enim prope est. Nihil sollíciti sitis: sed in omni oratióne petitiónes vestræ innotéscant apud Deum.

    Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I say, rejoice. Let your modesty be known to all men. The Lord is nigh.
    Be nothing solicitous; but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God.
    (Phil 4:4-6)

    I should point out that this Introit is to be found in the Traditional Latin Mass (Mass in the Extraordinary Form). The verses from Philippians have been moved to the Second Reading in the Mass in the Ordinary Form – the Mass which most Catholics now attend.

  2. Thank you for the photos of the beautiful opals. I had no idea they could be so colorful!


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