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Coffee with Job 84 – Where Can I Find Wisdom?

Ch 28:12-19 – Our leaders in church and state need wisdom – but where can it be found? Can it be purchased? It is beyond price…find out where it can be obtained by any human being….with a beautiful version of We Three Kings….

Also on YouTube here 

Coffee with Job 8 – There is a Mine, Opals and Guadete


  1. A Great exposition and delivery on Wisdom from Job and your understanding & take on it, David…Yes how I would love much more wisdom and deep discernment..!

    Also, an amazing rendition of ‘We Three Kings’ .., best ever have seen..! (Btw whereabouts does it say in Scripture there were three kings..?)

  2. Thanks David for yet another daily help from Job.
    But I’m wondering if the lens on your camera is either dirty or scratched and is causing the picture to look ‘milky’. It’s been like this for a few days now.

      1. Ah, sunlight! I’d forgotten about sunlight; it’s been so gloomy here in Cumbria for what seems like weeks!

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