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The ASK Podcast 8 – Gerald Bray on the Future of the Church

This weeks ASK podcast is part two of our interview with Gerald Bray.  In his ‘History of Christianity in Britain and Ireland’ there is a section entitled ‘The Rivers of Babylon’ which looks at the church since 1980 – and it’s future.

Also on YouTube – here

We discuss conversion therapy, SSM, transgenderism, the future threats to the church; false optimism; gospel solutions; the impact of covid; crusade evangelism; Thatcherism and the advance of secularism; Trump; the church and politics; the decline of Sunday as the Lord’s Day; the lack of leadership in the church….

There is much food for thought….enjoy and get yourself a copy of the book!

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  1. Thank you for the two interviews with Gerald Bray, and the insights and knowledge that flows from this new book. Somehow, both sobering and encouraging at the same time. This has given me a hunger to obtain a copy and read it!

  2. A fascinating interview! The pandemic accelerates change and the Church is never fond of change. Premier magazine has just run an interesting article, about a church planter in a poor UK urban area. He preferred having no Sabbath services and a breaking of bread midweek, keeping Sunday as a rest day and a time set aside to think of God. And he avoided arguments about creation-evolution-sexuality. It’s funny how UK churches have committees expressing an opinion on absolutely everything, bar one protected topic, where silence is golden: TOP. If satan wanted to emasculate the UK Church on what really matters, might the current skewed emphasis of UK churches be already nearly perfect? We should consider letting SSA people get on with their lives, as responsible adults under the law, while we pursue the church’s prophetic role to protect the poor+weak (e.g. the unborn).

  3. A very insightful interview. The church has not shown the courage of its conviction and spoken out against what it knows to be clearly wrong and unbiblical; to the point where one wonders whether that conviction ever existed in the first place.

    Bible believing Christians know that no matter what, God remains firmly in control and as such we have no need to fear the future or the ever escalating calamity. There really is ‘nothing new under the sun’ and all things work out to God’s divine purpose and ultimate good. The knowledge of this eternal truth brings true freedom and peace for all believers.

  4. Son No 2 has just phoned asking his “Old Man” if he has decided yet what he wishes as a gift for Christmas. Problem solved ! !

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