What is Hell and Does Anyone Go There? ABC Radio Show

Last week I had the opportunity to speak on ABC National Radio on the subject of ‘What is Hell and Does Anyone Go There”


I confess that I was actually quite fearful of going on this – it’s a difficult subject.  Robin Parry’s book  The Evangelical Universalist is well written and makes a good case (I will try and write a review of it later) – but it ultimately falls short as a Christian work because it moves away from Christ.   The story of how I got on the show is an interesting one.  At first I refused because I was going to Melbourne and I had meetings with CBF staff there.  Even though they said they could record in Melbourne.  And then over the weekend I was convicted that I was wrong and had made a mistake.  I prayed about it and then they contacted me again on Monday and so I agreed to rearrange and to do it.  I read Parry’s book (thanks to the wonders of Kindle) and was ‘fervent’ in prayer beforehand.

We recorded for about 90 minutes – and the broadcast is 57.  I think the editing was a fair reflection of the conversation.  I actually came away from the conversation with a renewed trust in, and thankfulness for, the teaching of Jesus.  I’m not sure how it comes across. But you have a listen and judge for yourselves.

Meanwhile I am left to reflect on the fact that it took me more than ten years to get on the BBC in Scotland – it took two weeks to get on ABC in Australia!  The Lord opens doors…!

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  1. Why is the gospel called “Good News and why were the disciples called , or commanded to proclaim it” ?.

    Why was it necessary for God to send his Son into this world to die for the sins of mankind if all mankind ( even those who despise and disbelieve in him)if all are going to heaven?

    How do some theologians know what happens after death , yet fail to recognise the biblical teaching of Jesus on hell ?

    Please don’t bother to answer . I found the discussion interesting and it came as no surprise that the same heretical thoughts come up today as back in the early church . Hell is a place to be feared and despised , just as Heaven is a place to be gained through Jesus Christ !

  2. Excellent discussion which would never have been staged back in Scotland. Enjoy this new found freedom while you can.
    Bible based views citing what Jesus said, challenged, not by invective or ridicule, but by respectful discourse.
    Was it ever like this back in the UK.

  3. Read this today and thought of this programe.
    Matthew 11:25 NKJV
    “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.

    I Noticed the other two speakers on the programe had the title ‘Rev. Doctor’.
    Is Dr a claim to special ‘wisdom’? I think it often is these days.
    When I was out and about with our Ministry, ‘Salt Shakers’, I was often asked, “did you go to university?” My answer was, “No, and I’m glad I didn’t, because it probably would have corrupted my thinking”.

  4. One question I cannot square: why do we call God good if HE is ultimately responsible for our eternal punishment? I am thinking of all those who cannot hear the good word because they are born into atheist, heretical, or pagan households. I am also thinking of people with intelectual impairments (this could include atheists and heretics). From a human perspective, I cannot see how it is fair to judge someone eternally for such a short, impaired and sometimes difficult life. I am also confused by the sovereignty of God. We are taught to believe that God is in control and so I do not want to believe otherwise – but even that seems to be my choice? if God is in control, why is he not held acountable for suffering or for not preventing it and for the condemnation of most of life. If God is responsible for more suffering than good, why do we call HIM good?

    1. That is such a big question – I will come to that in my A.S.K series and so won’t write too much here. But a few brief points…People are not judged according to what they did not hear – but according to what they did with what they did hear.

      God being ‘in control’ is not the same as God being responsible for sin. We are not robots. And God is not responsible for more suffering than good…The Goodness of God is an essential attribute off his being.

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