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John 9 – How can I Believe in a God of Love who Would send my Loved Ones to Hell? – Sermons from St Petes and ‘Behold our God’…

Last Sunday morning Sinclair preached on John 9:1-41 – A Day of Sightseeing



Then I preached on “How can I believe in a God of Love who would send my loved ones to Hell?’  It wasn’t easy but the Lord enabled as we looked especially at what Jesus says in Luke 16:19-31



We had a good day….

This quote from the evening:

John Owen says that in order to understand and share in divine teachings we need “meekness, humility, godly fear, reverence, submission of soul and conscience unto the authority of God , with a resolution and readiness for and unto all that obedience he requires of us, especially that which is internal in the hidden man of the heart”

And this beautiful song from St Petes – Behold our God….


  1. “‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

    Disagree on that one. Anyone alive can say they are a prophet. Anyone alive can preach (even if no-one listens). Dead grandparents? That would be a whole new ball game.

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