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Quantum 52 -Boris; Alaister Campbell; Communion on the Moon; Gary Lineker; Yuval Harari; Trans waxing; Alice Cooper

This weeks Quantum – from Boris Johnson to Alice Cooper….

Alasdair Campbell – at 3:50

Jonathan Haidt

 Communion on the Moon (USA)

Gary Lineker (UK)

 Reformation Defaced (Switzerland) –


 Harari –  

No one knows what the future will look like. Humans like to tell themselves stories, be they in the form of religion or political ideologies, such as nationalism, communism and liberalism. But none of these can adequately prepare us for what may happen in the next 50 years. New technology and climate change might make the world more different than we can possibly imagine. So we had better keep an open mind and hope for the best.

  Alice Cooper with Alaister Begg –

Quantum 51 – Cricket; Bigotry; The Catholic MP and the Free Church MP; Child Abuse; Jess Phillips; Scotland and Drugs; Trump; The Bachelorette; Mark Driscoll; Joni; The Handmaids Tale; Augustine Banned



  1. Hormone blockers would certainly reduce the symptoms of the spiritual con game manipulating the hormonal response. A win for atheism and healthy neurons. God blocking medicine—why didn’t I think of that?

  2. My brother was the bass player for a band called “The Almighty” and Pete Friesen who played guitar for Alice Cooper ended up being lead guitarist for The Almighty. Perhaps their biggest hit was Jonestown. I remember being at their gig, raising money for leukaemia research and there is a part in the lyric of the song “Jesus loves you but I don’t” that is critical of the church and never finding Jesus in a church. I recall that resonating powerfully with me. There have been things I must add that have resonated powerfully with me in churches as well. But I am curious as to why that should happen at a rock concert. Was it emotion only or was there an element even in part of some profound truth there going on too, prophetic even?

    It’s a very interesting quote in the article you gave a link to with Alice Cooper saying that drinking beer and trashing a hotel room is easy but that being a Christian is a real rebellion. Well, there is that bit in scripture where Jesus said he didn’t come to bring peace but a sword and members of their own family for his followers would be their worst enemies and unless they preferred him over their family members and even their own lives then they were of not use to him and would not see life. But anyone losing their life for his sake would have life in its fullest.

    So yes, not difficult to see “real rebellion” in that. Here’s a clip from my bother’s band – criticism of false religion, materialism etc – pretty rebellious and “you’re the Jesus that wouldn’t get nailed” a sobering thought if true personally and perhaps corporately for the church.

    To what degree am I / is the church walking the narrow path, willing to lose life in order to have it in its fullest for Christ’s sake and to what degree am I / is the church taking the easier road for the sake of my / the church’s comfort. I dare anyone to be challenged in watching this video.

  3. Haidt’s co-written The Codling of the American Mind, is a great analysis of current Western culture, but agree with you solutions proposed are thin gruel.

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