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Vicar ‘under Investigation’ for Quoting The Wee Flea!

Sometimes a story arises which is so indicative of our culture and so important in its implications that it deserves an immediate response.  The Daily Telegraph, the Yorkshire Post and the Daily Mirror all carried this story about Rev. Peter Hughes.    Peter quoted extensively (as did The Mirror)  from my article Parents Take Back Control – The April Record Editorial which he read on this blog.   The reporting tells its own story.   This is what we learn.

  1. Britain is an increasingly intolerant and authoritarian society

I have encouraged others to speak out about the evil that is happening in our culture. But there is a price for doing so.  It’s easier to keep silent or to go along with it.  Especially if you belong to the Establishment and its institutions, and your job, status and identity rely on it, then most would give in and hold their tongue.  But someone has to speak out.  Peter did – and now he is ‘under investigation’ as though he had committed some crime. Note that he wrote his views in his own parish magazine – not in a newspaper, or a poster, but in his own publication.  And yet the thought crime police were on to him in an instant.  Another pastor told me of a University Students Union who wanted him to undergo an assessment before he was allowed to speak to the CU because he had linked to two of my posts on his FB page!  This is modern Britain – where citing The Wee Flea causes you to come under investigation!

2.  The Media are often ignorant and prejudiced

“a furious vicar” published “a three-page rant”.   The language is just pejorative and a Screenshot 2019-06-11 at 08.58.36lie,  Peter Hughes was not ‘furious’ and his letter was not a rant.  It was a detailed consideration of some of the issues involved.  How do I know that?  Because it was basically a citation of my own article.  If the Mirror’s investigative journalist had managed to do some investigative journalism and actually read what he was commenting on, then he would have been able to report more accurately.   Of course, the reporter was not interested in accuracy, or in the truth of what he was saying.  (Note also the photo used – the photographer is given a remit to get a somewhat unflattering photo – making him look slightly eccentric or odd – and duly obliges).   Ironically the journalists report reads like more of a rant than the vicar’s considered comment.    But most of our media (including sadly much of the so-called ‘quality’ press) delight in sharing their ‘shock, horror, how dare they say that’ opinions, rather than reporting factually.

3.  The Church is pathetically compliant

The Reverend Huw Thomas, the Diocese of Sheffield’s director of education, said the views were “personal” ones. “These views are not shared by the Diocese of Sheffield and the language used is regrettable,” he said.

So what does the ‘Director of Education’ of the Sheffield Diocese think of teaching children that there are 77 genders and that children can choose and change gender?  What does he think about teaching children Queer Theory?  What are the views of the Diocese?  Do they at all reflect the views of the Bible they are supposed to be teaching?  Or are they just a reflection of the current liberal/progressive zeitgeist?  As he throws his own vicar to the mob, perhaps Huw Thomas should consider his own use of language?  Speak the truth in love – as someone once said.

4.  The Political Establishment follow the mob rather than represent the people

Paul Scriven, a Liberal Democrat peer and former leader of Sheffield Council, stormed: “He’s a fool, I think he knows nothing about what’s going on.”He doesn’t have the right to use these opinions to stop young people being taught to understand the world they inherit. “He is quite right to have his personal opinions; I think they’re wrong and outdated.”

Notice how the unelected peer in his smug superiority just assumes that only his position is right.  In effect, he is saying “He can have his personal opinions but I will argue against them, not by dealing with the arguments or explaining my own position.  No, I will call him a fool, ignorant, wrong and outdated.”  What a fine example to set to the social media mob!  Is Lord Scriven aware of what he is talking about?  Does he know about the harm and abuse being done to children through the Trans ideology?  Or the attack on women and women’s rights?  Does he actually know what is going on?    Does he think that teaching children Queer Theory and the unscientific ideology that biology and gender are unrelated ‘understanding the world they inherit’.  What the bad Lord doesn’t grasp is that it is precisely because  Peter Hughes and myself want to help children understand the world they inherit, that we want to teach them the truth about biology, gender, humanity and identity.  Not the wacko and abusive theories of the fanatical trans ideologists.   Unlike most of the people who are making these decisions (often in ignorance) we and our people have to bear the consequences of them.

5) The Educational Establishment are more concerned about social engineering than they are about education.

The school and its trust jointly said in a joint statement yesterday, Mr Hughes was entitled to his views, which they did not share. “There is a due process if we feel any governor has brought the school or academy into disrepute,” a statement said.”That process has begun, which does of course include a full investigation before a decision is made.”

Again notice the doublespeak.  He is entitled to his views – but if he dares to express them then ‘due process will begin”.  In other words – forget what is right and wrong – toe the line as regards our ‘values’ or you are out.  It doesn’t matter that those ‘values’ have no foundation in reality, can be changed at a whim by the elites, and are unrelated to education – they are the absolute.  To disagree with them is blasphemous – and you will suffer the consequences.   What will the ‘full investigation’ be into?  Will they actually dispute the truth of anything he said?  Will they investigate their own views and their adoption of a harmful policy?  Or is this investigation more akin to a secular Spanish inquisition?  You have dared to challenge our doctrine, now you must recant or be punished!

I am Spartacus/Peter Hughes!

If the good vicar is to be thrown to the mob by his own church, his own school and the political and media establishments – I stand with him.  As will many others.  Not just Christians and Muslims, but many other parents who are fed up of their children being sacrificed to the whims of a progressive establishment who don’t give a fig for the poor and the weak – and seem concerned only with protecting their own position.

I told a Scottish government minister that if they put me up in front of any group of Scottish parents and debated this subject – they would lose every time.  Not because I am brilliant but because parents generally have more sense than that political establishment.  That minister’s response was chilling:  “Yes – but parents are ignorant”.  This is the attitude that the political and media establishments have towards us.  Yes, there are politicians, educators, judges and even clergy who will speak out for common sense, rationality and humanity – but they are the exceptions.  The vast majority go along with an establishment which has been hijacked by an authoritarian ideology that seems to drive them insane….So insane that actually making these statements below is a crime!

A man cannot become a woman or vice versa.

Babies are not assigned a gender at birth- they are born male or female.

Telling depressed children that they may be that way because they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’ and encouraging them to have that body mutilated is ‘state sponsored child abuse’.

Teaching children the wrong view of relationships is harmful and can be a form of ‘sexual grooming’.

There are people who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder.  They need support and help.  They do not need condemnation or abuse.  Nor do they need to have their disorder affirmed as order.  They don’t need their bodies to be changed to suit their minds – but rather the other way round.

Simply abusing those who assert these views, rather than having an intelligent and informed discussion is not helpful.   As someone who has faced the Twitter mob when you dare to blaspheme the new authoritarian State doctrines – I can only empathise with my Anglican brother, praise him for his courageous stand…and stand with him.

Brother – you will win.  Not because you have political power – but because you belong to the One before whom, one day, every politician will bow – and give account for what they have done with their power.

51aKm5tQyvL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Here is a simple challenge – to the Rev Thomas, education spokesperson of the Diocese;  Lord Scriven, the illiberal Liberal politician; Mark, the Mirror journalist;  Rev. Hughes’s school; and the Scottish Government Minister (you know who you are!) – read the material below and then debate/discuss with me about it.  If I am wrong you can correct me…if I am right you must correct yourselves!

Wow! – The Prophesied Madness of State Sponsored Child Abuse has Arrived.

Shake on It -Engaging with Transgender People

Shake On It – A Surprising BBC Programme on Trans and Identity.

Thrown to the Wolves – What happens when you dare to question the Trans agenda.

When Harry Became Sally – the ‘must read’ book of the decade!





  1. Brilliant article David. You know that when you watch the BBC and Sky News on TV and on-line that their version is always in line with what you portray in this article. It is the same with many newspapers. We have so many weak leaders who do not stand up for the truth. Why? I was reading Romans 1 : v 24-32 this morning!

  2. I worry that something is being missed here. What has happened to these people wishing to change gender. Has some abuse been perpetrated upon then and it is easier to use psychological defences than address the abuse. I am not aware of any psychological studies on incidences of trauma history in people. Do we not have a responsibility to be aware of the possibility of this in young people’s lives which may effect their choices? This is a terrifying thought.

    1. There is increasing evidence that so called rapid onset gender dysphoria, predominantly in teenage girls, is associated with being on the autistic spectrum, dysfunctional family backgrounds, previous sexual abuse, bullying, social media pressure, increasing use of pronography by boys etc. But proper research is difficult due to pressure from the trans supporting lobbies.

  3. Time for Evangelical’s to leave the so called ‘established churches’ and join the mainstream churches which are faithful to the Word of God. The main churches are in apostasy, let them get on with it!

    1. Sorry, spellcheck error – I meant incisive ! (‘inclusive’ means something very different and much more sinister these days)

  4. We as a people have lost our way from God Almighty,it is sad to think that people who call themselves Christian and those who are not can and do endorse this way of thinking and acceptance. We can turn to our Bible and read where God clearly states this is a sin,there is more than enough proof from God that shows when we fall from his Grace,Evil comes in. For Clergy who stand up and fight for the true word of God I commend them. May God Almighty give strength to those who dare to take a stand against this evil !!!

  5. I wrote to my MP recently, Mr. Mark Pawsey (Con., Rugby), to ask him to review the transcripts of a recent meeting in The House of Lords, sponsored by Lord Moonie, concerning the ethics of transgender treatments of children and young people . Only David Davies MP and Dame Tanni Grey Thompson from parliament bothered to attend. The expert presentations were very disturbing as they described ideologically driven medicalisation of disturbed children against all medical evidence (or lack of it).

    My MP, Mr. Pawsey, responded to none of my comments and instead wrote about the importance, as he saw it, of the role of schools and educators to support children’s needs.

    Specifically he stated, “Fundamentally I believe that schools are best placed to decide how to support their pupil’s needs, taking into account the parents’ wishes at the same time. Schools receive guidance and supportive measures from the Department of Education to help them do this.

    And, “It is up to schools, with the support of teachers and parents, to decide the most appropriate and necessary policies to put into place for their pupils. ”

    Am I alone in finding this very chilling? When it comes to teaching children some of the most sensitive areas of sexuality and morality, nanny state (in the form of schools and the DoE) knows best. Sure parent’s wishes may be taken “into account” – as long as they agree with our view (as we see in Birmingham where respectable muslim parents are branded as bigoted and homophobic).

    My MP (who you have never heard of since he does nothing more than parrot the Government line – I don’t think he has an original thought in his brain) nevertheless demonstrates the views of the Whitehall elite who clearly know better than ignorant bigoted parents like the rest of us.

    I wrote an angry retort to my MP stating that his letter merely reinforced the feeling that the Government is completely out of touch with their constituents. I also referred him to a letter in the Sunday Times (June 2nd) highlighting, among other things, the danger of groups like Mermaids pushing an ideology causing gender non-conforming children to believe they need unnecessary medical treatments. “An inquiry is needed before a scandal breaks”.

    This letter had 123 signatories, many involved in child health and safeguarding.

    To date no answer from Mr. Pawsey, but I am not holding my breath.

  6. Hope link will give some corroborative support.

    It is described as a “review of an important book on this much-debated issue was written by Rev Dr Michael Bird, Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology at Ridley College, Melbourne. It was first published on his own blog and is reproduced here by permission.”

    “What follows is a 7,700-word summary and review of a book critiquing transgender ideology from an eclectic number of feminist, queer, disability, and psychoanalytic authors. It is a riveting read, one of the most illuminating and thought-provoking things I’ve read for a while, necessary for anyone wrestling with what transgenderism is and how to care for people with gender dysphoria. For a short summary, see the conclusion with my takeaway and my questions for the editors.

    The book is:
    ” Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore (eds.) “Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body” (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2018). Available at Cambridge Scholars and”

    The link to the review of the book is here on Ian Paul’s blog:

    1. The review is so good I am not sure I need to buy the book!

      Heather Brunskell-Evans and Prof. Michele Moore were two of the first few signatories on the recent Sunday Times letter I referred to above. So clearly there are some clinical and academic heavyweights getting involved, so there is a chance that they might get to the Government.

      The letter had 123 signatories, so presumably it will be hard for the CEO of Mermaids to report them all for “hate crime”!

      1. It is indeed a full review. Interestingly, while many of the articles on trans and marriage and policy in CoE draw a large number of comments from activist, there were relatively few for the review.
        From the comments, I think Will’s comment about the conclusions Dr Bird was seeking to make was weighed correctly. If I’m not mistaken Will was quoted in Melvin Tinker’s book, reviewed and commended by David some months back.

  7. Paul Scriven is “married” to a man,
    Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools, is “married” to a man.

    These are the people in authority pushing this agenda from their own depraved stance, does it need any explanation?

    What does need an explanation is why they are seen and heard continually as the voice of sanity while the rest of us are considered ignorant.

    How has it come to this?
    For evil to flourish, all it needs is for good men to do or say nothing.

  8. I suspect in 20 -30 years time, many young children who are given medication to start sex change will sue the government for the effect it has had on them. We need research to start now including how many so called happy 3 to 5 yr olds pushed with meds go on to suicidal ideation.

    1. QHe has a long time partner an other man. I am scared what my grandchildren and their peers are getting taught. Teaching the gospel or believe in it, has been taken out of so many places. Worried about the future

  9. Probably one of the few posts you have written I am in general agreement with.
    The linked review supplied by Geoff is also highly informative.

    I told a Scottish government minister that if they put me up in front of any group of Scottish parents and debated this subject – they would lose every time.

    Agreed. And this is why I doubt such a debate will likely materialize in the near future.

    I had to smile when I came across this line I pulled from the review. Some glorious

    First, transgenderism is a socio-political movement with the
    *characteristics of a religious cult (16-17, 30-31).

    my emphasis

    Is it really any surprise that so many adults glibly toe the line on such issues without really understanding the claims or the implications. How easy is it to then indoctrinate children?
    Might be worth reflecting on all the things kids are taught?

  10. Well said, David! And well done, Peter Hughes. We need more like him to stand up and be counted.

  11. The truth is that many of the so-called elites and governors of this world are Satanists who worship Moloch or Lucifer. Many of these people are transgendered themselves. They have set themselves up in opposition to God’s stated order for mankind. Their depravity knows no bounds. They aim to destroy Christianity, family, gender identity, national allegiance, national sovereignty and national identity. These demons, for they are indeed demonic, have been working behind the scenes for decades to interfere with our food, water and air, to bring about this horrific situation of gender dysphoria. There is an unseen, unreported, but very real battle going on behind the scenes to bring down these evil wretches. President Donald J Trump is much maligned by the utterly corrupt mockingbird mainstream media, precisely because he is the front man, of militaries and alliances worldwide, who are engaged in destroying the Illuminati Cabal who are behind these grotesque abuses of men, women and children. Our duty is to pray for the protection of those brave Patriots worldwide who are fighting against these evil demons….who include many well known household names. Ephesians 6.12 describes it perfectly. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    1. Betsy – thanks for your comments – but forgive me for suggesting that they are a bit conspiratorial. There is a very real battle but I think you are in danger of misidentifying the combatants.

      1. You’ll find out in due time. There is a loy going on that you obviously know nothing about.

      2. Of course there is – there is a lot going on that none us know anything about. But please be careful and don’t buy into every wacko conspiracy – its better to stick with the Word of God.

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