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Thrown to the Wolves – What happens when you dare to question the Trans agenda.

As a result of the article in the Times, the attack from the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church and all that followed, most newspapers carried stories in similar vein.  I wrote about the background to this here    I would love to have just let things lie, but in today’s world, where everything is on the internet forever and people continue to abuse and attack it is sometimes necessary to challenge the distortions and attacks.  I find this especially necessary because the bullies and cowards not only attack me but they have a go at my family and anyone associated with me. Being labelled ‘transphobic’ in todays society is the equivalent to being labelled a Nazi in the UK today, or a Communist in 1950’s America.    So I wrote the following to the Times which was published by them on Saturday.

Dear Editor,

I am disappointed that my attempt to have a serious discussion about how Jesus would deal with those who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder has been dealt with in such a shallow and unthinking manner by politicians and clergy alike. Perhaps you would allow me to explain my position for those who will only have read the soundbites and not the article in the Free Church Record.

I agree with the EIS that schools should be inclusive and welcoming for all pupils including those who suffer from gender dysphoria. However accepting pupils is not the same as accepting ideologies and I do not agree that schools should teach Queer theory which argues, without any scientific basis, that gender is just a social construct.

It is harmful to children to teach them that they are not boys or girls but were just ‘assigned a gender at birth; that biological sex has nothing to do with being male or female; or that they can change as they wish. Rev Mark Strange’s statement whilst full of the usual meaningless truisms, is judgemental and wrong. I too believe we are all the children of God – the God who created us male and female – and I will do my best to protect children from those who seek to destroy that. I’m sure that most parents in Scotland will agree with me in opposing this current dangerous illiberal fad. “

Yours etc

David A Robertson

Editor The Record

Daily ExpressDear Sir,

Further to your report of the 15th of March I would be grateful if you would allow me to correct some comments that were falsely attributed to me. I did not use the phrase ‘anatomical ideology’, nor did I say that ‘my problem is with trans people who take the view that cross gender identification is common to all. or that ‘the unhappiness of some trans people may be their own fault’. I regard all these statements as ridiculous and deny that I said them.

My view is quite straightforward. I recognise that there are a small number of people who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder and who need support and help. I disagree that this means we should accept the philosophy and ideology known as Queer Theory, which teaches that gender is just a social construct and nothing to do with biology; that there are many genders other than male and female; and that young children should be encouraged to choose their gender. The proposals of the Scottish government to allow people just to self identify as any gender they wish, without the need of medical help or the requirement to have lived for a couple of years as the opposite gender, is in my view dangerous and unhelpful. The indoctrination that is going on in some of our schools, whilst being well intended, is in my view harmful to children and will create enormous societal problems in the years to come.

The attempt by ideological activists to close down any debate or discussion of this subject is equally worrying. If I am to be demonised by the politicians and clergy for speaking what 90% of people in Scotland know to be common sense and reality, then so be it. But I would at least ask the my comments be reported accurately.

Yours etc

Finally – this was sent to the Dundee Courier

Dear Editor,

The most disturbing aspect of your report (15th March) on the fuss surrounding my remarks on the Scottish government’s gender self-identification proposals, is that the Scottish Government has deemed my remarks ‘unacceptable’. It appears to me that we are moving more and more towards what might be described as a ‘liberal fascistic’ state, where if you don’t agree with the moral philosophy of the government and the current elitist zeitgeist, you are deemed to be ‘unacceptable’.

Just what is it that the Scottish government found so unacceptable? I was objecting to the teaching of Queer Theory in Scotland’s schools (including sadly several in Dundee) where under the guise of the worthy cause of preventing bullying and making all children feel accepted, a radical and unscientific philosophy is being indoctrinated into our children. Queer theory teaches that gender is nothing to do with biology; that it is entirely a social construct; that we are ‘assigned’ our gender at birth and can change it if we want to. I object to telling primary school boys and girls that they can choose their gender, that they have to call people by their ‘preferred’ (and made up) pronouns and that anyone who thinks that humanity consists of male and female and not the 79 ‘genders’ on Facebook is transphobic!

The potential consequences of the gender self-identification bill are horrific. It will make a mockery of women’s sport, undermine feminism and place the weak and vulnerable in danger. Which is why Rev Marks Strange’s comments are so wrong – he states that ‘we are all Gods’ children
, equally loved and cherished for who we are” – as though being opposed to the indoctrination of children with Queer Theory, is somehow opposed to that. I believe that we are all the children of the God who created us as male and female. We live in a broken world where there are people who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder and need help and support with that. But using GID to overturn the whole teaching about humanity is not ‘loving and kind’. And seeking to bully those who dare to question the new absolutist morality of our rulers, is cowardly, irrational and worst of all, harmful to our children.

Yours etc

As anyone who has ever had to face the fury of Trans activists will understand – this has not been a pleasant week.  It has felt like being thrown to the wolves.    Sometimes the secular media seems to get this a lot better than the church.  I read this fascinating article in Unherd on why the media just doesn’t get trans issues   

I was stuck by their final comment:

“Who, though, is brave enough to give a platform for the other side of the argument? At the moment, some are allowed to speak, and others are actively being silenced. What is this Orwellian nightmare our news media has enabled?”

All I can say is that I have been trying.  As I indicated in the earlier article I am glad to be out of the country just now although I wish there was someone else who would take all the media phone calls and requests for interviews.   But this is going to get a lot worse.  It’s ironic that I am preparing to speak next weekend at the Katoomba Easter Christian Convention, on the subject of courage!  Because we are going to need it – and I am not ashamed to admit I am scared.

What can you do?  Pray…please.  Private messages of support – thanks.  Public statements of support even better.  Most won’t write to newspapers or be asked to publicly comment, but what you can do is just say a word in season when you have the opportunity.  You can speak up in your schools, universities and workplaces – in a tactful, loving and honest manner.  Especially when you are asked.  And if, as a result of someone reading about what I said, you are asked what you think and if you support me, please don’t give the kind of political, ‘neutral’ answer that the Free Church did (because that just adds fuel to the fire).  Dare to say yes and be prepared to give an answer when you are asked why.  The more people who stand up and refuse to be intimidated, the more we are likely to see things change for the better.

The trouble is that the way that the question is so often framed is wrong.  It is always set up as if you are against Queer theory (the view that gender is a social construct and can be changed at will) then you must hate trans people.  I don’t.  And I would plead with anyone who reads this – not to hate anyone – and especially trans people.  They too are people made in the image of God who need to see, know and experience the love of God.  But it’s precisely because of that love that we need to speak out.  We must refuse to be bullied and intimidated by those who hate in the name of love.  And we must never stoop to hatred, or give into fear.

This was my psalm this morning:


1 My soul finds rest in God alone;
From him comes my salvation sure.
2 My safety, fortress, sheltering rock—
In him alone I am secure.

3 How long will you assault a man?
Do you all seek to lay him low—
This leaning wall, this tottering fence—
And bring about his overthrow?

4 They plan his fall from his high place;
They take delight in spreading lies.
With false and flattering mouths they bless,
But in their hearts curse and despise.

5 Find rest, my soul, in God alone;
In him my hope is ever sure.
6 My safety, fortress, sheltering rock—
In him alone I am secure.




  1. Dear Mr Robertson,

    I want to thank you from my heart for your bravery in speaking up around the insane gender recognition policy of our Scottish government. I am not so brave, as public pressure is overwhelming at the moment. I am a psychiatric nurse with 30 years experience, and have my own theories and ideas around why people are homosexual or wish to transgender and these thoughts are unspeakable due to fears of backlash. The way the human brain and mind and soul works following “trauma” is never talked about and I believe trauma in childhood is a huge part of all of this. Therefore the thought that schools in Scotland are further confusing vulnerable children and young people breaks my heart.

    Once again, thank you…I follow you on twitter and try to support you there.

    With best wishes

    Rhoda Roberts

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Keep going David, your corage is inspiring. I find myself constantly self censoring and not knowing when to start a battle. I have grave concerns for the future but when you and others remind us that it is in Gods control it is very reassuring. Thank you for your hard work.

    Nathan Weissel

  3. David. Thank you for being brave enough to say what most people are thinking. You have been raised up for this cultural moment (Esther 4:14) and we give thanks for you. The Lord bless you and keep you. Simon

  4. David,

    you are gracious. When Tom King tried to tell Ian Paisley “we are all children of God” the response was “some are children of their father the devil”.

    I don’t wonder what he would have thought of Queer Theory but I do wonder how he would get on in today’s febrile atmosphere.

    Keep it up, and enjoy time with your family


  5. David,

    “All I can say is that I have been trying.”

    As you know I have been trying too, along with a small group of Christian paediatricians. But I don’t have your platform or profile so my little voice is hardly heard.

    But there are some sensible voices in the media like Melanie Philips and Brendan O’Neil who are speaking and writing about this evil nonsense, so we need to pray for them that their voices will also be heard.

    I wish that I could take some of the flack directed at you – I have nothing to lose! But I will continue to pray for you.

    Have a good break.


  6. You are not alone David, Keep your shoulder to the plough, while God raises others up to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to share the load.

    In Him,

  7. Dear David, I sincerely thank you for speaking against this aggressive indoctrination upon our society. You are fresh air and clarity in the climate of toxicity and confusion. It stands on feet of clay, through pray, fasting and voices of reason it can/will tumble down. God s favour and blessings be with you and all your family.

  8. Dear David,

    In the midst of all the attacks and harrassment, let these short comments from your readers and followers be like a wee drop of fresh water for you, and let our prayers help to encourage and sustain you as you champion the cause of him who is The Truth. You are definitely an example and an encouragement for those who, like me, sometimes have trouble to find the courage to speak up even when we face far less exposure and danger than you. May the Lord guard and protect your mind and your soul from all the venom thrown at you. He always reminds you of his love, I know, but today I only wanted to remind you of ours.

  9. Dear David,

    Thank you for your courageous stand. Please realize that while many may be critical of your position there are others around the world who are supporting you and praying for you.

    The advocates of social engineering and abortion rights are active not just in Scotland but also in Canada. Recently our national Liberal government decided that organizations who do not support their pro-abortion position would no longer be eligible for summer youth jobs funding. Meanwhile, many of our public schools are aggressive advocates of Queer Theory.

    May the Lord have mercy on this confused and conflicted world and give strength to his children to stand firm.


  10. Excellent and courageous words to which I offer full agreement. Thank you David.
    I’m glad you are in Australia and wish I could travel south to meet you, hear you speak and shake your hand.

  11. Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for the truth. I for one am glad that are standing firm and speaking out. It feels like no other church leaders do. John the Baptist comes to mind. I pray for protection for you and your family. Jackie

  12. David,
    Without minimising the distress you and your family have been through, you can have the great blessing of a clear conscience: you kindly and clearly conveyed the truth on this issue and in so doing gave courage to many other Christian people. Thank you!

  13. David,
    This is about the spirit of the age. Presently it relates to this topic among others, and at the heart of it is not those who would be effected, (Those struggling with Trans issues) rather the spirit behind those who vilify, deride and seek to shut down any view that is not liberal and endorsing of personal freedom. The hostility comes from those who are sowing the confusion, not necessarily those who are subsequently confused by it.
    And it is a spirit that is defiant, rebellious, independent, and wants nothing to do with God. This is the spirit behind their claims, that will seek to humiliate and vilify, to silence any opposition. Thereby creating a culture of fear and dread, upon which they can rely on invoking silence.

    Fear not. In Christ, you are strong for all things. Abide in Him. He that is in you is greater than he that is in this world.

  14. Thanks for your courage to speak up. One of the last things man will do to the bitter end is scoffing. The hours during crucifixion, all what men could do was scoffing! The government trough the Roman soldiers, the people walking by, the Pharisees and scripts and even the fellow prisoners on the cross. After scoffing comes the darkness and finally the dead. But for God turned it in to Hymns. He is risen and so shall we! God bless en keep up the good work of Christ!

  15. I am a Roman Catholic and the highest accolade I can give you is that I dearly wish you were a Roman Catholic bishop.
    I will keep you in my prayers. But remember what the Blessed Lord said, ” Be NOT afraid.”

  16. Completely agree with you. It’s not too surprising that most people have decided to behave compliantly, or at least stay silent, after having seen people vilified, sued and sacked for not going completely agreeing with every nuance of the dominant thinking on issues such as whether a sexual relationship between two men or two women is morally good, and whether a man who perceives himself to be female is really a woman.

    In both cases NO balance of rights and personal perceptions is allowed. We are not equal. And disagreement is criticised in the language of distress, violence and hate – in order to justify distressing you with truly hateful and violent responses.

  17. I am not Scottish, but it is clear to me as a trans person that there are some problems in your policy. Gate keeping, although annoying, is somewhat needed to make sure only people who truly need medical interventions are getting it. However, by not acknowledging that in some people there is a difference between sex and gender, you are hurting people with Gender Dysphoria.

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