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Shake on It -Engaging with Transgender People

Several people contacted me about the BBC programme ‘Shake on It” – Shake On It – A Surprising BBC Programme on Trans and Identity.   The trouble is that if you are not in the UK you can’t view it.  I understand that at some point it will be on YouTube but until then you can get it by clicking the link below.

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Again to give credit to the production company they edited this fairly – and the five minute programme does reflect the 90 minutes discussion!   When I wrote a few months ago about recording this ‘Shake On It’ – An Interesting Day Recording for the BBCI expressed my concern that it would be highly edited – something shared by one of the comments:

As I am sure you realise this was an attempted “set up”. “Hate-filled trans phobic Christian bigot versus vulnerable teenage trans man”. I have no doubt that you handled it with empathy, wisdom and love. But if I was a betting man (I am not) I bet that you will be almost totally edited out of the final program other than some random comment which will be portrayed in a negative way.

Please may I be proved wrong. And I will go on praying (and campaigning) for the vulnerable Victors who are being dreadfully harmed by this vile Queer theory.

Well – that prayer was answered!

Here is the original video from Victor:

One of the fascinating things about this is that Victor in this video states that she is non-binary.  But at the interview he announced that he had changed from non-binary to male.  This is what gender fluidity means.

This week Jayne Ozanne  announced that she had been appointed to the UK government’s new panel on LGBT rights.  Jayne is a former evangelical who now allies with the anti-Christian Stonewall and other groups in order to undermine the teaching of Christ.   It is hard enough to combat the harm that Queer Theory ideology is wrecking upon our young people, without professing Christians seriously undermining and attacking the biblical theology and anthropology.    Rather than a few professing Christians serving on government boards telling the government what they want to hear we need thousands of Christians engaging personally with the Victors of this world, seeking to share the love of Christ.

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  1. You have expressed before some frustration at being labelled “homophobic” etc.

    With that in mind, its deeply discouraging to me to read you describing Stonewall as an anti Christian organisation, not least because its current CEO is a practicing Christian! It’s not an anti Christian anything. It is a charity which campaigns for equal treatment of LGBTI people. I really hope that you don’t see LGBTI rights and religious freedom as a zero sum game, but even if that is the case, I hope you can accept that not all Christians oppose the work of Stonewall.

    1. It is possible to be a Christian and belong to an anti-Christian organisation. The way you phrase your accusation is in terms of rights – as though if we do not agree with SSM we are against human rights for LGBT. I accept that not all Christians oppose Stonewall but they should be aware that Stonewall does oppose Christ – they oppose his teaching and are doing their best to undermine it and to discriminate against Christians.

      1. Stonewall is a charity which works to improve the treatment of LGBTI people, including campaigning for equal treatment under the law. It’s simply untrue to say that they oppose Christ or his teaching. They may well disagree with you on certain issues, but they are motivated by being in favour of LGBTI rights, not opposing Christianity. I think if you genuinely desire open dialogue with LGBTI people, it would help not to construct barriers.

        Article 16 of the declaration of human rights says that marriage is indeed a human right.

        I doubt you would be very happy with your church being described as an anti LGBTI pressure group!

      2. Stonewall is anti-Christian in that it goes against the teaching of Christ and seeks to discriminate against those who follow Christ. They regard biblical Christianity as being opposed to their philosophy and beliefs – and they seek to impose these beliefs on everyone. Article 16 of the UNHCR does indeed say that marriage is a human right – but it also states that marriage is between men and women and that there should be no discrimination on the basis of race, nationality or religion. (not gender). Furthermore Article 26 states “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” Something Stonewall opposes.

  2. Really does not matter If you Male Or Female, Some people are born in the wrong body and I guess that is why they call themselves Non-Binary. Calling this is suppressing their own body and wanted to be something else. Gender is and always will be in what you genitals you are born with!

  3. Hello Pastor

    I am a long-time reader from Brisbane. I am a deeply-devout Christian. I am really upset tonight, so I just wanted to tell you about something to get it off my chest.

    I worked for the American software company Red Hat before the company drastically downsized its Brisbane operations a few years ago. One of my colleagues, Darrin, shocked me one day. I had not seen him for sometime and he was now dressing in a very effeminate way. A few days later, he sent out an email explaining he was a transgender and was now transitioning to female and wanted to be known as Dana. I was caught off guard partly because Darrin was married.

    I had known him to be a militant, Dawkins-style atheist but I did not suspect he was “conflicted” about his sexual identity.

    Anyway, that was a few years ago and, the last I heard, he/she had been made redundant too and was now working at the ABC as a web developer.

    What has upset me tonight, though, is this blog post I have stumbled across, in which Darrin/Dana discusses his/her “coming out” to us:


    I fell within category 2, due to my personal religious beliefs, and did indeed keep silent, partly because I am a non-confrontational person and partly because I genuinely felt it was none of my business.

    Now that I read this blog post though, I feel very manipulated. I acted just as they were counting on me to do by remaining silent. They were undermining those of us with orthodox Christian views.

    Perhaps I should have spoken up as a witness for the Gospel. 🙁 No doubt I would have been punished, sent for tolerance training or fired but we all lost our jobs not long after anyway, so that would hardly have mattered from a material/financial point of view. I just wanted to show you, I guess, how we lose either way – either we speak up and we are punished, or we remain silent and let others set the conversation as Darrin clearly states in his blogpost and know our Christian morals/worldview is not welcome. Dissenting views are simply not welcome at all. Either way, those in authority hold all the cards. Not bad for a company that supposedly prided itself on openness and transparency as core values.

    The company also had a “diversity” council, by the way, stacked with gays, feminists and transgenders. As far as I know, no Christians or straight white males were on it, so not very diverse!

    We had a lot of Muslims and Hindus in the Brisbane office, too, (we were very multicultural) so goodness only knows what they thought of these things. They kept their thoughts to themselves, too.

    One of the middle managers in Brisbane, a guy in his 50s named Rudi, later came out as a transvestite too. He still works there and this occurred after most of us left. He apparently has a fetish for “Lorna Jane” brand female fitness wear and wears this when doing exercise and sporting activities such as fun runs, ballet and bike riding.

    He posted this on Twitter recently:


    Worse, not only does Rudi wear drag now but it seems like he has encouraged one of his young sons to dress up as a girl too:


    Those are only two people. There were a (disproportionately) large number of other homosexuals and gender bending staff in the Brisbane office and at various other sites around the world. I don’t know what it is about the IT industry that attracts so many eccentrics and depraved people other than the general culture of being innovators/early adopters perhaps leads such companies to be early adopters of social change as well.

    Interestingly the corporate hq was in Raleigh, North Carolina (so the south of the USA) but it definitely didn’t have a conservative southern US corporate culture.

    Anyway, I just wanted to get all this off my chest and show you how we were manipulated and how any potentially-dissenting voices were shut down, Pastor. I hope this information helps you.

    Christ be with you. Thank you for coming to Australia to help us and serve us. God bless.

      1. Will do, Pastor. Feeling a bit better this morning. I just felt so emotional and overwhelmed by the sinfulness of the world last night.

        BTW, I just ordered Magnificent Obsession and Engaging With Atheists and your colleague Dr Ferguson’s In the Year of Our Lord and Love Came Down at Christmas Time. I am looking forward to reading them when they arrive.!

        God bless.

  4. To be fair, I should add that Rudi has had other psychological problems related to his body image that may or may not be related to his transvestism. For instance he used to be, by his own admission, obese. He talks about his body image issues in these blog posts:


    I don’t know how that ties in with his sexuality but I presume there is a link there. He has also been exploring weird tantric stuff in recent times, as per his endorsement for this “service”:


    I am just horrified he is encouraging his son to crossdress as well. He is corrupting a small child.

    Are you and I the only sane people left in this wicked sinful world, Pastor, or are we the mad ones? 🙁 So many churches endorse this, too, like our wicked Brisbane Anglicans and I just saw your new tweet/article about Steve Chalke. I heard the recording of your Dundee sermon a few years ago in which you prophesied that preaching against homosexuality from the pulpit would one day in your lifetime be made illegal and it seems like that day is fast approaching. 🙁

    God protect you and bless you, Pastor.

  5. I have now discovered yet another of my former Red Hat colleagues, a Pakistani-born atheist named Misha, came out as bisexual last year:


    She is married, so goodness knows how her husband feels about this, let alone more conservative elements back home in Pakistan.

    I am so grateful God called me out of Red Hat’s wicked culture.

    Between this and today’s news about the Pope, the whole world is going mad. The liberal anglo-catholics in Brisbane will point to the Pope’s statements to legitimise their own perverse positions. Bible-believing protestants are going to become a smaller and smaller and ever-more maligned minority, so we must stand firm.

    Maybe I need to get off my own backside and start being more outspoken in defence of the Truth even though I am definitely not a natural speaker or evangelist. I would need to put more trust in the Spirit to guide me and put words in my mouth.

    I sometimes also think we are well-overdue for the return of fire-and-brimstone preaching to give people the kick up the pants they deserve by pointing out their sins to them in no uncertain terms and clearly proclaiming their need to be saved.

    Anyway, take care, Pastor, and God bless. We are in for a rough ride ahead, I can see.

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