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Wow! – The Prophesied Madness of State Sponsored Child Abuse has Arrived.

I’m just about to speak at Creationfest  but before I do so I want to share with you something that was published in The Scotsman today.   Look at the comments section as well – but read the text.   When I warned (‘prophesied’) about this a few years ago I was abused and told I was mad – even by some Christians who told me basically to shut up because I was scaremongering and this would never happen.   (See this article which the Scotsman article refers to and many other articles on this blog – I will put the links at the end of this blog) The reason I have been so persistent on this is because I saw precisely this day coming.

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Children from the age of five could be taught in school that they should “decide” their gender. Teachers across Scotland will tell children it’s up to them to decide if they are a boy a girl or if they “don’t like to decide that” from as early as primary one.  Under the draft guidelines created by Education Scotland, NHS boards and the Scottish Government, children will be told in classrooms that “Your gender is what you decide.” The guidelines, set to come into effect in 2019, say, “Your sex is what you are told by a doctor when you are born. Most people are told they are a male child (a boy) or a female child (a girl). “People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

But politicians and experts have warned that the plans risk confusing young children before they are ready to understand gender and identity. Scottish Conservative education spokeswoman Liz Smith said, “It’s right that we teach children about gender diversity and the meaning of these terms. However, many parents might feel this is too young for their children to learn about it.”

The guidelines will form part of an online educational resource Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood, a teaching resource to be used in schools and early years. •

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Lessons will teach children that everyone is equal and that assumptions based on how others see our gender shouldn’t limit what we can do in life. Under the plans, teachers will give examples challenging gender stereotypes, saying both boys and girls can play football or bake a cake and that both sexes can cry or express feelings. It has prompted fears that it’s overloading children with too much too soon. Dr Amanda Gummer, child psychologist, said, “For most kids, this isn’t a concern at this age. Playing with toys and who sits beside them at lunch is what they care about.” “At ages five to eight, things are black and white. Many don’t have the cognitive skills to understand this.”

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who commissioned the new resource on behalf of a partnership of agencies, said: “This new resource, while still in its early stages, will cover issues that young people themselves have told us are important to them such as consent, healthy relationships, emotions and feelings as well as LGBTI issues. •

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“There is a recognition that current resources need to be updated to fully meet young people’s rights, experiences and learning needs.” “It is being developed in line with the Scottish 3-18 in Curriculum for Excellence, and both content and methodologies will be appropriate to the age and stage at every level.” “It is important that the advice and learning young people receive is relevant to its time and provides them with the knowledge and skills to help keep them safe and make the right decisions for themselves.” “The new learning and teaching resource has the backing of education and sexual health experts across Scotland.”

It comes as the Scottish Government is facing a court challenge over schools guidance suggesting teachers don’t need to tell parents if their child wants to change gender. The Christian Institute (CI) has threatened legal action against the Scottish Government guidelines on supporting transgender children and consent to discuss transgender choices with a child’s family. No centralised figures are held for the number of Scottish pupils who express a desire to change gender. However, anecdotal evidence from LGBT youth workers suggests almost all of the 200 schools visited were dealing with at least one “transitioning” child.

Read more at:

The Scottish Government and the civic elites who run our NHS and Education establishments must be opposed….EVERY politician, teacher, NHS administrator, doctor, lecturer, journalist, parent and indeed responsible citizen, must say enough is enough.  We refuse to let the children of this land be indoctrinated in a political/sociological theory which has ZERO scientific or empirical evidence.  To those of you who said it doesn’t really matter because it only affects a tiny minority – you no longer have that excuse.   Now the Scottish Government are proposing that every child be indoctrinated in Queer theory and told that ‘your gender is what you decide’.  It a confused, contradictory, nonsensical, harmful message.  It is nothing less than State sponsored child abuse.  We cannot let it happen.   We have a responsibility for every child in Scotland…is your/my career more important than our children?

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  1. As I said to a member of my church this morning, this is what happens when, as the old saying goes, you put the inmates in charge of the lunatic asylum!

  2. David is saying, in effect, “See. I told you so. I wasn’t a crank after all when I predicted all this. It is happening., just as I said it would.” This relates to David’s predictions “a few years ago”, of one particular latest step into transgender madness, the worst of which is yet to come.

    Might I please be permitted to point out that I know of somebody who predicted the transgender madness that has since unfolded, not just “a few years ago”, but more than 18 years ago. This is not to his personal credit, because God allowed him to see in the year 2000 what he did not allow more prominent Christians than him to see until much later in history.


    13 This wisdom I have also seen under the sun, and it seemed great to me: 14 There was a little city with few men in it; and a great king came against it, besieged it, and built great snares around it. 15 Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city. Yet no one remembered that same poor man.

    16 Then I said:

    “Wisdom is better than strength.
    Nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised,
    And his words are not heard. …”


    [Ecclesiastes 9 13-16, NKJV]

    In 2005, I was in court myself, attempting to prevent the implementation of the Gender Recognition Act, which this man had predicted five years before. I also stood for Parliament the three times that year, in the General Election and in two byelections. I spoke against that wicked Act, amongst other issues, in my election campaigns. Christian newspaper after Christian newspaper ignored what I was doing. Dr Napier Malcolm was the only Christian press editor to cover the story. Most of the listened-to brigade, David Robertson being a worthy exception, still to this day seem not to grasp what spirit it was that we were already fighting against by the turn of the century, and how meticulously planned the subversion was. (In 2 Thess 2, the apostle Paul uses a phrase that is translated in the NIV as “the secret power of lawlessness”.)

    You can read about this largely untold story, in the process learning lessons that not even David has yet learned and heeded, even though I thank God for showing David at least some of the bigger picture earlier than many others. You can read the untold story here:

    Should a bloke be allowed to know if his “girlfriend” (or “bride”) is also a bloke?

  3. Unfortunately the children in Victoria, Australia, have to suffer this indoctination. Next year it will be compulsory for all state secondary schools to teach it. It is lunacy. Staff are not permitted to tell parents when they will teach these classes. Many hoped to take their children out of school for this lesson. The title is “Safe Schools” I call it “Unsafe Schools”.

  4. The momentum that the transgender movement has built up is frightening. Its theories and ideology are affecting every part of our life from early education through to our public services to science.

    This video of Dr Michelle Cretella being interviewed on her views on family and trnagenderism is well worth a watch:

  5. This is absolutely nuts: little girls will put up their hands and declare that they want to be boys, and end up playing sports with the boys. Inevitably, girls will end up with serious, life-changing injuries, such as broken legs. Not that the cultural Marxists responsible for all this will care: they’ll simply tell the affected parents that the physical and mental injuries to their kids are a small price to pay for making them all believe that they are equal. [And this is to say nothing of the horrifying notion of different-gendered kids sharing changing rooms.]

    Incidentally, don’t expect the politicians to do anything about this: the Scottish Parliament has had since its re-inception a large hard-left majority – which in itself has created the culture in which this sort of outrage can see the light of day. Even the leader of the Scottish Conservatives is, I believe, a virtue-signalling cultural Marxist, so the chances of the Tories making any meaningful stand against this are virtually nil. Alas, we’re just going to have to suck it up meantime, and hope that the Scottish electorate comes to its senses eventually.

    1. ‘Alas, we’re just going to have to suck it up meantime’ …….What kind of defeatist attitude is this!!! This is exactly the kind of craven, ‘head in sand’ attitude, particularly from evangelicals in Scotland that has got us into this situation. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a child of God and I have no intention of ‘sucking up this evil! The big question is how many of Scotland’s evangelicals are prepared to stand up this satanic attack on the family?

  6. Is it not time to stop moaning about the further encroachment of evil on the family, and start talking about how Christians can stand up and fight. What advice and support will local churches be giving to the small minority of Christian parents who will be brave enough to go to their local head teacher and insist that their children are removed from all such lessons? This is the key question for every local evangelical church leader (pastors, elders and deacons) across Scotland. How many will be prepared to actually go into their local school and confront the head teacher on this matter on behalf of members of their congregation? If church leaders simply sit on their hands and are too craven to engage with local head teachers on this matter, I fear that their credibility will be gone forever. However should they be prepared to stand up against this evil, it might just demonstrate that the church is no longer prepared to ‘roll over’ in the face of wickedness.

  7. This is child abuse aimed at every child in Scotland. Your sex and gender are the same thing and are decided at conception: it really is quite simple.

  8. “Your sex is what you are told by a doctor when you are born. (Well there’s a very good reason why they say a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. Everybody has understood that since the time of Adam.)
    “Lessons will teach children that everyone is equal and that assumptions based on how others see our gender shouldn’t limit what we can do in life.” (Of course. Everybody should be allowed to think that they are equal (ie. The same) with everybody else. Every child should be able to nurture the fantasy that they can conceive children and feed them with natural milk from their natural breasts.)
    “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who commissioned the new resource on behalf of a partnership of agencies, said: ‘This new resource, while still in its early stages, will cover issues that young people themselves have told us are important to them such as consent, healthy relationships, emotions and feelings as well as LGBTI issues.'” (Yeah, we can all really believe that this is what five-year olds have been telling Auntie Nicola and Uncle John, especially the bit about LGBTI issues. “Now then, boys and girls – ooops, I didn’t mean to call you that – hands up if you can tell me what LGBTI stands for and give a full explanation of what they mean?”)
    And the prize for porky of the week goes to:
    ‘anecdotal evidence from LGBT youth workers suggests almost all of the 200 schools visited were dealing with at least one “transitioning” child.’
    Would this be the same outfit that told the NHS that 6% (0r was it 8%?) of the population of East Dunbartonshire are LGBT and the NHS and East Dunbartonshire Council said, “Whatever figure you come up with we will believe it.” In the brave, new world, evidence is whatever figure LGBT Youth Scotland care to come up with. Anecdotally, of course.

  9. Think it’s time Christian parents take their children out of school and have them homeschooled, surely. However, it’s not every parent who can afford that. But they should go to the school and insist their child be removed when this rubbish it taught.

  10. ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so he is….’ Proverbs

    They have got this all backwards. Putting the cart before the horse.

    How and what we think is important. Because it will manifest in how we live.

    ‘From within out of the heart come….evil thoughts, adluteries, murder….what comes from within defiles a man, not what goes in…’

    We cannot become something by mere thinking, thinking will not make us so. But saying that, how we think influences how we live, and what manifests in our lives. The bible recognises this, and God understands it too.

    So powerful it is, God knows that the soul cannot receive redemption without a change of mind. The need to think differently. A reversal of decisions made. It’s what we call repentance, and it had to be preached before Jesus could be revealed, or before he could reveal redemption.

    If God deemed it necessary to send a message requiring a change of mind, aka repentance, then so must we. Because the mind made up will not receive. It’s like a strong man. Take the strong man first, then plunder his house.

  11. Sadly, David has a tendency to pigeonhole folk based on their view of very particular issues, such as their support of LGBT rights in general, e.g. in favour of gay relationships and marriage, or in recognition of needing to treat individuals affected by gender dysphoria with great sensitivity, even to the point of supporting transition. But it’s quite possible not to fit the mould and agree that the more extreme views of the Scottish Government should be opposed. Just today I was talking to a psychologist that thinks children are unaware of their unique identity until at least early adolescence. It is beyond absurd to claim they are in any sense able to identify with a specific gender that might be different from their biological sex aged five. What’s really sad here is that the extremists have made commenting on more pressing matters that more difficult.

    The Scottish Government is becoming increasingly involved in the private lives of Scottish citizens. It has become quite prescriptive on the matter of gender. This is the result of quite specific legislation.

    1. “recognition of needing to treat individuals affected by gender dysphoria with great sensitivity, even to the point of supporting transition”

      How about recognising the need to treat individuals affected by gender orientation dysphoria (e.g. unwanted same-sex attraction) with sensitivity, by supporting *their* transition (e.g. from bi to straight), rather than prosecuting anybody who tries to “support” them?

      “a psychologist that thinks children are unaware of their unique identity until at least early adolescence”

      The individual concerned does not “think” that, in his capacity as a psychologist, a scientist. He preaches that crazy doctrine, utters that barely meaningful soundbite, in his capacity as an opinionated crank. Next time you speak to him, show him this post.

      I remember being aware of my unique identity from before school days, i.e. the age of three or four. I remember the day I learnt the word “die”, and realised my own mortality.

      At my first school, aged five, I remember thinking about German children dying in pain, their parents who promised to keep them safe now dead and unable to deliver on their rash, false promises, buried under the rubble of their homes, bombed by the RAF. I realised that God had better exist, or else. I thought about what it was that would have made them inconsolable, unless they cried out to God, and God, who might or might exist, heeded, and comforted them. It would have been their knowledge of their unique identity. It would have been this observation : that however many other children survived the bombing raid, each individual dying child would know that none of the lucky survivors would be him; his eyes would stop seeing the light in due course, whoever else was left to see all the interesting things that might happen after he had gone where his parents had gone.

  12. From the video: “The UK government [distinct from the Scottish government] seems to be backpedalling on this….” Alas, no. The government is currently consulting on whether or not to amend the Gender Recognition Act 2004, asking, amongst other things, if it should be easier for people to change their gender in England and Wales. Other possible changes could lead to clergymen being compelled to marry a same-sex couple, if one of the partners identifies as the opposite gender.

    As David says, such ‘consultations’ tend to be an exercise in rubber-stamping with a show of democracy what has already been decided. But perhaps not entirely. Closing date is 19 October.

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