Coffee and Revelation 70 – Blessed is the Queen who dies in the Lord

Today we return to Revelation 14:13 – as we reflect on the death of the Queen…..

This beautiful rainbow appeared over the palace on the day of her death…

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  1. “God saw that you were weary,
    So did what He thought best.
    He put His arms around you,
    And whispered, “Come and rest”.”

  2. Btw, Canada’s former Governor General, David Johnson, spoke on CBC about her faith, the only reference I’ve seen or heard.

  3. There was some discussion on the BBC about her faith – reference was made to a recent book on the subject The Servant Queen and the King she serves , a book where she wrote the foreword.

  4. To be fair to the BBC , several of it’s Presenters did make reference to her late Majesty’s faith. However, they neither would not , nor possibly could not elaborate on the subject.

    As a baby boomer who was a Subject for a few years under her late FatherGeorge VI , I witnessed Queen Elizabeth lead a life of service which will be difficult to match. Her trials ( through war, family troubles , and successive political tug of war governments , including the IRA ) she persuaded me that a hereditary head of state professing a Christian faith surpasses all other national Head’s of State .

    Not the anthem, but the humble prayer it encouraged , saw God honour a Nation’s request . God save the Queen , it’s my belief He has . Just as you quoted Bob Dylan’s “You Got to Serve somebody” She served Almighty God in her service to us , now, may God save the King !

  5. I hear what you say about being “amazed” about there not being much coverage about the Queen’s Christian faith in mainstream media. Yet what surprise is it that this is the case, given who the prince of this world is? So I suspect it’s not a literal “amazed” that you are experiencing, but an expression for rhetorical effect.

    I would like to comment on “blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”” (Rev 13:14). So yes, the idea that the queen is now at rest, and that “good deeds are obvious” (1Tim 5:25).

    Frankly, I don’t care what the mainstream media reports. I think the queen was widely respected as a leader and the expression of her Christian faith was done with fortitude and gentleness in spite of hey shyness. And what better testimony to the Spirit, of power love and sound mind and humility in service that she pledged in her early 20s than that?

    Perhaps some leaders in the institutionalised church could take note?

  6. The Queen’s father, the late King George VI once said, ‘The key to real progress is faith, hope and love’, Our dear Queen certainly had all three. I pray that she is now ‘ever with the Lord’ and also with her beloved Philip. May she rest in peace.

  7. I have been listening to/ reading the responses of people to her death and the repeated phrase I hear is, ‘a life well lived’ – and I don’t think people are referring to the fact she had a comfortable or easy life (living in a palace with servants etc). People, I think, whether they understand it or not, are referring to her servant heart and keen sense of duty to others which had its basis in the Christian faith. I hope and pray that in the days to come, people will take time to reflect and to search for the truth that guided the Queen’s life. It made me think too of the Revelation we did the other day about all that is ‘in the Lord’ not being burnt up but moving forward into eternal life. What a wonderful thought that is. I am so thankful for her steady, unflinching character in the face of the many challenges that she faced over the course of her reign and the example she was to so many.

  8. The Queen’s late father, King George VI once said ‘True progress comes through faith, hope and love’. Our dear Queen certainly had all three. She has our love, respect and deep gratitude for all she did. I pray that she is now ‘ever with the Lord’ and also with her beloved Philip. May she rest in peace.

  9. Because these are podcasts which i tend not to listen to I’ve not been following your messages David. I have however, been blogging on the book of Revelation and find the persecutions that face the church and the judgements that fall upon the world harrowing. They can be draining to examine closely. I trust, however, you have been blessed in your studies. And your ongoing work for the Lord.

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