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Coffee and Revelation 77 – The Queen and the Blood

Revelation 16:3-7 – The next two bowls of God’s wrath turn the seas and rivers into blood. What does that have to do with the Queen’s funeral? With Sir James McMillan’s setting of Romans 8

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      1. Noah’s life was a testament before the people of his time as has the Queen been in our time. Though the scriptures do not state that Noah testified verbally to the people of his day, surely he must have given testimony to the Almighty God and his ability to save and through Him alone. The majesty of God was clearly articulated throughout the service at Westminster Abbey and His life saving plan of Christ’s atoning death to all who will believe and surrender. Jesus clearly teaches in Matthew 24 that the events of the final days will be similar to the “days of Noah” Are not all the verses 1-51 very indicative of our day. Verse 22 is particularly interesting – obviously a reference to some form of world annihilation, possibly nuclear. Recent talk of using tactile nuclear weapons and MAD (mutual assured destruction) would obviously need God’s direct intervention to prevent man’s destruction of the human race entirely by mans own initiative.

      2. Noah was a preacher of righteousness – so he did testify verbally. I don’t think that Christ’s life saving plan and atoning death was clearly articulated in the service. Those of us who are Christians would get it – but I suspect that most others would not have understood that that was what was being said.

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