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Quantum 215 – It Wasn’t Me!

This weeks Quantum

(News of the Queens death came through after this was recorded – we will reflect upon her life next week!)  – this week we reflect on the way that humans, including our leaders, often blame others….including George Thorogood, Liz Truss, the Cabinet of Cronies;  Russia Profits from War;  The Melbourne Mural;  Trump on Germany; Whole Lotta Folsom; Dai Le – Vietnamese Refugee turned Australian politician; Netflix grooming children; Peppa Pig; Top Gear; Teacher Jailed for refusing to comply with Irish court over gender pronouns; Somalia; Matt Chandler; Brian McLaren; Britney Spears turns Atheist;  New Life Community Choir


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  1. Trump is right about OPEC .

    The EU deems Cartels illegal but tolerates this one having its HQ in Vienna.

    Meanwhile in South Africa , a church goer , in situ , broke the 6th Commandment and saved some lives in so doing .

    I give 5 stars to the writer for the wittiest euphemism of death by gunfire as in ” two perps took the room temperature challenge .”

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