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Coffee and Revelation 71 – The Harvest of the Grapes- with Johnny Cash

Revelation 14:17-20 – This is an uncomfortable passage which contrasts the harvest of the grain with the harvest of the grapes. What does Jesus have to say about this? Don’t miss the bonus of the Johnny Cash song at the end….

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Coffee and Revelation 70 – Blessed is the Queen who dies in the Lord



  1. I hear what you say David about the “softening” of difficult passages. Yes they are tough to take on board. We all like the nice warm fuzzy feeling of being comforted.

    There’s a couple of things I would like to say – with the “right shining” of Revelations – isn’t that for the here and now as well wiht encouragement not to hide your light under a bushel but let it shine as Jesus encourages?

    And for anyone going through what might feel like hell is is not something of a comfort to know that Jesus didn’t protect himself from going through the worst thing that could happen to him with the crucifixion, plotted by religious authorities, carried out by secular authorities, being betrayed by one of his closest friends and denied by another, perhaps his closes friend and in the midst of his suffering being mocked? And yet overcoming it? Therefore there being hope for the rest of us?

    Therefore without the judgement we look at today there will be no justice and without justice there will be no release for the oppressed. And isn’t the crushing of the winepress metaphor no more horrific than what we have seen reported in the news and see of human history and therefore relevant?

  2. Thank you for the Johnny Cash song.

    He had a string – busting guitar hand and a voice with muscle .

    Here’s another :

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