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Coffee with Job 77 – God’s Response to Covid, Climate Change and Cancer – Part 1 Sarcasm and Salvation

Job 26:1-4 – Is it ever right to use sarcasm? Why was Bildad’s religious system useless? What really brings salvation? What is God’s response to Covid, Climate Change and Cancer?

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Coffee with Job 76 – More than Maggots


  1. Very pertinent & very helpful, in the face of EVERYTHING going on today. ONLY Jesus has the answer. ONLY Jesus is the answer. Every blessing!

  2. Maybe Jesus requires a racially atavistic boost

    . By that I mean that instead of ” love thine enemy” and being Woke against Hate, the Shepherd should cast a backward glance to the OT .

    The OT is OK with Hate against Gentiles.

    It’s Judaic Hate against God that is objectionable

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