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Quantum 165 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – A Climate Change Special

This weeks Quantum is a special on Climate Change – What are the facts?  How do we get the information?  What is happening? What is net zero?  What are the consequences of policies being advocated to deal with climate change?  What about China?  Eco Extremism? The Church and the new religion?  Apocalypse porn?  Plus top ten podcasts – I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue and REM, Bad Moon Rising and a Dutch psalm.

Music includes Bad Moon Rising ;  It’s the End of the World as we Know It;    

and a couple of Dutch songs – Windmills and a version of Psalm 51 

Some of the links used are below…

Plus this article –  Planet of the Humans – The Problem with the Green Movement.

And this one – Is the Church now the Green Party at Prayer? – CT

And this one – What the Green Reaction tells us about the UK Church



And this from about 20 minutes –


“The biggest one is just a pretty negative ­outlook for the future. I’m not happy about ­having that view – I look at optimists and I really envy them – but I just see mounting problems [in the world] and a lack of action and solutions. With the challenges I’m betting humanity will face, the fact is it’s just not something I’m happy to impose on a child.”

This site has a lot of useful and challenging information…

Please note that the video below does contain swearing…..


This book by a Green activist is superb….




And I suggest you take time to watch Michael Moore’s film Planet of the Humans – of course they tried to get it banned –



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  1. While I sit at home with a fancy lighhtbulb and a use-forever shopping bag, a wealthy white man who willingly uproots himself from his homeland to travel to Australia, diminishing the limited Biblically-sound-gene-pool of the homeland, to then lament (in earlier posts) of his inability to fly home at a moment’s notice to be with kin, wants to preach to me on climate change. Please!

  2. Thank you so much for this David. I am sick of hearing constantly about climate change. During the covid crisis the media promoted fear all the time and now that it is easing they are promoting climate change fear again. Everything I have read, researched and listened to says it is lies and more lies. It is only a few years ago that we were told we would be going into a new ice age! So many Christians have bought into this nonsense and when I say anything to the contrary I am regarded as if I have two heads. To top it all I live in Scotland and what the SNP are doing to our beautiful nation is hearbreaking. Please keep up the good work David.

    1. Hello Betty well put I quite agree how the snp get away with things I don’t know. I pray people will wake up and there will be a sifting
      from the top down. Our lovely country needs honesty, mortality, ethics and a turning back to God. Yes I remember David Attenburgh going on about the ice age coming back!!!!

  3. We have seen previous warm periods – 1000 years ago and before that the Roman Climate Optimum – in which temperatures were about as warm as we see today. Vikings were able to settle Greenland about 1000 years ago and used timber growing in Greenland as part of their buildings. Today Greenland has hardly any tree bigger than scrub because it is too cold – like being at or above the snow line. But about 700 years ago the world entered the Little Ice Age (LIA) which we see from records of rivers freezing over that did do so before. The LIA finished about 1880 – about the last time the Thames froze over – and we are now warming back towards where we were 1000 years ago, when the human population barely reached 300 million and long before the industrial revolution. Maye we burned peat but there was little human impact so world temperatures had other major warming modes other than man made CO2.

  4. Here’s another one:
    “(The Prime Minister) has said the (next summit) is the last chance to avoid ‘unchecked emissions growth’.
    Speaking to the Major Economies Forum in London, he said no retrospective global agreement in the future could undo the damage of not reaching an international agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.”
    The Prime Minister in question was Gordon Brown and he was speaking in 2009. The conference he referred to included COP 15. How many “last chances” have we had since then? How many more “last chances” will there be after COP 26?
    But all those children being indoctrinated with fear are eventually going to get to an age when they finally wake up and realise that the sky has not, in fact, fallen in. All the fears about the future are based on computer models. And so far the computer models have a very poor record of precting the future.
    As Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

  5. Climate Change: This arrived in a post from Holland today. “The biggest thing that can ever happen to anybody is to get a relationship with the Creator of the Universe.” Signed, John Houghton. This name may not sound familiar to you, but the United Nations dedicated last August’s Climate Report to this man. Houghton, who died last year, was a leading climate scientist who was the editor-in-chief of the IPCC’s first three Climate Reports. He was also an evangelical Christian from Wales who, during his scientific career, propagated the conviction that the root cause of climate change is sin. “Man was called by God to be a gardener,” he said, “but has exploited the earth for his own comfort and gain. Following Christ compels us to also care for the earth.” (p.s. connected with Ewan Gurr this week!)

  6. As far as I can tell there are two basic aspects to the whole issue of climate change. Firstly climate has always changed and, hopefully, always will. If it stops changing then we really have something to worry about. Secondly we have no meaningful way of measuring the temperature of the Earth. In fact the idea of one value that can represent the temperature of a complex open dynamic system like the Earth’s atmosphere is fanciful. Sadly both sides of the debate have invested so much in this that they cannot afford to acknowledge it. Any unbiased person who investigates the way that the Global Mean Surface Temperature is calculated today would have to admit that it is a meaningless figure. By the same token, those who speak of prior warmer periods are basing their argument on even less meaningful calculations. We have no reliable way of knowing whether the Earth is warming or cooling. or whether indeed these relative concepts have any meaning in the context of the Earth’s atmosphere. The best we can do is what we are best at doing, Let us continue adapting to our ever changing environment. In much the same way as the Biblically-sound-gene-poll in Scotland continues to adapt to recent losses. 🙂

  7. It’s easy to buy an electric car, put solar panels on your roof and avoid driving to work if you’re a well-off middle class person with an office job.

    It’s even easier to do none of those things and go out on a “protest” screaming at those who are more concerned about how they’re going to feed and clothe their kids next week rather than what state the world might be in in 50 years’ time.

    A cynical man might suspect these people grew up spoiled middle-class brats who screamed until their parents gave them things rather than doing something to earn them.

  8. The Gus Speth quote is so good.

    I know nothing about the science in this debate. I suspect there is a fair bit of truth in the notion that we are destroying the earth. I also wonder if God’s final judgements will be environmentally tied into the damage we do presently.

    I’m sure there is a lot of hot air and politicising on all sides.

  9. A very good podcast Sir. The thing that I fear most is we don’t really appear to have thought through the unintended consequences of any policy we adopt to reduce climate change. even if we did devote a good deal of thought to unintended consequences there are many that we will not dream of. It is the same with “build back better”. The hubris of that motto is incredible.

  10. Climate change is deadly serious: Jesus is heaven sent to those who are hell-bent. He is the Ultimate Victorious Extinction Rebel; his followers extinction rebels, turning our own small, closed-system- world upside down; blocking the highway to hell.

  11. Here’s another documentary which I came across today. It’s about how the solutions today will be the environmental disasters of tomorrow.

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