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Quantum 166 – Blah, Blah, Blah – Nonsense and Sense from all over the world.

This weeks Quantum  examines our no.1 podcast (The Rest is History), Greta’s Blah; Britains Baby decline; Japan’s new prime minister; the German elections;  Biden’s decline; US murders;  Afghan barbers; Swiss SSM; Usyk; YouTube bans; Covid deaths, Norway, and the hypocrisy of the UCU;   Labour, women and too many white men; Defining evangelicalism; Peter Boghossian; Banning Beethoven; the Blasphemy of Copeland and Du Plantis; Coldplay’s god; Cornerstone.

Keir Starmer’s Gnosticism – CT

Quantum 165 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – A Climate Change Special









  1. The SPD won 206 seats. The CDU/CSU won 197 seats. The two combined come to a total of 403. A government needs 368 seats to hold an overall majority. Therefore an SPD/CDU/CSU coalition would not need the support of any other parties. Such a coalition looks like the most likely as any other possible coalition would not hold a majority of seats.

  2. My understanding os that Cornerstone is looking to appeal to the Supreme Court. No doubt assistance with funding would help. It is a matter of supreme *public interest*, I’d suggest, more so for Mere Christians.

    Your series on Job is appreciated.

  3. I’m surprised Greta Thunberg is still in the public eye. I thought she’d quietly retreat into obscurity once she could no longer play the “I’m a child, how dare you criticise me” card.

    She sums up everything that’s wrong with social media activists: screaming and screaming for something to be done, without (as far as I am aware) being willing to make any genuine sacrifices of her own.

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