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The Kitchen Table – 38 – Pornland

This weeks Kitchen Table comes at an appropriate time – with Australian media being filled with reports of sex abuse,  and marchers marching down Sydney’s CBD today for Mardi Gras – demanding that the religious freedom bill be scrapped and the decriminalisation of ‘sex work’.   Steve and I discuss one of the major problems – pornography.  (Note that this is a family friendly video and there are no illustrations…)

In Him All Things Hold Together – A Video, a Sermon and a Radio Interview –

“Pornography, Paedophilia, Perversion and the End of Civilisation?”? CT

The Kitchen Table 33 – Civic Religion.


  1. the religious freedom bill be scrapped

    Can you give a brief overview of what this is and what would be the negative repercussions should it be scrapped?

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