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The Kitchen Table 33 – Civic Religion.

On this weeks Kitchen Table Steve and I discuss my earlier article on Civic Religion 

The Kitchen Table 32 – Judgement Day

This is the song I mentioned….


  1. The denial of the resurrection and ascension by Anglican Church Southern Queensland ministers and the spiritualism preached in the cathedral is really shocking.

  2. It is strange that as soon as a liberal theology is adopted by a church, its morals go downhill.

  3. What has happened at the Cathedral and the inner city parishes is terrible but it isn’t just limited to them. Just about all of the Sunshine Coast parishes including the hinterland ones have adopted Progressive Christianity to varying degrees

  4. The Progressive antiChristians are seeking to overturn every established doctrine and moral us Christians hold dear. The ‘spiritualist’ sermon is the nadir.

    The Progressive antiChristians have ruined the church here with their twisted ideas and morals. Pleawe pray for us.

  5. It is very sad to see them destroy themselves like this. We must pray they will return to the Bible and start being faithful to what is taught in it. God will not be mocked!

    I’m not easily shocked but that cathedral sermon left me teeling. I’ve never been as appalled in my life as I am at that.

  6. My english not good but what happening at cathedral, parishes a disgrace. Promote sodomy lifestyle, mock believers and say they all fundamentalist simpleton, throw 10 commandments away, blaspheme Christ with erotic prayers, say resurrection and ascension myths, and use new age ritual. I leave anglicans behind and find better church that believes bible and God and not tell lies. Forgive my bad english. I still learning.

  7. That cathedral sermon is shocking. I’m really scared now. I never dreamt they’d allow something like that to be preached.

  8. I am appalled to learn an occultist’s spiritualist, out-of-body experience esoteric vision was elucidated and promoted in the context of a cathedral sermon. My blood runs cold at the very thought of this. Shame on the cathedral for allowing this to happen! How could this ever be justified in a Christian context? This is the ultimate proof they’ve completely lost the plot. I’m glad I’m no longer Anglican. Thankfully God rescued me from that denomination, all praise to Him!

  9. The operative word here seems to be ‘shocked’ but I am just appalled by these sermons, especially Tyack’s one with its occultish, spiritualist elements, as well as those that indermine the 10 C.’s and the Resurrection. These Anglicans are on a wide path straight to hell, I fear.

    There is also this arrogant article from Gregory Jenks:

    ‘All the same, and without wishing to offend colleagues and co-religionists who insist on believing the incredible and the ridiculous, this is a nonsensical claim for anyone to make about any historical text.’

    He claims he doesn’t want to offend immediately before using deliberately offensive language in the next breath…

    “Which Bible are we talking about and which set of books do we consider to constitute this collection of supposedly infallible texts? Already the heads of our fundamentalist friends will be hurting.”

    Again, very arrogant. He seems to dismiss the idea that evangelicals can be intellectuals too.

    “Leaving aside for now the rather important fact that Christians do not even agree on which books comprise the Bible…”

    He doesn’t seem to realise that Evangelicals follow the same canon for the OT as the Jews…

    “Fortunately for me as an Anglican, the community of spiritual practice of which I am both a member and a cultic official has a more nuanced understanding of the Bible”

    Arrogant and what kind of Anglican? He doesn’t seem to accelt evangelical Anglicans who make up the vast global south as well as important dioceses in his own country of Australia….

    ” It may not be sold in your local “Christian” (sic) bookstore, but that is another essay for another day.”

    Another arrogant little sic there from a man who us borderline Christian at best, if not a closet atheist, given his denial thst the crucifixion was part of God’s plan and belief in a bodily resurrection of Christ.

    It is interesting that these Progressive Christian anti-intellectuals feel superior to evangelical Christians. He seems to have no understanding of how the doctrine of Sola Scriptura arose or the intellectual arguments backing it. He doesn’t engage with them at all. Instead he takes a hodge podge of post-modern ideas, mixes them with arrogant insults and accusations and hurls them, hoping some mud will stick. This makes me suspect Jenks is bitter at mainstream evangelical Christians because of his childhood experiences or envious of their faith while he is stuck wasting what time he has left in his intellectual dead-end of Progressive Christianity/closet atheism.

    All the questions he raises have been answered again and again many times ovr the last 500 years but all he can do is rant and launch butter, arrogany and downright rude attacks without honestly engagjng with evangelical scholars and their arguments.

    If this is the quality if A Progressive Christian Voice Australua scholars, it is no wonder Catt and Barraclough’s movement has been an abject failure. From arrogance, to anti-intellectualism to hypocrisy, APCVA seems to represent the very worst in Australian Christianity.

  10. Besides the false teaching in the cathedral sermons, especially that spiritualist one, I just don’t think the cathedral is an appropriate environment for children anymore. They are encouraging homosexuals to attend but they are of course not calling them to repentance. Rather they are being a welcoming church and celebrating the gay lifestyle and gay pride. The cost of inviting this segment of the community and seeking to normalise this behaviour is to mean the cathedral is no longer an appropriate place for children, especially if they are presenting frank discussions of this kind of lifestyle, let alone presenting it as a normal and acceptable alternative for Christian folk. It is a shame the cathedral has been taken away from children. I am deeply saddened by these decisions by cathedral staff and how they’ve driven kids and families sway.

  11. It is very disturbing that this form of liberal Christianity is now being preached from Ashgrove and Milton to the far reaches of Kilcoy and Buderim, having spread its tentacles from the Saint Francis Seminary and the gay cultures of the Cathedral and Holt Trinity Fortitude Valley. The priests and priestesses coming out of the seminary are leading their congregations down the progressive garden path and throwing away all traditional doctrines as they do so, while orthodox Christians abandon the Anglican Church for other drnominations.

    The spiritualist service at the cathedral is a low point that hasn’t been releated elsewhere as far as I am aware apart from maybe Buderim. Generally, a mood of theological liberalism very much dominates though. People wouldn’t know good doctrine or what Christians are actually supposed to believe if it came up and bit them because the level of theological literacy in Anglican Church Southern Queensland has been appalling liw for many, many decades and there is a mood of apathy. The culture of Anglo-Catholicism has brainwashed them into just following whatever the minister says and, if they disagree, to go and complain about hom to thebishop. There is no dialogue, no theological debates, no real Bibke reading among congregants (even Aspinall has complained about this) and no real engagement with or living out of the faith among congregants. It is just a deadenimg, conformist ritualism, blind obefirnce to the bishops, amazing kow levels of theological literacy and now an ever growing liberalism from the inner cities to the rural Sunshine Coast parishes and peolle just don’t care, even when their personal salvation and that of their peers is at peril from certain huckster false preachers,, male and female.

    Please pray for the 2 R’s: revival and reformation in Anglican Church Southern Queensland. The deadening Anglo-Catholic culture that has killed this Diocese must be replaced with vibrant, lifegiving evangelicalism before it is too late after these 150 years of spiritual deadness. The Holy Spirit needs to come and bring the dead bones of this Diocese to life.

  12. Peter Catt and his friends like Jenks and Jeremy Greaves are very Americanized in their approach. Look at their influences. You have Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong and the Jesus Seminar. These Brisbane Anglicans are just trying to be fashionable by following the trends in American liberalism. I can hear the influence of Katherine Jefferts Schori in their preaching too. No independence, no thoughts of their own. Where America goes, Australia blindly follows.

  13. Thank you for this important discussion. I just want to add that one of the most troubling things for me and another person I know is that not a single sermon on the cathedral’s website instructs people on how to be saved.

    There is no talk of justification, faith, repentance, nothing, in any of their sermons. Thete is just constant radical left social justice preaching and deconstruction of the Bible and vague, wishy-washy mysticism. What a wasted opportunity to save people’s souls, given how many visitors and tourists the cathedral has.

  14. I am appalled at many of the things being preached in the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, especially Kate Ross’ attack on the Ten Commandments, the Prayer to the Erotic Christ in the gay pride evensong and the relentless assaults on the Bible and Biblically-based doctrine. I agree with the comments above though that Tyack’s sermon, drawing on Jungian occultic spiritualism is the most shocking of all and totally offensive to Christians. The church has strayed a long, long way from the path set by Jesus when it reaches that point.

    I think a lot of what they are doing is deliberately designed to shock and also stems from a desire to undermine and attack the evangelical doctrine of the Diocese of Sydney. Parishioners are just the collateral damage caught in the middle of these insular attacks on Sydney by the radical far-left preachers that Aspinall has appointed in Brisbane that he uses as tools in his fanatical liberal assaults on evangelical Anglicanism.

    The fact we have reached the stage where alternative spiritual practices, including Jungianism, are thought to be suitable for a Cathedral service, shows how complety lost ACSQ has become.

    Like other false religions, it is also using spiritual practices like labyrinth walks, yoga, meditation and singing bowls in an attempt to reach up to God instead of focusing on the Christ who has come down to us. It is works-based new age spiritualism, instead of faith-based Christianity. They’ve fallen into the oldest trap in the book. Their liberalism is a failed route and will undoubtedly fall out of fashion once they realise this and Catt and co pretend will undoubtedly pretend it never happened as they latch onto the next fad instead. I just hope and pray no parishioners’ souls are lost in the interim.

    I cannot serve in conscience in a church that preaches Jungian occultism from the pulpit or seeks to normalise transgenderism or homosexual activity and altrrnative spiritual practices though no matter what happens in the future.

  15. This was from a German news article published today. It very much applies to Anglican Church Southern Queensland too though.

    “The West German C-parties, like the churches, have largely and to a large extent razed their convictions and neglected principles. You have given up the power of your own thinking for devotion to the spirit of the times. They have ceased to be involved in creating intellectual history and are eagerly following the fashions without asking what they entail. They follow ideologies that they ought to know are harmful to them if they were still thinking about their own ideas.

    They let themselves be driven through the arena by social minorities. They have left their former brand core to a minority in their own ranks and are now called this minority deviants and accuse it of harming the whole. They disappointed the most loyal of their followers, offended them and put the ax to their own roots. Now they watch as they lose headcount and influence more and more.”
    /End quote

    “On the other hand, the Church is strengthened in the Third World, where one is far from passing the time with luxury problems. Where the church is forced by hard or at least sparse circumstances to adhere to the real and possible, the Bible word that warns of false prophets should also be remembered. It seems to have been forgotten in Germany.”
    /End quote

  16. The spiritualist’s vision sermon from the Cathedral is disgusting and downright evil.

  17. The fact that an occult astral-plane vision was discussed in a sermon at the Brisbane Anglican Cathedral is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. This is pure evil from the Anglican Church.

  18. I am horrified by the way they promote homosexuality in the Cathedral. It is so blatantly against God’s will. They even advertise gay sermons on their electronic billboard. Jesus must be weeping tears in heaven.

  19. Yes, Thyatira in the Book of Revelation seems analogous to Anglican Church Southern Queensland… There are loving, faithful and enduring people there but false prophets and prophetesses too… The same triumvirate exists… False teaching promoting sexual immorality (homosexuality and transgenderisms), leading to Satan’s deep secrets… The more things change the more they stay the same down the ages…

    By the way you mightn’t know this but Anglo-Catholicism has always had links to occultism…

    “IN 1978, A. N. Wilson published Unguarded Hours, a satire of life in an Anglo-Catholic seminary. The book broke new ground in drawing attention to the strong current of homosexuality among the ranks of the Anglo-Catholic clergy. But it also commented on another feature of that particular Anglican sub-culture. At the book’s climax, a liberal dean visiting the seminary walks in on a few ordinands engaged in ritual magic.

    Wilson knew what he was writing about. While scholars have since devoted important studies to the dynamics of gender and sexuality among Anglo-Catholics — most notably David Hilliard in his article “Unenglish and Unmanly” (1982) — the tendency towards occultism in certain Anglo-Catholic circles since the 19th century has gone almost unnoticed in scholarly literature. Only one study has attempted anything close to an overview of the phenomenon: Anthony Fuller’s dissertation on “Anglo-Catholic Clergy and the Golden Dawn” (2009). More research is needed…

    IN TRUTH, Anglo-Catholic involvement in the occult is much broader and deeper than most would suspect. Take, for instance, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, established in 1887. Devoted to the Western esoteric tradition, and practising various forms of initiatory ritual magic, the Golden Dawn recruited heavily from the clergy. Some of these men were, indeed, simple eccentrics…

    As Anthony Fuller has shown, however, clergy who would otherwise belong to the more respectable mainstream of Anglo-Catholicism were strongly involved in the Golden Dawn and its various successor bodies. The Revd A. H. Baverstock, twice Master of the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) in the 1920s, was a member, as was the Very Revd Frank Selwyn Bennett, the Dean of Chester Cathedral, a formative influence on the culture of Anglican cathedrals in the 20th century…”

    In that sense there is nothing abnormal about Anglican Church Southern Queensland and its cathedral culture… This kind of thing has a long history and has been part of Anglo-Catholicism since day 1… It is still evil and inexcusable of course though… Like Thyatira I hope the handful of genuine Christians in Anglican Church Southern Queensland keep their faith and fidelity to Christ and are not led astray by all the false prophets and prophetesses running rampant in the clergy there… God bless…

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