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Quantum 136 -Zombies – Bombing Syria, the Pope in Iraq, K-Pop, Rand and Levine, Throple Dads; Mad World; Zaha; Luis Palau; Dolly; Ferlinghetti; Salmond and Sturgeon

This week’s Quantum looks at the ‘Zombie world –  in the words of the Cranberries great song – Biden bombs the Middle East, the Pope goes to Iraq, K-Pop and Climate change; Rachel Levine refuses to condemn genital mutilation, God’s Will and Congress; Adoption and Throple dads;  Harry and Meghan; Penny Mordaunt and Transmen; The Turf War in Melbourne;  Zaha rejects BLM; Luis Palau nears death; Dolly Parton gets vaccinated; Lawrence Ferlinghetti dies; Salmond and Sturgeon; and the Cranberries

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Biden bombs Syria….and of course because he has a diverse cabinet its fine.  It’s a ‘nice’ bombing.

The Pope visits Iraq – but refuses to condemn China for its treatment of Christians.

K-Pop goes all Climate Change



Rachel Levine , Biden new Trans assistant secretary of Health – refuses to condemn genital mutilation…

Jerry Nadler tells us that God’s will is of no interest to Congress…

Another Christian organisation caves to the LGBT agenda

“We will now offer services with the love and compassion of Jesus to the many types of families who exist in our world today,” Palusky said. “We’re taking an all hands on deck’ approach where all are welcome.”

One wonders if that includes ‘Throples’?

“The need is great for distinctively Christian adoption and foster care services, including that children need both mothers and fathers. Moreover, this move will harm already existing efforts to enable faith-based orphan care ministries to serve the vulnerable without capitulating on core Christian convictions,” said Russell Moore

Mad World –

Meghan and Harry want to avoid media – whilst they start a new media career…


Meanwhile in the UK, government minister Penny Mordaunt denies basic biology 

Because language is important. The words woman and man are defined in Section 212 of the Equality Act 2010:‘‘man’ means a male of any age; ‘woman’ means a female of any age.’

Meanwhile another woman is being hounded by her fellow academics..this time its Holly Lawford-Smith of the University of Melbourne.

But its not all madness…Willifred Zaha of Crystal Palace refuses to bow the knee.

Luis Palau is near the end..

Dolly Parton shows her class again….

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the poet dies –

The Salmond and Sturgeon shows continues.

This wee clip is unbelievable…

Many journalists and politicians know who the women are.  I suppose it is possible the Nicola alone does not know – but its very difficult to believe.

The whole farce is summed up by the Cranberries song.

Quantum 135 – Mars, Covid, Scotland, The Pirate Party, Mexico, Harvard,Amazon, Amnesty, Nick Cave, American Pie.













  1. On the Equality Act in the USA, my daughter-in-law, a paralegal, researched the bill and found that it contains a clause that if a church does not “openly reach out and accept LGBTQ” they will lose their federal tax exemption. I am not stating this as fact, but have you heard that also?

  2. I’ll be contrary and mention one story you didn’t cover – Cancel Culture claiming Dr Seuss’ scalp:

    From the article:

    “Dr. Seuss was not a racist,” Carlson said. “He was an evangelist against bigotry. He wrote an entire shelf of books against racism, and not in a subtle way. They were clearly, explicitly, against racism. That was the whole point of writing them, to teach children not to be racist.”

    This tells me you can’t appease them. He was somewhat “liberal” and instead of treating him as a hero, they even devour their own. As per your article the other day, Pastor, this is the kind of thing that makes more people throw their hands up in the air in despair and go off and join the far right to combat this kind of thing. They would be thinking, “If you can never satisfy them, you might as well fight fire with fire by pitting one kind of authoritarianism against another.” 🙁

    From the reader comments:

    “Once again, it’s the children that get hurt from the progressive facade that satan uses most. It’s the same tactic that is going to get people to stop selling and producing the Bible in the near future.”

    “Once you get to Christian books containing “offensive” remarks, the momentum will be already set in motion and the next step is to remove certain verses in the Bible.”

    I don’t normall agree with paranoid theories but this one, sadly, seems increasingly plausible.

    1. Dave,

      I find that the church, in some segments, is doing very well to censor the Bible. Long before Caesar bans or revises the Bible we need to appreciate that some churches have excised sections of the Bible, or failed to preach from the whole canon, as they hitch themselves to the world’s latest agenda (including LGBTI+).

      My! The church increasingly has little room for Christ; its teaching on the world nudging Christ away.

  3. On the Christian organisation that has caved in, I note this quote on the linked page: “We will now offer services with the love and compassion of Jesus”.

    It strikes me that love here is being used in respect its positive connotations. The organisation is not identifying with the fullness of love; that it is rebuking, shaping, disciplining.

    So, before they caved to an agenda, they first sold themselves on a lie about love.

  4. David I thought you might like to know of this online conference happening in the UK on the 11th march led by OM UK. Why not register yourself and share your opinion on the Gap in mission today within the church.


  5. Loved hearing the memories of Luis Palau…memories of my parents taking a yf group from Skye to the rallies and staying in the church hall in BishopBriggs FC and being the small child in the middle of it all followed by years of car journeys where my parents rewound the taped convention over and over again hearing the same message and loving it more every time…what a priceless gift they gave me with these small things and thank you Lord for Luis Palau and the message you gave him….

  6. Re The Pope in Iraq , I wonder what his Holiness might think were the Grand Ayatollah to introduce his foreign visitor to suitably veiled , and Islamically legal , nine – year old spouse .

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