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Quantum 125 – Man, I Feel Like A Woman….

This Quantum includes Harvard and Women; Abraham Lincoln cancelled; Biden confirmed; Victorian Anti-Conversion Therapy;  Scottish drug deaths; Visa, Mastercard and Pornhub; Morocco; The Vicar of Dibley and BLM; John Le Carre; Brexit Deal; Randy Stonehill.   As usual all links are on – Quantum 125

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Here are some of the links…

Why an anti-conversion Therapy Bill in Australia is a Huge Threat to Churches – CT

Scottish Drugs Deaths –

Visa, Mastercard and Pornhub

Brexit –

Quantum 124 – China, Australia, Indonesia, Jesus College, North Korea, Indonesia, West Papua, Biden on Abortion, Carl Lentz, France, Africa, the Titanic and Dylan

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  1. With BLM – how about ALL black lives matter, not just the ones that have a particular political persuasion?
    And how about white people not jumping on the bandwagon of virtue signalling about BLM but engaging with the diverse views within the black community not just one particular view.

    I wonder what Martin Luther King would think about disrupting the family and defunding the police. Either of these don’t sound like ideas consistent wiht any lives mattering but rather anarchy, and Marxist deconstructionism paving the way for totalitarianism.

  2. Dear David, you mention what’s good in Morocco yet I don’t see anything of the civil war in Ethiopia instigated by the Nobel Peace prize winning PM! I spent a fortnight in Mekele a few years back encouraging Church leaders to preach expository sermons. Now the Prosperity party are enforcing their form of government on the ethnically peaceful and desperately poor people of Tigray. It’s complex politics and just your cup of tea I would have thought. BBC news covering it as well as anyone.

  3. Did you notice that the “Vicar of Dibley” was wearing the crucifix upside down? And does it matter?
    I think it is disgusting for the BBC to show things like this.

    1. Apologies for the pouncing pedantry , but isn’t a crucifix differentiated from a cross by the inclusion of Jesus ?

      It is disgusting for the BBC to show things like this simply because it is not funny.

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