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The Dark Side of Transgender Ideology

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 07.23.13Last week the Scottish government passed an act which will ensure that LGBTI ‘inclusive’ education will be taught in every school and in every subject.  This is something that was rejected by that same government a couple of years ago – but now apparently every politician thinks it is a good thing.  This is because, with the exception of a handful like Patrick Harvie – they do not know what they are doing.  They have bought into a very shallow Theresa May like ‘we don’t want to be the nasty party’ ideology and do not understand what they are letting into our schools – under the guise of the worthy aim of preventing bullying and ‘letting people be who they are’.  Either that or they just don’t have the courage and stamina to challenge what seems an unwinnable battle.

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 07.26.34Notice the chilling ‘educate to liberate’.  The Scottish Government is becoming more and more Orwellian in its use of language.  They have moved from a position of not thinking this was necessary at all to it becoming, within a couple of years, State mandated doctrine – into which we must all be ‘educated’.   We cannot be set free – we cannot be ‘liberated’ without going through this education.  I wonder if the time will come when those of us who don’t bow down to the new State imposed dogma and are not silenced by the mockery, abuse and threats – find ourselves being sent to the 21st Century equivalent of ‘re-education’ centres.

Not all of us bow the knee though.  On Friday I had a fascinating day. discussing this…I was asked to appear on the Stephen Jardine show on BBC Radio Scotland.  It was a bit of a set up – I was interviewed and then afterwards two people who were strongly for TIE (‘the experts’ ), were interviewed and I was given no opportunity to respond.  You can listen to it here.  The fascinating thing is that both ‘experts’ seem to live in some kind of bubble where they never meet anyone who disagrees with their position.  The first said that in the whole of Scotland it was just me and one of two others (yet an online poll in the Scotsman showed 80% opposed to this) and that I belonged to another century.  The educational ‘expert’ refused to discuss awkward facts like biology but instead informed us that we all had an ‘equal amount of love’ and that she had never come across any parent who objected to their children being taught transgenderism.  These people live in a bubble where they demonise everyone outside and where facts and reality are rarely allowed to intrude.

‘Co-incidentally’ I had a meeting after this programme with a young woman who has her own experience of the harm and hatred caused by this agenda.  This is not something that the BBC would ever cover, nor is it something that the Scottish Government or indeed any of our politicians will bring up (because in their somewhat simplistic world they operate on the basis of the ideology of the machine – not the reality of people).  For reasons which will become painfully obvious the following article is anonymous….read and weep. (Note;  This article is as I received it – unedited with one exception – there was one tweet included that had such vile language that I had to edit it slightly and replace a couple of words with XXXX )

Part 2 is here – Gender and Trauma (The Dark Side of Transgender – Part 2).

Who am I?

Above all else, human. After that, however, I can be a lot of things. A writer, an artist, a student… a girl. I haven’t always been happy about that biological reality, however, and there was a time where I would have gone to extreme lengths to hide it.

Why am I writing this?

I met with David recently because I’d been inspired by his blog. To see someone so outspoken about the issue of gender was a blessing, in a world where we tip-toe around it so softly, throwing ourselves onto the chopping block if we even slightly offend the trans community. His writing and podcasts got me thinking about my own story, a story that has burned inside me for a while, begging to be told. A story I cannot tell through my own means.

Why anonymously?

I identified as transgender for a few years, and became active in the online community between the ages of 14 and 16. For personal reasons, I no longer wanted to be identified as a transgender boy, but rather to reclaim my girlhood – and later, my womanhood. The trans community took offense to this. For weeks after announcing my plans to detransition, I was plagued with rape threats, death threats, bullying and horrific sexual harassment. It was for this reason I locked down my social media accounts, changed my name back to my birth name, and in general lived a more sheltered life.

Even though I still at that time considered myself to belong in the category of LGBT people, and was a girl, two groups the Queer community claims to vehemently support, I was effectively an outcast. Not a “real” feminist, because my feminism was critical of… well, men. Not a “real” lesbian, because my attraction excluded… men.

So I’m choosing to express my thoughts and reflection through David, who has graciously agreed to let me take up space on his blog. I am sure he gets enough grief from activists from his own work, let alone by allowing an ex-trans person to voice an opinion.

We agreed to share my story through the format of a mini-series on the blog, We’re unsure how many posts this will take, or even what’s safe to talk about. But we’ll work it out. All voices need to be heard, and all sides of the transgender world need to be exposed, even the views that show the community in a less than favourable light.

My first post will be about the darker side of activism.

Most abuse is hidden. You have to dig down deep to see it, or you must simply wait until a victim raises the red flag. Surprisingly, this is not the case when it comes to the bullying and abuse headed by trans activists. All it takes is a simple twitter search to see abhorrent and vile misogyny. And yes, it is misogyny. Men are far less likely to be attacked by trans activists than women, and lesbian women far more likely than straight women. Twitter unveils a plethora of evidence showing trans activists threatening even the most vulnerable of women.

One such example from ‘smol cute girl’ read “Terf twitter and transphone twitter can go die. Choke on this tranny…xxxx…you xxxx”

These words of wisdom from “smol cute girl” really underline the femininity and absolute love that trans activists have for women and girls.

“TERF” means trans exclusionary radical feminist, in other words a woman who recognizes the undeniable sex characteristics of other women, i.e. a uterus and xx chromosomes.

However, the “RF” part of “TERF” has been lost in translation down the years, with everyone from Germaine Greer (arguably a TERF in linguistic terms), to Donald Trump (who is far from what anyone would vall a feminist). What this fundamentally shows is that everyone who disagrees with transgender ideology is the worst thing you can ever be – a woman.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 08.01.06

It boggles the mind that these people want to become the opposite sex, but very rarely speak kindly of the sex they are trying to assume the identity of.

These activists demand unconditional love and acceptance from women, and a lot of emotional labour, and this is how they treat the women who don’t comply – with hatred. They want to rape us, mutilate our bodies, feed us to animals.

When I detransitioned myself, one of the people who used to call me a friend told my mother they wanted to rape my mouth. I was sixteen years old. Another person told me I should die for my views, and that I was no longer welcome in any part of the community.

I don’t want my family to be exposed again to the kind of judgement and hatred I was subjected to as a child in the trans community – and this is why I, and many other women stay anonymous when writing their opinions about gender. It’s literally a matter of life and death.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to David for allowing me to have a platform on his blog. I’d like to thank his readers for their time and patience in reading someone else’s words.

I welcome debate from any commenters, but abuse will never be tolerated and will be reported to police if serious enough.

I hope to return soon with another topic relating to my journey through queer theory and trans identity.

God bless,

This is my response:

Hi XX….

Thanks so much for this…it was great to meet with you and I am more than happy to give you space to share your experiences. I think they are important – although it is painful to read them.  I think it is also vital for people to know the level of abuse and hatred that there is around this subject. I am aware of doctors, politicians, journalists and others who have been threatened by this extremist ideology. I am really puzzled as to why it is happening and why our cultural elites have so bought into this agenda.

I hope as we correspond that we will be able to respectfully explore the wider issues. I’m sure we won’t agree on everything but its good to discuss. By the way you write very well..

I am so sorry about the level of abuse you have had to endure. It sounds and is horrific. I have experienced a little of that from trans activists, but not nearly as much as you.

I think we can agree on these four things.

  • This is all about a question of identity. How we identify ourselves and where we find our identity.
  • Much of the transgender agenda is driven by misogyny – there seems to be a deep-seated hatred of women.
  • The Scottish and UK government do not have a clue about what they are doing in promoting a radical trans agenda.
  • There is such a thing as Gender Identity Disorder – and those who suffer from it need to receive help. The body and brain are out of sync. Instead of mutilating the body in order to accommodate the brain, why don’t we help the brain to accommodate the body?  Unlike the teaching ‘expert’ in the radio show we are interested in biology! 

From a Christian perspective I would say this. You should never receive any abuse or hatred from a Christian because we believe that all human beings are made in the image of God. We are not misogynist – because the Bible tells us that men and women are both equally made in the image of God – that is what it means to be human.    And in terms of identity there is a wonderful expression that sums up the Christians identity…we are ‘in Christ’.   Whatever our varying experiences, abilities and ‘identities’ they are all ultimately seen in Christ.   When you come to St Petes you will see that there are a wide variety of people with a wide variety of experiences. We are one body because we are united in Christ. I hope one day to be able to explain what that means. But meanwhile let me simply say that you are welcome – both on this blog and in the church.  I hope you will find real love there.


PS.  I wonder if you’ve read this book?  I thought it was really helpful…

When Harry Became Sally – the ‘must read’ book of the decade!

PPS – I look forward to reading your further reflections. 






  1. So sad to read this woman’s brutal experience,however I applaud your courage in sharing so honestly. I pray many in the family of God will read your story and understand why we need to speak out against this indoctrination of our children and the hatred that you and many others are being subjected to because of your choices.

  2. Well done XX

    We need to hear more testimonies like this because our young people are being fed a glamourised picture of the trans life style on social media (I am Jazz etc.) and the Governments are complicit in this. The reality is that, as David said in the interview, the outcomes of transitioning are dreadful in medical and psychological terms. Our children are being sold a lie.

    This link is to a posting of a lady who is also a desister (de-transition). She wrote is while a medical student – she has probably now qualified. She looks at being trans from a personal but also a medical point of view. She also experienced the vitriol of the trans community when she desisted.

    One paragraph stands out:

    ” I am simply asking…begging…that we be allowed to examine this issue critically. Raising concerns about patient safety and welfare is not transphobic. Raising concerns about the lack of evidence behind a particular treatment is not transphobic. Having a sensitive, but open and honest discussion with your patient is not transphobic. This irreversible and erroneous manipulation of children’s bodies has the potential to be one of greatest medical blunders of the 21st century.”

    There are many in the medical profession who are concerned about this, but most will keep silent for fear of their career being damaged. So much for the much trumpeted cry of “tolerance”!

    P.S. I served a FOI request on the UK Government consultation on amending the Gender Recognition Act. It was refused on the grounds that too much work would be involved and costs would exceed the £600 limit. They are hoping that I will go away – I will not!

  3. I listened to the live BBC broadcast with Stephen Jardine , and yes felt from the beginning that you were being set up. The issue demands too much to say in too little time. Also the article was slotted toward the end of the programme because BBC Scotland realising that they were handling a “hot potato” could hand off public questions by saying that they were running out of time.

  4. Sad, but expected. As you say David; Patrick Harvie is the only politician who knows exactly what and how things are being up-ended. Scary.
    XX, I hope you will be blessed through getting your story out there. I would echo David – you are a gifted writer.

  5. Hating sin, and hating what sin does to people, is one thing. But hating people, in the violent and vile way evidenced here is an entirely different thing. I look forward to this series, imagining that I will disagree on a number of issues with the author, but hopeful that I can learn, and that we in this blog can present a thoughtful, hopeful, pleasant response to our guest author.

  6. David, I thank you for stand against this indoctrination of our children. The silence from fellow Clergy here in Scotland is shameful. Now is the time to speak out. It is State Sponsored abuse against the most vulnerable and innocent minds. Shame on our elected representatives for this shameful decision.

  7. Are there any Christian leaders in this country with the understanding and courage to call the church together to prayer, for the sake of our children? There can’t ever have been a greater need for a work of God to overthrow what a government, with no thought or conception of the damage it will cause to children, wants to do. Lord, have mercy.

  8. It is wrong to hate people but it is not wrong to disagree or dispute with them on their thoughts and principles, on points which are objected to fundamentally. That is not wrong. We are to be thankful, as the Record article illuminates the point, that freedom of speech is still valued in this country. So it is a good thing that the person who has written this piece above is being given a platform here on this valuable blog and hopefully some of those who are to be involved in the project of “embedding” LGBTQI+ studies in our state schools (why only them, won’t our fee paying private schools be missing out) will take note and reconsider. It is interesting, I wonder how many of those involved at a high level in all of this might not be sending their own children to state schools, what provision will they make, I wonder, for the education of their own young ones in this most crucial and pressing arena of modern life?

    1. refuse to bow down before the new gods…challenge every time it is taught in schools….write to newspapers…write to your MP….ensure your church keeps up with whats going on (thats why we have the blog and the podcast!)..

  9. Is it not time for church leaders, pastors, elders and deacons to stand up and be counted in every locality in Scotland. Leaders have a duty and a responsibility to be leading the opposition and supporting parents and children to stand up against this onslaught. School chaplains are also uniquely placed to have real influence in each school by questioning Head Teachers and standing up for the rights of pupils parents and Christian teachers. Head Teachers and Education Officers don’t like it when there’s a ‘lot of noise in the system’. Time for parents supported by church leaders to ask when lessons on the LGBT agenda will be taking so that they can withdraw their children from them. Parents and church leaders ought to demand a preview of all materials being used and whether other points of view about sexuality will be taught in their local school. This is a defining moment for the church in Scotland. Church leaders must now either stand up and be counted or step aside and make way for those who are prepared to stand for Christ.

  10. A few suggestions about embedding LGBTI issues into the curriculum.
    Pupils studying English could practise their essay-writing skills by writing the following essay:
    Describe how LGBTI activists intimidate politicians by using threatening and insulting behaviour.
    Pupils studying biology could answer the follow question:
    Describe the role of X and Y chromosomes in determining the differences between male and female human bodies.
    Modern Studies pupils could be asked to answer the following question:
    “LGBTI pressure groups have an influence on political decision-making out of all proportion to the size of the population they represent.” Discuss.
    Pupils in RE classes could be asked to answer the following question:
    Explain how the Bible clearly shows God’s disapproval of homosexual activity.

  11. I have to say I agree with a great deal of what you say. The entire agenda is hopelessly reductionist in that I’m not sure most people necessarily think of their gender, still less their sexuality, as the first or most important thing about themselves.. Christians certainly don’t. Personally, I see myself as a human being, a disciple, a partner, father, geologist…and bloke possibly last of all (although definitely a man rather than a vague gender catch all). And I repudiate much of the cis white male privilege narrative with its lazy and, frankly, racist categories. Why privilege race or gender over any other category.

    I’m not able to comment on whether transgenderism is or is not misogynisitc because I haven’t really given it an awful lot of thought. I’ve certain been aware of shocking misogyny amongst gay individuals. Equally, I’m not sure whether the Scottish Government knows what it’s doing or not. Its difficulty is that too much of the language it’s using is far too vague. We saw that with the ‘haters’ campaign. The Government legislates against ‘hate’ yet fails to define it, so much so that it’s up to a sheriff sitting alone the determine whether posting a sick joke on YouTube amounts to an offence under the legislation. I know we don’t agree on several areas related to LGBT but I’m glad we can have the discussion (I hope we can) without one of us shutting down the other. I might add I have consistently defended the right of others, including the Free Chruch, to disagree with me on this and other sensitive issuses, including those that wish only harm. I have often received considerable abuse for this – as an internalised homophobe, fascist enabler, Nazi, and so on. On one occasion someone threatened to set fire to me whilst on another someone told me I should kill myself, with considerable applause from his pals on the sidelines.

    Where we part company slightly, is on gender dysphoria. It certainly is a real condition and as you say amounts to the body being out of synch with the brain. But I’m not convinced that gender reassignment might not, in some cases, be an appropriate treatment. A very different story to the one you relate can be found in Alex Bertie’s Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard. And there is now evidence of real physiological differences in the brains of transgender indiviudals compared to cisgender individuals. But it’s difficult to get right and there are inevitably instances where it doesn’t work the way one might have hoped. But it did work in the case of the woman in the story. She transitioned for a while without making anything permanent and was able to transition back. The key is when and if permanent or even semi-permanent intervention is appropriate. What didn’t work was the hatred of other transgender people. I don’t suppose all are like that but I don’t doubt some are. In practice, I suspect that the real offenders are self-styled ‘allies’ that often have a vicious way to imposing their particular brand of identify politics.

    What’s the upshot? First, to avoid tarring all LGBT people, including LGBT Christians, with the same brush. All do not think the same things, even in their activism. Some of them believe the church has it wrong – and there is no reason on that account to doubt their Christian discipleship – but it does not follow that they despise those that do not agree. The other thing is my worry that opposing the Scottish Government’s proposals wholescale might be to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Anti-gay bullying remains a problem, although this can be addressed as part of wider bullying issues. But I do think that children should be given reliable, i.e. science based, information on LGBT. I don’t see why, as some have argued, it should wait until they’re 16. This rather betrays a fixation on sex. It is, of course much wider than that. It’s pretty meaningless to encourage pre-pubsescent children to ‘come out’ but by the time they’re 13 or so, they’re starting to think about their sexuality. To some extent, we need to trust our teachers to act in a way that is appropriate to the age and maturity of the kids in their care. And jsut yesterday, the Royal College of Paediatricians was saying that children should be taught about LGBT issues. We don’t, or I don’t, want a return to pre-Section 2A days when the could not even be spoke of and the only gay role models anyone was aware of were caricatures like John Inman, although we were never told that Mr Humphreys was gay. The character was just very effeminate.

    Many LGBT people are highly suspicious of the church. It’s unfair to insist that LGBT people are somehow naturally more hateful of religion than any body else is. Historically, they have good reason. Sadly, some of the language used by Christians hardly helps. That being so, awareness of LGBT role models is welcome. There is much that’s wrong with the way the Scottish Government is going about things but a better approach might be one of rational engagement rather than facile comments abou ‘LGBT mathematics’ such as made by Christian Institute.

  12. It is 20 years since I started to believe that the Lord had revealed something to me that I found surprising, namely that transgenderism was going to become a very major thing this century. I sought to alert the church, but was not heeded, because I was of low status. (I still am.)

    Because almost everybody I came across responded to my beliefs with mockery, I lost the will to warn any longer, although I felt guilty about wimping out like that. Quietly I watched the unfolding of what I had anticipated, wondering how long it would be before high-status Christians, those heeded by the mass media, realised what, for His own unfathomable reasons, God had allowed me to discover beforehand.

    Twenty years on, a few of the high-status Christians who are not generally ignored, yourself included, have at last cottoned on, and are themselves just beginning to understand what I had begun to doubt, considering myself perhaps to have been deluded after all, having found it so impossible to persuade anybody to take the trans issue seriously, in the early days when I was fired up and thought all I had to to do was to prophecy what I believed I had discerned, and the high-status Christians would realise I was telling the truth.

    I am asking God why it happened this way, and how the story will end, but I am not expecting him to show me.

    All I will say is that I welcome your engagement with the trans issue. I would be delighted if there could be some liaison, between those God is alerting to this issue at last, and less competition.

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