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Quantum 265 – The Rich Men of Richmond – and Sweden

In this weeks Quantum we look at the world through the eyes of Oliver Anthony; Sweden: Chinese Green jobs; BRICS in South Africa; Chinese and UK depopulation; Murdering Babies; Pornography in nurseries; Australian police go binary; Snow not so White; Pippi Longstocking; Parkinson; Spanish womens football and racist England; Chess for women; Churches burning in Pakistan; Kathy Keller speaking at Tim Keller’s Memorial; the Church in Sweden;  SEEK 6 – Black Lives Matter; Mississippi Burning; Lyle Shelton and the Drag Queens; The Jesus Revolution;  with music from Oliver Anthony, Abba, Amaon Amrath, Tom Petty and Larry Norman.


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  1. A major omission from your Swedish section. The Refreshments. Finest Rock n Roll band in the world today, with Johan Bloom one of the best Boogie Woogie piano players on the planet.

  2. David, in light of recent very sad and disturbing events that I’m sure leave many people (including me), bewildered and asking ‘why’? – may I suggest a book by Randy Alcorn, ‘The Grace and Truth Paradox’ and in particular Chapter Five of that book, ‘A Closer Look at Grace’. I have found his words so helpful and very humbling indeed. They point to a God of love and infinite mercy whom we can trust with all our hearts even when we don’t understand.

  3. Hello David..,

    Again a very good exposition of the past week’s news etc.., esp on Sweden, Brics and USA..!
    With apologies to pedantically point out that Chess is a game, not a sport, as also golf is a game…

    I enjoy playing squash, being a gladiatorial game of ‘physical chess’ which is a sport, very suitable to Scotland, as can be played anytime of day or night and in any weather conditions outside, which certainly suits the climate conditions in Scotland.., and with the added benefit of several hundred calories burn in a short space of time..!

    Regarding the churches and followers of Jesus being burnt and killed in Pakistan.., can you you imagine the outcry and spewed hatred and political hatred, if koran’s were burnt, and mosques targeted here in Broken Britain..?

    It would appear that so-called political correctness, woke-ism and general fear to offend, in a so-called ‘free speech’ society has taken over.., at least for now…

  4. I think it’s Amon Amarth? Not “Amaon Amrath”. Sindarin for “Mount Doom” – they are big Tolkien fans.

    Sweden’s reputation for secularisation isn’t entirely justified. It is mostly based on the cities- the countryside is more conservative, with pockets of pietism. But things are changing. I spend most of my summers there- my wife is half-swedish. We’ve seen small country towns significantly changed by immigration from Muslim countries.

    1. Another Sabaton fan here. While listening to this episode I was racking my brain trying to think where I recognised that national anthem from, then I realised it’s one of my Sabaton albums.

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