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Quantum 261 – World News and Views from a Scottish Castle

This weeks Quantum comes to you from a castle in Scotland!  With guest Al Smith.  Including Oppenheimer; Israel limits Supreme Court; George Alagiah; the Spanish Election; Russians bomb Odessa;  Greece; World Forest fires;  Record low temperature; Neil Oliver on the history of climate change;  Trevor Francis, Mbappe and Messi; Australia retain the Ashes; Twitter  X; Sesame Street professor; Universities in UK set up LGBT only halls of residencea new Transgender crime in the UK; the BMA’s hypocrisy; Elevation church quits SBC; Preaching with a Scottish accent; Alaister Begg; Trans abortions; SEEK 2;  Bob Dylan sells his Scottish mansion….with music from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the Greek national anthem, Peter, Paul and Mary; Iron Maiden; Shania Twain and Bob Dylan.

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  1. Kant’s starry sky above, and moral law within, draw us away from despair. The evidence for Christ and the resurrection is solid, but for the agnostic or atheist their own conscience (and creation’s glory) can be the tripwires overturning wrong ideas.

  2. I thought I’d heard the ultimate evil when the segment you talked about regarding the trans eejit wanting to be the first man to have an abortion until Amir Tsarfati, a Jewish believer I follow posted this.
    As Mr Tsarfati says, judgement must be near.

  3. Oh David, we love your work, and have been “having coffee” with you since you started …. but….

    Please stick to what you know. You are not an expert in weather matters, so please acknowledge that publicly, and then seek the advice of competent and Christian weather experts, before you say much more about that subject. Your claim that the temperatures are ground temps are clearly false. IMHO… Stick to the gospel and let others argue the issue.

    PS.. I pray for you regularly and want your ministry to be effective.

    PPS…On a less important matter…. music…take some time on your holiday to find a quiet spot and hear how the angels sing…well,… nearly!!. The words are worth reading as well.

    Regards from Oz

    Rob g

    1. Thanks Robert,

      Comments appreciated.

      If I stuck to what I knew or was an expert in – it would be a very short podcast! I don’t know much and am an expert in nothing! What I do is read widely and try to think about what I read before I comment.

      I have never claimed to be a weather expert (nor a climate one – although I do know that there is a difference between the two!)….However I do know several people who are – and read many more – from a wide variety of opinions. I’m not sure why it would be helpful to seek out Christian weather experts? Would they have an advantage over others? I do know of a few though.

      As for the ‘clearly false’. I was commenting on one particular report – not all claims of high temperatures. I cited the source in the podcast. It was the European space agency who stated on the 13th of July “Temperatures are sizzling across Europe this week amid an intense and prolonged period of heat. And it’s only just begun. Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland are all facing a major heatwave with air temperatures expected to climb to 48°C on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – potentially the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Europe.”

      This figure was reported widely throughout the world. But it was false. Later on the ESA report stated “The animation below uses data from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission’s radiometer instrument and shows the land surface temperature across Italy between 9 and 10 July. As the image clearly shows, in some cities the surface of the land exceeded 45°C, including Rome, Naples, Taranto and Foggia. Along the east slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, many temperatures were recorded as over 50°C.”

      The actual air temperature in Sicily that weekend was 33 degrees (not 48) – 35 is the normal for August. None of this is to deny that there were high temperatures – but the exaggeration and falsehoods do not help. The trouble is that newspapers often run with the headlines – but don’t correct the false information. Spiegel did however change its report to point out that “the measurements were not the usual air temperature”. But it was too late. As they say – a lie is half way round the globe before the truth has its boots on! I thought it was such a blatant manipulation – and sadly all too typical of the ‘let’s terrify people so they will let us act’ brigade – that it was worth commenting on.

      However I appreciate your comments – it made me go back and check the sources.

      And I love Voces8 – such beautiful music…..thanks!

      I appreciate your prayers…

      Yours in Christ


      PS. I do try to stick to the Gospel…..but this is a podcast which comments on current issues. In the wider sphere on the issue of climate change I think that the Gospel tells us that God is in charge of the weather – not us! Which does not mean we should not do what we can – but it does mean we should acting as if we were God!

      1. David, thankyou for your reply.

        I disagree that you have no expertise – God has blessed you with a deep understanding and ability to speak for Him, and I, along with many people, are grateful.

        When I suggested that you should talk to a competent and christian climate expert, I acknowledge that generally being a christian doesn’t add weight to one’s expertise, but rather that you might have confidence that there is honesty, and hopefully very little bias. However, that’s debatable.

        I also acknowledge that you do a lot of research in preparation –

        No doubt you know John Lennox, (probably well), but I’ve attached a clip from CPX that suits MY argument – that we can destroy (at least, bits of) the earth, and that we should be careful what we do with it.

        I know you agree generally with that, but from my perspective, listening to you and/or reading your material, you tend to spend more time rubbishing climate change theory than you do emphasising our responsibility to care for God’s creation.

        PS – We hope that you are enjoying your time back home, and that you will let your Mum know that although she may miss seeing you while you’re working in Aus, we really appreciate that her little boy is doing great work for the Gospel!

        Warm regards

        Rob g

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