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Quantum 262 – Nothing Compares to You – Sinead, Climate Change, Colombia, Niger and UFO’s

In this weeks Quantum we take it to the limit and reflect on the life of Sinead O’Connor; Randy Meisner; Climate Change; Nat West Bank; Colombia; Babies Born Alive in Australia; Niger; UFO’s; The Ashes; Spirit in the Sky; The Hobbit; the Beano; SEEK – Capitalism or Communism; and Psalm 130 – with music from the Eagles, Sinead O’Connor, Jeff Wayne, Norman Greenbaum and the Getty’s.

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  1. Well said David about the Biased Broadcasting Corporation lies about the weather being all about climate change. School children are being frightened instead of enjoying God’s world. “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”. We are called to be good stewards which we are failing at, not with CO2 but polluting our rivers and oceans with sewage and building more and houses for a population which has grown through unfettered immigration from 48 million in the 1940’s to around 67 million today. Whilst preventing the indigenous population from having families by raising costs so that 2 wages are needed to have a home.
    We were told in the early 2000’s that the East of England would become a dust bowl in 20 years and we dutifully bought rain barrels and captured our rain for watering. Here I am in the East of England today – 5 August – wearing my winter clothes during a wet miserable summer. But plenty of overflowing rain barrels!

  2. Hello thank you so much for more interesting news, and thought provoking. Love the Worship song. An observation, rightly or wrongly , but you seem to be so much more relaxed and happy . Scotland might have largely turned its back on the Lord but it is still a beautiful land . Blessings to you both

  3. Hello David, many thanks for the work you put in to inform and stimulate our thinking in Quantum. We have been avid followers for many months now.

    On the so-called climate crisis, you may find the article published by Creation Ministries International ( entitled ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ useful. It is quite lengthy, but both thoroughly Biblical and scientific. This is our Father in Heaven’s world, and He will bring it to it’s end. It will not be the folly and poor stewardship of mankind that hastens the end. CMI also have a film ‘Alien Intrusion’ that proposes spiritually acceptable answers to so-called aliens. Keep up the great work, brother. Mike.

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