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Quantum 260 – Is it the End of the World – As we Know it?

In this weeks Quantum we ask-  is it the end of the world – and look at the climate crisis and how it is reported…plus the chicken crossing the road in Dundee, the Sound of Freedom and Cuties; Democrats and Disney oppose laws against child slavery and child pornography;  Nigel Farage’s bank account; Covid vaccines in Germany;  Ukraine grain deal breaks down; South Korea floods; David Cameron and SSM; Is God a concept? Time Blindness; the end of the Commonwealth Games; the Barbie film; The Northern Lights; The Church of England refuses to recognise Christianity Explored and Alpha; SEEK question 1 – with REM, the Beatles, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, U2, Aqua and David Kaufman

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Worlds apart 😂 #funny #comedy #scottish #scotland #usa #news #broadcast #story #viral #humor

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California law makes block a bill to brong harsher penalties to child traffickers #news #foksnooz #protectoutchildren #truth #conservative #libertarian #liberty #freedom

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  1. Just listened to the podcast. Well done for speaking the truth on the climate scam. I shout at the TV when they want to make the weather forecast fit their climate change nonsense.
    Today in central England it’s raining and dismal(I have had to don socks and fleece as it’s not too warm for July). June was hot and sunny, but this was of course “global warming.” No mention of warming at the moment! I have been around for over 70 years and this is just another English summer. Their fear porn must be wearing thin with many people by now!

  2. It has rained almost all of July here in the north east of England. I suspect that whatever the weather, they’ll find some way to link it to climate change.

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