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Coffee and Colossians 84 – The Wrath of God

Colossians 2:6 – The wrath of God is not a popular subject. But it is a vital one….if you don’t grasp it you won’t grasp the love of God. With a little help from Johnny Cash…

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Coffee and Colossians 83 – Mortification



  1. Thanks David. I hope you saw David Ellis when you were in Dundee! And greetings please to John McLeod of Portmahomack. A dozen years ago, after visiting The Old Manse we went down to the waterfront and met a couple of old fishermen. “Did any of you men know Rev David Innis?” Response: “He was a very great friend of mine.” Me: “Well, he died in Australia just a few weeks ago.” Aah, Portmahomack … beautiful! We look forward to digital Coffee on Monday morning next. Thank you.

  2. Is the wrath of God inevitable? Look at some modern UK horrors like this one: The abortion lobby is to blame for baby Lily Foster’s death [Katherine Bennett, June 14, Catholic Herald website essay]

  3. Just to say, the chapter number just below the day’s theme title is still showing 2 rather than 3; today’s is marked as 2:6. Again, a necessary reminder of the coming Wrath. And, thank you for your defence of the appropriateness of ‘proptiation’ – a word of great joy and assurance. Sadly, ‘wrath’ and ‘propitiation’ seldom heard in today’s churches. I’ve been in circles where both were spoken of with real hostility.

  4. Fantastic message as always and I love and appreciate the word propitiation. Absolutely love the view behind you.

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