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Coffee and Colossians 83 – Mortification

Colossians 3:5 – What is mortification? Why is it important? Are there any sinful habits you have to kill? With a guest appearance from Mac – the newest member of the Robertson family!

Also on the ASK Podcast here. 

Coffee and Colossians 82 – The Life Appears




  1. I have been to Edinburgh and the castle in 2003 with my sister. (We have some Scottish heritage. ) We went with a tour group that stayed right across from the castle. What an exciting and amazing castle and trip!

  2. That dog, like any self-respecting labrador, is busy training you all. Dogs apparently have adapted their non-verbal (obviously) facial communication in such a way that they can manage their owners with their “aren’t-I-lovable-bundle-of-joy-and-please-may-I-have-that-biscuit-your-eating”. Labradors have got it to perfection. Trusting that you both have a genuine re-creative time. And, as ever, thank you for your sharing such wisdom.

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