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Quantum 245 – Easter Special – Arrested!

In this weeks Quantum we reflect on Easter, the arrests of Donald Trump and Peter Murrell; the Wisconsin Supreme Court election;   Os Guinness; the Finnish election; Kenyan riots; Kemi Badenoch on Trans; Canada outlaws protests against Drag Queens; Dylan Mulvaney and Nike; Oli London converts; Prime Minister of New Zealand can’t define women; the new religion in Australia; World Athletics Association bans Trans in womens sport; The FT defends lying; A Dutch trans ageist; Abba Wigs banned; Cancel Mozart; Should churches host Iftars? The man on the middle cross – and See what a morning!   With music from Korpiklaani; Abba, Mozart and the Gettys.   Apologies for a slight drop in the quality of sound…

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Are we still on planet earth ?#fyp #Duet #dumbwaystodye

♬ original sound – Iambaz2374


  1. Donald Trump is an egotistical ass whose main interest will always be himself and his own image, but I can understand why he’s found a willing audience in the American people utterly sick of the woke agenda and the kleptocrats currently infesting the White House. At this time Trump is unfortunately probably the lesser of two evils. He does at least have experience of something other than politics.

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