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Quantum 246 – The Real Nazis – the Real Antidote

In this week’s Quantum we reflect on what is going on in the world today, through what went on in the world in the 1930’s and 1940’s – we look at the Jews; the man who escaped Auschwitz; Robert Hebras – the last survivor of Oradour; Ben Ferencez – the last Nuremberg prosecutor; the war in Ukraine; the threat to the dollar; Keith Reid and a Whiter Shade of Pale; Switzerland and Covid; Woke Grease; Queensland Trans legislation;  Hobart Uni bans Catholic group; Deni Todrovic’s misogyny;  Jennifer Bilek and the link between transgender, big business and transhumanism; Katherine Deves and the new religion; Church of England churches close; Greg Sheridan on Easter; and Classic FM’s no.1 piece of music – Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto.

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If you do nothing else I would strongly suggest you watch the video below with Jennifer Bilek – you will learn so much


And if you want to know where this is going (and where it comes from!) watch this –



Every news report ever. #comedy #news #newsreport #humour

♬ original sound – Gareth Jones

And this is beautiful – the beauty of Christ is the answer to the ugliness



  1. Another excellent Quantum. Just when we think it cannot get any worse, it does! We are in the World, but not of the World. The tyranny is spreading like a virus and has a foothold in our Scotland. Unfortunately so many Church leaders in the ‘West’ are in the World. Those Churches faithfully proclaiming God’s word are growing. God is sovereign, and how thankful we are.

  2. At an apologetics training session, very many years back, a tutor drew a circle on paper with a felt tip pen, using a cup or glass rim as the outline. ‘He-She-They’ asked their tutees to draw ‘Man’ (man-woman-LGBTQ+ et Al-‘Al and sundry’-would be modern speak) in the circle. It was a provocative question and most people though the tiniest pin prick-near invisible-would be humankind in the vastness of the cosmos. But the tutor drew a matchstick ‘person’ (truly non-binary even?). Their hands and feet were at the sides and bottom, respectively, of the circle. The crown of the head sat at the top. The cosmos was made specifically for people to develop and thrive. People were specifically made to thrive in the cosmos. When we remove ourselves from this view, an old and satisfyingly happy one, lots of trendy claptrap emerges. Why have more Marine Protected Areas in Scotland, at a time of global economic turmoil and food supply problems, ripping the heart out of fragile human communities along Scotland’s Highland and Island seaboard? The Intelligent Design movement perhaps deserves more attention, whether one signs up fully as a committed disciple of it or not!

  3. Hi David. I as always enjoyed this quantum. Some stuff I was aware of such as the Alistair Begg piece “the man in the middle cross” that you played last week, but always worth another listen. What struck me this week was the rap news article. That was brilliant. I don’t suppose you have the link where I could listen to it in its entirety, that’s of course if there is more. Thanks again for another informative show. Stephen Meharg.

  4. The irony is that while the Nazis believed their actions were justified because they were of purer stock and more deserving than other people, exactly the same mindset can be seen amongst the leftist elites. They are morally superior, not because of any actual values they hold or principles they practice, but because they just are, and anything they do to further their own aims and seek their own pleasure is entirely justified.

    1. Conservatives likewise consider themselves superior than liberals

      Liberals are not exterminating conservatives.

      In my state here in the US we have a growing problem with actual Nazis who hate Jews and blacks and want the state (or maybe the whole country) to be for white people. No actual violence yet but I doubt it can be nice to be the target of one of their demonstrations.

  5. Good to hear quotes from the Roman Catholic Greg Sheridan . I have just finished his book , “Christians, The urgent Case for Jesus in our world.

    Being a “Prody” of Presbyterian tradition I came to it with some pre-conceived Idea of , “Catholic Christian’s don’t understand evangelicalism , and my view of what a convert is.” I was to be pleasantly surprised , and may I say blessed , to have not only read the book , but impressed by the wide view of Christianity covered by a very knowledgeable man . (even the Brethren get a mention) I recommend the book !

    I hope that you are able to get together with Greg Sheridan again , as I found your online discussions provided much food for thought for the believer in Christ !

  6. Are you sure the cis identity rant isn’t a profoundly unfunny skit?
    Does he not resemble Paul Watson, is it?

  7. Hi David. Another very interesting podcast. May I correct you on the makeup of BRICS? The S stands for South Africa. If Saudi Arabia joins then it’s all over for the dollar.

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