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Quantum 244 – Nashville

In this weeks Quantum we take a longer look at the issues arising out of the Nashville shooting – including transgender, media, the police, politicians, Kelly-Jay Keen in Australia and New Zealand; guns; violence;   the American lecturer advocating killing ‘homophobes and transphobes’,  Cenk Uygur;  John Pesutto and Joe Biden, Humza Yousaf,  education, women, the Church; with music from U2, Emmy Lou Harris, George Strait,  Brantley Gilbert, Dolly Parton, the Who and the Gettys.   Apologies that this is a wee bit longer than usual – but the issues are so important I didn’t want to cut it…

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  1. I’m not suggesting we should excuse or feel sorry for the shooter, but it seems that a seriously mentally ill young woman was gaslit by the deeply irresponsible leftist media (with the government’s tacit approval) into thinking she was the target of an attempted genocide.

    America doesn’t have a mental health problem. It has a mental health crisis.

  2. Have you ever looked up SEFF [South East Fermanagh Foundation]? The group has many Christians within it and wants victims of terrorism to be treated fairly. The media spin on many issues uses DARVO (Deny, attack, reverse victim and offender). The reference to laments, and C&W music conveying pain, was fascinating. Try listening to Carrickfergus by Orla Fallon, for an epic tune and words carrying the pain of separation. See or listen to ‘Celtic Woman – A New Journey – Carrickfergus’.

  3. Thank you very much, David. A very powerful and prophetic presentation of truth, with a specific challenge to us as believers. My youth worker said to me some years ago that the great virtue God is seeking today is courage in the public square. You exemplify this in a brave and thoughtful way, and am very grateful to you. May the Lord Jesus preserve your health and strength, and bring continuing fruitfulness in your wide-angled ministry.

  4. Hi David,

    I’d like to give you a little more perspective of the current situation in New Zealand. I am an American who has been living in New Zealand since 2009 (happy to talk about guns as well if you are interested but will do so in another post).

    Last year I applied to join the police, right now there is a shortage of police, especially in rural areas which is where I live. I am an American Vet, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I completed every step of the application processes, I passed all tests and maxed the physical fitness test, I was more or less in, but was red flagged at the last minute due to posts on my Facebook page. I was called into an interview with an inspector (a commissioned officer) to discuss my ‘problematic’ views.

    In the interview I was asked about my views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have posted quite a bit about Afghanistan due to the unfolding tragedy taking place there, I’ve also been deeply involved with helping evacuate Afghans who served with Coalition Forces (with some limited success). I was asked about my views on American politics, I am a Republican who was very sorry to see Trump become the Republican nominee but still preferred him to Biden or Clinton. I was asked about my views on abortion, something else I have written about a great deal, my views are consistent with New Zealand’s National Party in that personally am pro-life, and would like to see restrictions on abortion but would not support an absolute ban. I was asked my views on homosexuality on which I have not written and expressed I have no problem with the issue.

    Ultimately I was denied the job, my views were described as “extremist” by the inspector. There is something deeply wrong with the New Zealand police force at the moment.

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