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Coffee and Colossians 4 – Thankful Prayer

Colossians 1:3 – What do you pray for when you pray? What are the reasons to be thankful? How often do you pray….? Paul’s pattern of prayer is really helpful….

Coffee and Colossians 3 – Greetings – Grace and Peace


  1. Thanks for me prayer is spontaneous, not just for the three times a day. But we are all different. It’s such a privilege to know that the Lord Jesus is on hand to help us in every situation.

  2. Thanks! I always like the coffee sip at the start. Ever tried to slowly cold brew coffee or tea, then enjoy it with a dash of hot water to warm it? Evangelicals sometimes, understandably, love the sudden conversion: always glad to hear of these! But, do 5/6 conversions maybe resemble the slower soak of cold brewed tea or coffee, and can we overemphasise youth work and teenage decisions? Maybe there are people nearing the end of life who think they have missed the last train, and we just need to say-NO!-the offer stands while there is consciousness, life and breath…….

  3. David, as ever, a warm thank you. A couple of things: I have succumbed to Chronic Fatigue (MS but not as severe as others I know) and what is has brought home to me is just how much energy prayer takes. Also this saps my focus for praying. Secondly, I think that we English are very bad at saying thank you. This was brought home to me when working in a mainly American context. Very early on I had a note of appreciation from a colleague for what only slightly took me out of my schedule. Since that time I have both thanked folk for their kindnesses and, particularly, continue to thank the Lord for those who bore with me in my callow youth. Lastly, each Sunday I aim to send a personal email to each who has been invovled in the service, both up front and behind the scenes. All of this brings us back to thanking God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ . . . I’m ashamed to say that very often I’m amongst the 9 lepers who didn’t come back to express their thanks for grace.

  4. Thank you David. It has never occurred to me to thank God for you let alone my church community. A church which I have been part of for 38 years and where I was led to repent and turn to Jesus, I’m now 78. Even the Lord can teach an old dog learn new tricks!

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