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Quantum 243 – Identity

In  this weeks Quantum  we look at the question of identity – including X Ray Spex; Lt Gov Peggy Flanagan; Enid Blyton; Girl Guides new guide to language; Women’s identity; Humza and Ukrainian men; the Human League; Apotemnophilia; Queen; Cycling in decline; Is Alan West Black?;  Dutch Farmers Party; Ben Bradshaw and Parliamentary control of the Church of England; Dr Aaron Edwards fired for teaching the Bible; Rhiannon Giddens;  the ABC guidelines; The Newsboys

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  1. Rev. DR , despite our ontological differences , I salute you for bringing both eclectic and consistently absorbing content to your website.

    Always thought – provoking and enjoyable.

    Thank you.

  2. He is a teacher in a LGBT inclusive college and he chose to publicly call some of the students in his care “an invasion”.

    He was given the opportunity to remove the offensive posts and refused.

    Please don’t pretend he is the persecuted one here or that he is heroic or badly treated.

    1. He is a teacher in a Christian college which is supposed to teach Christianity. He didn’t call some of his students an ‘invasion’ (I’ve notice that you have a tendency to often misrepresent the truth!) he called the teaching of homosexual doctrine an invasion. He was sacked from his job as a Christian lecturer in a Christian college for teaching Christian doctrine. He has been persecuted and very badly treated. But that of course is how you want us all to be treated – just because we do not buy into your ideology.

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