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Pray for Scotland 9 – The Result

In this final prayer for Scotland we look at what the results and Humza Yousaf’s first actions as First Minister mean for the Church in Scotland – and what we should pray for?


Here is the link for the sermon referenced…well worth listening to and the Q and A afterwards.

Pray for Scotland 8 – A Christian Nation?


  1. Glory to God for our salvation, in and through all circumstances…in Christ alone.
    Thank you for that word from Daniel.

  2. Thanks, as always! What a rare U-turn on religion in government. Open season on Kate Forbes, yet nobody asks if the UK PM really worships Ganesh. There really is an elephant in the room here. And, heaven forbid, if the JW’s had a FM in Scotland, would a photo emerge on social media or in the papers of them praying to a non-trinitarian deity? The opening to Mark 14 calls us to remember the poor, as well as to celebrate the victory already won. Humza Yousaf’s words may not be remembered in 20 weeks, let alone 20 years, 20 centuries, 20 millennia.

  3. Thank you David. We are indeed in dark and troubled times, but our God reigns overall, and I have to keep reminding myself of that.

  4. Is there any realistic prospect of the SNP being voted out of power in our lifetimes? Scotland seems to be a one-party state in all but name, and too many Scottish people seem to lap up the victim mentality that’s used to protect the likes of Humza Useless from criticism.

    1. I know 6 SNP long term members who rescinded their SNP membership in the last few days because Kate Forbes lost and Hamza Yousaf won. Multiply that across the country and that spells the end of the SNP. Will they go to the Alba Party? I don’t know.

      What may happen in Scotland over the next few years, judging by the pattern that has been repeated across Europe, is that if the politicians consistently do not listen to the people and keep pushing woke, globalist policies that their constituents hate, then there will be a relatively quick populist shift in voters to the first party that reflects the people’s views.

      Italy, Sweden, Germany, France – have all seen huge increases recently in votes for right wing parties who are not ignoring the majority of people’s concerns about immigration and national sovereignty.

      That brings its own dangers – too far left wing or too far right wing are equally as destructive for a nation.

      Thankfully God is always in control and Christ reigns as King.

  5. Spot on David , the potential damage this government could cause is massive .
    Kate is well out of it though .
    Our country needs righteous men and women in government backed up by prayer.

  6. Odd that “progressives” equate love with letting people do whatever they like even when it is harmful to them!

    1. They don’t even do that. They equate love with letting people do whatever they (the progressives) approve of. They won’t for example let people have conversion therapy or pray outside abortion clinics!

      1. Also they do not understand that injecting Trans women , like the Nashville Church school murderer , with male hormones does not magically make them men .

        It simply adds masculinity’s potentially aggressive traits to female emotional fragility .

  7. What a sad and sorry day for Scotland the beloved home of my forbears (Wester Ross). Viewing this frightening image just creates so much anguish, grief and a degree of anger within me. A once proud Protestant nation brought to these dark depths, I fear there is much worse to come. As you say perhaps Kate Forbes is better out of this however I cant but wonder how different things could have been.
    Keep up the good work David you are doing a grand job. There seems to be so few within church and state who are prepared to speak out.
    I was going to post this on your FB page then decided not to as it would probably be blocked.

    Christians everywhere need to be praying for Scotland.

  8. Thank you David for your insightful comments. Anglican’s points are well taken, the heavy handedness with which the Christian faith is portrayed as opposed to others deemed more popular.

    On a similar subject, I would appreciate your thoughts on media depictions of Christians in the wake of the recent shooting at the Christian school in Tennessee.

    Comments such as, they must not have been praying hard enough or often enough and that the Christian school and parents almost deserved it as they are brainwashing their children.

    Thank you in advance.

  9. It would be a logical expectation that , under the new FM’s management, all official meals offered to Bute House visitors must be Halal .

    This is , however , no longer an issue as all meat products can be safely excised from ScotGov menus on the basis that the planet must be spared bovine eructation.

    In the matter of global warming ,as in much else in the Left’s lexicon , truth is not the objective ; rather the neo – Marxists simply wish to be officially assured that what they believe is true.

  10. Can we expect much else when our national church is apostate?

    It is easy to hurl stones but we need to put our own house in order. If this year’s General Assembly does not overturn or at least challenge last year’s “unbiblical and sinful” overture(s), I am unsure how Bible-believing Christians can remain within the Church of Scotland.

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