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Pray for Scotland 6 – Abortion – The Facts

One of the results of adopting American progressive culture wars is that those who call themselves progressives now adopt extreme positions on abortion. The media have not questioned Humza Yousaf about this – but if elected he has promised to bring in the most radical, dangerous abortion policy of any country outside North Korea! Please pass on this video as I have been suspended from my normal channel of publicity, Twitter – for daring to question whether Transgender was a biological sex!

Pray for Scotland – Yousaf or Forbes – Does it Matter?


  1. Traditionally , Chinese culture celebrated birthdays as commencing from the date of birth minus nine months.

    Of course , this pro – life practice could not be saved from Chairman Mao’s imported Communistic extirpation of Chinese traditional beliefs

  2. Powerful. Thank you for this……straight forward facts which cannot be denied or refuted but explained with love and compassion. God Bless and give you strength and courage to continue with this mission.

  3. ‘Since the Bible teaches that life in the womb is human life, one cannot accept abortion without denying the authority and truth of Scripture in practice…State officials must know that we are serious about stopping abortion, which is a matter of clear principle concerning the babies themselves and concerning a high view of human life.’ Francis Schaeffer

  4. Mother Theresa said “The instinct of a mother to protect her unborn child is one of the deepest instincts in the human race. We go against it at our peril.”
    I witnessed that over and over as a GP. 😢

  5. Dear David

    I agree fully with your comments and concerns on this most distressing of issues and would only question your comment ‘If I am someone who is not married… I do not grieve because I could have had children’. As a woman who is a single adult and would dearly loved to have been married and have children but do not, and now due to biological age cannot, let me assure you that there is and remains real grief which is reinforced each year in the church calendar at times such as Christmas and Mothering Sunday. It is often a silent grief due to comments such as the one you made and is not generally understood by churches who rightly celebrate the blessings of family. It is however one of the reasons why I am strongly pro-life and will continue to speak out and pray for the unborn. The Lord bless you in all you do in His service.

    1. Yes – that was very badly expressed. In the context it should have been clear that I was talking about the mourning over a particular child. We are not talking about the grieving over childlessness which is a real sense of personal distress, but the grieving over a child that existed but is now dead – not a potential child. I agree entirely with your comment and have shared a little with the pain of those who are unable to have children. I apologise for my clumsy choice of words.

  6. The image used here plays into the hands of so called “pro-choice” activists. We should use the 3 month NHS website’s-‘Dating Scan’-clinical but non-graphic and more relevant to First Trimester abortions on “social” grounds. Why not post that one and discuss drug abortion?

    1. Because it is a reference to Humza’s support for abortion up to nine months….it does not play into the hands of pro choice activists – it shows what Humza is proposing to allow to killl

  7. The battle for the heart and mind of the public is the 1st trimester. That’s where the failure of evangelical churches to use the NHS Dating Scan is so sad. The visible humanity or clear morphology, at only 3 months, render 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion absurd. Later pictures and scans will be met with: “well we know this already, but abortions at that stage will be so infrequent, and very obvious criteria would invariably be present for a mother to chose such as radical step (?anencephaly?). The battlefield is trimester 1 and our opponents know this far better than the average evangelical pastor. ‘Dating scan’ is good for the most basic church newspaper, on websites or in denominational magazines. Why do churches not use it? Cowardice and fear may be factors. Run with a 2p or 5p or 10p or 20p, to give scale size, it’s our ace-but nobody wants to play it! The image used here just does not look biological. The real infant might be a bit gory if just new born, but the background here makes the floating or undecided person maybe ask if this is simply photoshot.

  8. Another thought on Dating Scan! Why not encourage one congregation to consistently use it for a year in publications or online, then see what happens?

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