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Pray for Scotland – Yousaf or Forbes – Does it Matter?

Why should we pray for our political leaders? Does it matter who will be elected? On the day the ballot papers go out we look at the current state of affairs and why it really does matter.

Prayer for Scotland 4 – Conversion Therapy


  1. Yousaf will win. Sturgeon will make sure of that. Wait a minute, isn’t her husband in charge of the final votes!!! 🤔 I suppose, as we (Scotland) are now generally atheistic, we will get the government we deserve.

    1. IMO Kate will win – I think folks are fed up with what has been going on in scot gov
      My mums wee free and gave me stuff to read about her , but as I pointed out even though I think she’s the best candidate when she wakes up in the morning she still wants to split the Union up !!

    2. A few years ago I was on a flight from London to LA sitting next to a fine young Scottish man (around 26, I would say) and asked him questions relating to his worldview. Every answer he gave led me to exclaim, “So you are a New-Ager?” and he responded, “What is that?”

      I incredulously asked, “You don’t know?” I believe he was sincere in saying he never heard about it. I then asked him where he got all the ideas he was surfacing from and he replied that’s how he thinks. He got it from discussions with peers, magazines, online, at school etc.

      It seems the very air we live in is “spiritually” charged and people believe what they pick up from the “air”. The secular humanistic spirituality is so aligned with the sinful human nature it is easily believed, but the truth draws cynical and skeptic doubt, like “Ya right!”

      Someone suggested we are not going to come under the judgment of God…. this IS the judgment of God.

  2. Thought provoking-as always! Funny how even the remote, rural UK has slipped the anchor or mooring ropes on belief. As a young atheist, in a peripheral UK region, I grew up knowing a vast amount about the arguments for belief. School and community lessons did not overcome my scepticism as a teenager or student. But on heading to mainstream UK society, it often struck me while there just how little professing Christians knew about the worldview or philosophy arguments! The whole question of-plausibility structure-is relevant just now. As Easter approaches ‘Your Verdict on the Empty Tomb’ is a superb short paperback. It’s not CSL or Chesterton, but it’s snappy and clear with a deal from 10ofthose.com at £1/copy if ordering X100. Yousaf might read it in a couple of hours or more! Maybe the day of the mega-church or large Church is ending? Will smaller fellowships be more the order of the day in the future UK? When I look at abuse scandals in the Church it is easy to see why so many people are wary of the bigger institution. The midweek prayer meeting and smaller meet ups can be a very attractive element of the Free Church.

  3. Great hymn. Sounds like Robin Mark but I can’t find it under him on YouTube. Still searching through the others. Can you tell me who it is?

  4. We Scots should not be perceived as a selfish nation in the matter of Third World talent – creaming , so perhaps we might consider releasing the immensely talented , Pakistani – descended SNP leadership candidate from the task of securing Independence from England and encouraging him to liberate his ancestral Subcontinental homeland from the iron bonds of the IMF/World Bank.


  5. On a lighter note , I suspect that the Rev. DR may appreciate a moderately well picked guitar blues , so here’s an old Scotsman doing just that in a pre – performance warm up. :

  6. If we set God’s word in front of us and weigh up the balance of being faithful to its text or being a servant of democracy, I think we would find ourselves in very choppy waters. Would we end up being neither hot nor cold, sitting on that preferbial fence trying to please everyone.
    Kate said that she’s a servant of democracy- that sounds good politically, but spiritually speaking I’m not so sure one can serve God faithfully and serve man in such a way.
    My prayer for Kate is that she does not succeed for her own physical, mental and spiritual state. That leaves Yousaf. Scotland may well get who she deserves. Scotland as a nation has become an idol to many, and far too many within the church. The church needs to gets on her knees in Godly sorrow and repentance and stand firm and unmoving on God’s word.
    We are living in a nation of cracked and broken cisterns – may God lead us to dig new wells.

    1. I have sensed in my spirit since late February that this is not the right moment for Kate. May she enjoy being a mother, and time for worship on a Sunday etc.. No chance of those if elected!!! Let the progressive candidate take Scotland a bit further into the mire – and then Almighty God will provide a rescue and deliverance plan once the country’s church is on its knees in pleading for mercy and the good people request righteousness and truth and a revival-based return to holiness. “O Lord, not because of our righteousness but because of your great mercy” [Daniel 9].

  7. WOW! Maybe your best blog ever! Praying for Scotland! Does anyone know which church she attended when she was a student at Cambridge? (I now go to an Evangelical church plant in a nearby village so have lost touch). Oh and David: I am a pro-Remain, pro-Union Calvinist indifferent about monarchy! Love your stuff! Praying for you!

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