A Beautiful Prayer – and a Request

A couple of years ago after speaking at a Gideons meeting a woman approached me to give me a timely row.  ‘How can we pray for you if we don’t know what is happening?’.  She told me that she loved the work I was doing and that whilst she did not have the opportunity or ability to speak in the public arena, she wanted to … Continue reading A Beautiful Prayer – and a Request

The Apostate Free Church?

The May Record is now out – you can get a digital copy here for pennies! – Why not sign up for a year – only £18…..and pass the word on to others.  The lead article was really hard to write….I attach it below.  There is an excellent interview with Simon Manchester… The Apostate Free Church  As we head towards another couple of important General … Continue reading The Apostate Free Church?

How Prayer Impacts Lives

This is a chapter I wrote in the CFP book ‘How Prayer Impacts Lives” – 41 Christians and their conversations with God .  The speaker was adamant – “I don’t believe in God because I have never seen or heard of anyone who has experienced answered prayer”. He was an atheist who prided himself in his ‘evidence based’ scientific approach to life. I was next … Continue reading How Prayer Impacts Lives