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Pray for Scotland 7 – The NHS

How important is your health? How important is the health of the nation? What does the Bible have to say? Should we pray for the NHS?

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  1. Honest words! Timely and necessary, too. I worked for a year in the West of Ireland but most of my medical service was in the UK NHS. While in the UK I worked as a GP and a hospital doctor. I never did GP work in the Republic of Ireland but noted how Irish staff would often value my brief opinion (given informally) about minor ailments. Years later I now know the reason. The GP consultation in the West of Ireland cost money for most service users. A quick chat and advice, informally provided by a qualified GP, hence had real value. The-‘free at the point of entry’-UK GP service can devalue a patient’s respect for what they are receiving for free and promote outbursts of anger to staff. I rarely hear of UK vets or dentists getting violent mouthfuls of abuse. The free access system may have passed its sell by date. While a GP in remote rural areas of the UK it was interesting to see foreign tourists almost faint at the absence of any cost for GP access. The other great monster, perhaps, in the UK may be the GMC monolith. I hear this sort of question from former NHS colleagues: has the GMC been hijacked by leftist lawyers and become a thought police outfit, with a lot of non-clinical experts on large salaries sometimes not achieving a great deal or doing harm?

  2. I think there needs to be a mature discussion about the NHS.
    How does it compare to health and social services in the western world countries?
    How does it compare to Oz, to other European Counties?
    I ask that as a beneficiary (and as a former employee) and my wife too who has also benefited from the NHS subcontracting to a private provider, a provider of an excellent service.
    All the services have been “free at the point of delivery”, There can be other models of free delivery.
    Workforce and workforce planning is a huge topic in itself, including education and training.

    But that is a political no-no.

  3. “How does Oz compare with other European Countries ” ?

    That is irremediably “racist”. All races are equal , don’t you know ?

    Your lifetime of good conduct , in the ancient Judaic sense , will afford you an escape from these people in Heaven ?

    1. Alastair,
      My points related to the NHS generally and Western health systems, nothing to do with race.
      As a believer in Jesus, within the Triune God of Christianity, my salvation and eternal destiny is based not on my work, but on Christ’s and my adoption: my sin – his; his righteousness mine in God’s work of divine exchange and in a Christian’s union with Christ, we have already died and and been raised with him.
      Try reading Ephesians chapters 1&2 and John 17 for starters.

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